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Designing Courses After 12th for A Rewarding Future

designing courses after 12th

Do you want follow your creative instincts? Want to build your career in designing after 12th? Looking for designing courses after 12th? Then you are on the right page!

Today the world is developing and so are career options in the field of design. Currently, there are n number of designing courses after 12th available and candidates can choose any program they like according to their interests. They can choose to apply for undergraduate or diploma / certificate level design in design after class 12.

In this post we have collated all the possible designing courses after 12th you may want to explore and to help you in making a uniform career decision. Continue reading this post for a better career!

List of designing courses after 12th

Following is a list of the designing course after 12th:

  1. B. Des. /B.Sc. in Fashion Designing
  2. B. Des. /B.Sc. in Graphic Designing
  3. B. Des. in Accessory Designing
  4. B. Des. in Animation Film Designing
  5. B. Des. in Leather Designing
  6. B.Sc. in Interior Designing
  7. Bachelor of Design in Product Designing
  8. Bachelors in Textile Designing

designing course after 12th

About best designing courses after 12th

In this section, we will introduce you with an explanation of the above-mentioned list of best designing courses after 12th:

B. Des. /B.Sc. in Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is one of the most popular design courses among Indian students. This course can be completed in a variety of specializations after 12th such as textile technology, decoration, clothing design and manufacturing, fashion marketing, etc. Graduates of fashion design can work in various fields such as fashion designers, fashion consultants, tailors, fashion retailers, fashion event organizers, etc. The field is divided into two courses namely Bachelor of Fashion Design, and B.Sc. in Fashion Designing i.e., BFT (Bachelor of Fashion Technology). In addition to Bachelor’s Degree courses, students can do diploma certificate courses in fashion design.

B. Des. /B.Sc. in Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is one of the most recognizable forms of communication that uses bright colors, attractive images, typography, symbols, and space to convey messages. These graphic arts can be seen in newspapers, magazines, logos, websites, billboards, collections, etc. Students who want to pursue a career in graphic design in other IT industries can pursue Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design, BA and B. Sc. in Graphic Designing and other diploma courses that are available in this field.

courses after 12th

B. Des. in Accessory Designing

Accessory design is an integral part of the fashion industry. This field includes the design, development, and production of accessories such as metal ornaments, bags, lifestyle products, watches, shoes, jewelry, etc. Those who want to pursue their career in designing courses after 12th can opt for courses such as a Bachelor of Design in Accessory Designing, B.Sc. in Accessory Design, and other diploma or certification courses as well.

B. Des. in Animation Film Designing

Animation Film Design courses are related to Animation and Multimedia which includes 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Clay modeling, Graphic Narratives, Mixed Media, etc. The training offered in this field enables students to master the art of animation, graphic design, and digital filmmaking. Some of the most popular courses are Bachelor of Design- Animation Film Design, BA in Animation, B.Sc. in Animation, Diploma in Animation, etc.

B. Des. in Leather Designing

The demand for leather goods is increasing. Various bachelor’s degree courses in leather design include Bachelor of Design- Leather Designing, B.Sc. in Leather Designing, and Bachelor of Design- Fashion Supplements Leather Design. Similarly, fashion design, diploma courses, and certifications are also popular in leather design.

B.Sc. in Interior Designing

Interior design is a much sought-after filed today that combines the design and decoration of interior (and usually exterior) or room or building keeping in mind the space and availability of resources provided to them. The various domains of Interior designing include interior design, furniture design, landscape design, set design, and product design. Some popular undergraduate courses in Interior Designing include- Bachelor of Design- Interior Designing and B.Sc. in Interior Designing.

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Bachelor of Design in Product Designing

Product design is a field that focuses on the design of existing products and the development of new products that serve different purposes. Product designers can add minor tweaks to design and layout to increase overall usability and productivity. Bachelor of Design – Product Designing is a very common design course among students. While other designing courses after 12th are B.Sc. Product Design and Design Engineering. Diploma and certificate courses are also available for product designing.

designing courses

Bachelor of Design in Textile Designing

Textile technology is one of the largest industries in India and greatly influences the growth of the fashion industry. Textile design course addresses topics such as textile technology, design skills, marketing skills, CAD, printing, etc. Bachelor of Design in Textile Designing covers courses such as B.Sc. in Textile Design, Textile Engineering, Diploma in Textile Engineering, Diploma in Textile Designing, and a few certificate courses.

It’s a wrap!

We hope this post has given you a better understanding of designing courses after 12th. Although if you need guidance and want to take expert opinion before you go on to follow this career path, then consult a career counselor and make an informed career choice. We at iDreamCareer always believe in helping young minds discover their true mettle. We try to help young confused minds from 9th class10th classclass 11class 12 with an aim to select their most-suited career choices.

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