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1-Year Courses After 12th: Exploring Benefits and Career Opportunities

1 Year Courses After 12th

For many students, deciding on the best career route after high school may be a difficult process. While some people may choose to enroll in standard degree courses. On the other hand, others may search for short-term courses that can provide them with specialized knowledge and training. This is where students who wish to pursue a focused and practical course that will help them learn skills related to their chosen career may find that 1-year courses after 12th grade are a fantastic alternative. In this blog post, we shall try to cover the important 1-year courses after 12th that can earn you a better lifestyle right after your high school phase.

These courses help in developing important skills and experience without expending a lot of time and money. These courses are made to give students thorough instruction and hands-on experience in a short amount of time. Also, 1-year courses after 12th are growing in popularity among students. Especially for those who wish to explore new employment prospects after finishing their 12th-grade education. In this blog, we’ll go over some of the most well-liked 1-year courses after 12th-grade education. And also how those courses can support their efforts to find rewarding work.

Overview of 1-year courses after 12th

Many 1 year courses after 12th are available for students to choose from that will help them develop their talents and increase their employability. These courses vary from certificate courses in foreign languages, medical courses, graphic design, and content creation to diploma courses in digital marketing, web development, and fashion design. Students can expand their knowledge and practical experience in their chosen fields by enrolling in these courses.


Depending on the subject and the school delivering it, the eligibility criteria for 1-year courses after 12th class might change. The following are the standard qualifying requirements for one-year courses after the 12th grade:

  • 10+2 from an accredited school or board.
  • Meet the minimum percentage criteria for the course. It may vary from the course and the institution and might range from 50% to 60% or higher.
  • Meet any course-specific subject requirements, which may vary based on the course and the organization.
  • Being of legal age, which varies based on the course and the institution.


Depending on the institution, course, and location, the costs for one-year certificate courses after the 12th might vary. It could be somewhere around one thousand rupees to one lakh rupees. The following are a few factors that may affect the fees:

  • The reputation of the school providing the course
  • The course’s acceptance and demand
  • The institution’s facilities and available resources
  • The institution’s location

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1-year diploma courses after 12th Science

There are various 1-year courses after 12th science that you may take to advance your education and improve your employment possibilities. The following are some of the preferred one-year scientific courses:

  • Diploma in Computer Science – A certificate course in computer science offers students the opportunity to study software development, design, programming, and coding.
  • Certificate course in Data Science – Learning diverse skills like Python and SQL, data analysis, data visualization, and the capacity to create machine learning models is made possible through data science certificate courses.
  • Diploma in Industrial Automation – With the aid of PLCs, PACs, Industrial Field Instruments, Industrial PCs, SCADA/HMI, Data-acquisition boards, Machine vision, Robots, Microprocessor based Instrumentation, and associated Software, this course aims to turn an experienced Engineer into a certified designer of Industrial automation systems.
  • Certificate course in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – A digital label that certifies your expertise in AI is called an AI certificate.
  • Diploma in Biotechnology – A course at the diploma level is the Diploma in Biotechnology Engineering. In the field of biotechnology engineering, biology, and technology are integrated for study and development.

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Some colleges and institutions provide one-year certificate courses in science following the 12th grade. Here are a few well-known colleges with their location.

Indian Institute of TechnologyDelhi
National Institute of TechnologyWarangal
Vellore Institute of TechnologyVellore
Indian Education of Science Education and ResearchKolkata
Christ UniversityBangalore

Career Options

Your own talents, interests, and experience, as well as the type, of course, you have taken, will determine the exact job opportunities that are open to you after completing a one-year scientific course. Listed below are a few possible job paths:

  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Research
  • Scientist

Average Salary Offered

Depending on the course, the college offering it, the student’s degree of knowledge, and the sector they choose to work in, the average pay paid following certificate courses after 12th science might vary significantly. However, the average salary after 1-year certificate courses after 12th science may range from INR 4 LPA to INR 5 LPA.

To know about the streamwise courses after 12th, refer to this section.

Best Courses After 12Th CommerceBest Courses After 12Th ScienceCourses After 12 Arts
Courses After 12th PCBCourses After 12th PCMCourses After 12th Science PCMB
Professional Courses After 12Th CommerceCourses After 12Th Computer ScienceGraduation Courses After 12Th

1-Year Diploma Courses After 12th Commerce

After completing their 12th year of commerce, students can choose from a number of one-year courses. These courses will help in advancing their knowledge and abilities in a variety of subjects. Following the 12th grade in commerce, some popular one-year courses include:

  • Certificate Course in Business Accounting and Taxation – For commerce graduates whose primary areas of interest are finance and taxation, there is a Business Accounting and Taxation course.
  • Certificate Course in Digital Marketing – You may become a digital market expert in areas like SEO, social media, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, mobile, and email marketing by taking a digital marketing certification online course.
  • Certificate Course in Financial Planning and Wealth Management – This online certificate course will cover a variety of topics including an introduction to financial planning, advanced financial planning, HNI wealth management, risk analysis, insurance planning, investment planning, retirement planning, employee benefits, estate planning, and tax planning.
  • Certificate Course in Stock Market and Equity Research – A foundation for comprehending Fundamental Analysis is provided by this course. You will get scientifically designed instruction to aid your understanding of the fundamental terms and ideas. These are generally related to the capital market and how they apply to stock investment.

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Some colleges and institutions provide one-year certificate courses in commerce following the 12th grade. Here are a few well-known colleges with their location.

St. Xavier’s CollegeMumbai
Symbiosis College of Arts and CommercePune
Shri Ram College of CommerceDelhi
Loyola CollegeChennai
Presidency CollegeBangalore

Career Options

A one-year study in commerce can open up a number of entry-level work prospects for you. These are a few possible job paths:

  • Accounting Assistant
  • Tax Preparer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Banking Associate
  • Insurance Underwriter

Average Salary

After completing a certificate course in commerce, the average salary varies based on program, institution, position, and location. However, entry-level positions for a 1-year certificate after 12th grade can pay up to INR 2-3 lakhs per annum.

1-Year Diploma Courses After 12th Arts

Students who have finished their 12th grade in the arts have access to a variety of 1-year courses. These classes are designed to give students specialized knowledge and abilities in a particular sector, enabling them to pursue a career in their preferred profession. Following the 12th-grade arts, check out these popular 1-year courses:

  • Certificate in Interior Designing – The 6-month, full-time Certificate Course in Interior Design provides advanced information on interior design technology, color theory, computer-aided design processes, and their practical applications.
  • Certificate in Creative Writing – A certificate course in creative writing is a short-term program that is designed to help students learn the skills and techniques of writing creatively in various genres, such as fiction, poetry, drama, and creative non-fiction.
  • Certificate in Event Management – Students learn best practices in planning, marketing, and risk management. This course is intended to provide more education for meeting and event planners.
  • Certificate in Photography – A six-month undergraduate certificate course in photography is available. The course equips the enrolled students with the science and technology used in photography, as well as the skill of perceiving topics for photography and the art of finding or organizing subjects for photography.
  • Certificate in Fashion Designing – The course is designed for students who wish to shape fashion design careers. Students learn the fundamentals of making clothing and selling it to customers by studying color, fabric, sewing, technique, and design.


Some colleges and institutions provide one-year certificate courses in arts following the 12th grade. Here are a few well-known colleges with their location.

St. Xavier’s CollegeMumbai
Delhi School of EconomicsDelhi
Sophia College for WomenMumbai
National Institute of Fashion and TechnologyMumbai
Film and Television Institute of IndiaPune

Career Options

You may have a variety of possibilities to explore your interests and pursue your ambitions after completing a one-year arts course. These are a few possible job paths:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Event Coordinator
  • Writer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Fine Artist

Average Salary

The average wage after completing a certificate course after 12th grade arts might change based on the program, the college or institution, and the student’s qualifications. After 12th Arts, certificate courses often give students specialized knowledge and abilities in a particular profession, enabling them to seek a job in their preferred sector. Depending on the certificate program and the graduate’s abilities and experience, the average salary after completion might range from a few thousand to several lakhs per year.

Best 1-Year Courses After 12th

The best 1-year courses after 12th rely on your unique interests, abilities, and professional objectives. The following choices can be worth taking into account:

  • Diploma in Web Designing: You can learn website building, graphic design, and website management skills with a one-year diploma in Web Designing. There may be a lot of career opportunities as a result of the rising demand for websites.
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing: You can learn skills in online marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and other related fields with a one-year diploma in digital marketing. Digital marketing is becoming more and more popular, which may create a lot of career prospects.
  • Diploma in Event Management: You can learn how to organize and carry out events like weddings, conferences, and festivals with the help of a one-year diploma in event management. This may create a lot of work possibilities given the rising demand for events.
  • Diploma in Animation and Multimedia: A one-year diploma in animation and multimedia can teach you the skills necessary for graphic design, video editing, and 2D/3D animation. Many career opportunities may arise as a result of the rising demand for animation and multimedia in the film and media sector.
  • Diploma in Hotel Management: You can learn hospitality, food and beverage service, housekeeping, and front office management skills with a one-year diploma in hotel management. The hospitality sector is expanding, which may create a lot of job chances.


After the 12th, 1-year courses may be a fantastic alternative for those who wish to develop their abilities, obtain real-world experience, and investigate career options. They are intended to give specialized and industry-relevant training. Pursuing a 1-year degree after high school can help students stay competitive in the labor market and offer up new employment opportunities given the rising need for trained individuals across a variety of sectors. So, it’s crucial to do your homework and pick a course that fits with your interests, objectives, and professional aspirations.

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1-Year Courses After 12th: FAQs

What are some of the best 1-year diploma courses after the 12th?

Some of the best 1-year diploma courses include a diploma in Digital Marketing, a diploma in graphic design, a diploma in web development, a diploma in hospitality management, and a diploma in fashion design.

What is the best 1-year course after the 12th?

Although it completely depends on one’s interest and capabilities, doing a certificate course in computer science can prove to be one of the best courses after 12th that can earn you a better lifestyle.

How do you complete a 1 year degree?

Eligible aspirants can get their graduation completed in one year either through lateral Entry Scheme or Credit Transfer Scheme. Lateral Entry Scheme: Lateral Entry allows candidates with pre-requisite qualifications to get directly enrolled into the 2nd year of a course.

What are the popular 1-year courses available after 12th?

There are several one-year courses available after 12th, including diploma courses in digital marketing, event management, web designing, fashion design, and foreign languages. Other popular courses include certification courses in computer hardware and networking, software development, and hospitality management.

What is the eligibility criteria for 1-year courses after 12th?

The eligibility criteria for 1-year courses vary depending on the course and the institution offering it. Generally, candidates must have completed their 12th standard from a recognized board or university to be eligible for these courses.

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