Helping Corporate CSR Teams to Effectively Impact Adolescent Education

Indian Youth Need Career Guidance & Counselling

44% students suggest lack of career guidance and counselling is the reason for demand-supply mismatch of professionals. iDCs technology solution that features over 1000 hours of career-related content and a fleet of 890+ trained career counsellors are all set to bridge this gap.

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The Gap

In India, only 1 out of 10 students gets Career Guidance

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Resource Shortage

93% of Indian Schools don’t have a career counsellor

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The Effect

Only 23 out of 100 students continue studies beyond secondary

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How can iDreamCareer help?

iDreamCareer partners with corporates, CSRs, NGOs, governments and other foundations in leading the change in Indian education. We are India’s largest UNBIASED bespoke career counselling company that uses a blend of technology and trained professionals to provide customized service support.

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Adolescent Guidance

We provide UNBIASED career counseling to DISADVANTAGED ADOLESCENTS. Our programs include group level counseling as well as personal one to one guidance.

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Employee Volunteering

We provide customized programs to train employee volunteers from different verticals, who can then lead career mentoring programs across geographical areas.

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Scholarship Management

We provide full scholarship management services by designing, managing and executing scholarships distributions for students while ensuring 100% TRANSPARENCY.

Showcasing Some Great Work We Accomplished

Our patrons have helped us in achieving the feat of being nominated among the top 200 Ed-Tech start-ups of the world and empowering the career decisions of over 4.2 million students.

How iDC worked with a telecom CSR to provide career counselling to their supported students from 3 states?

How iDC executed a CSR project for the financial sector CSR to provide career counselling by liaisoning with 3 State Governments?

How iDC designed, planned and executed a 50 LPA scholarships for the students at an undergraduate level?

Clients Whom we Have Served

Our patrons have helped us in achieving the feat of being nominated among the top 200 Ed-Tech start-ups of the world and empowering the career decisions of over 9.8 million students.

Reviews & Testimonials

Since 2014, iDreamCareer has created an enormous footprint that has directly impacted the lives of 4.2 million students. Our advanced technological platform, well-delivering psychometric test, & a fleet of 850+ counsellors are eager to bring you benefit.

iDC Mentor helped me in sorting out my Career related issues. I specially loved it because iDC’s Assessment Test combined with their counseling session can really sort out any person’s future

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Aditya Khurana, Class Xth (DPS Mathura Rd)

By joining the iDC Inform program, I got to know about the main colleges and courses to pursue and clarity about my career path. It was a great experience!

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Kartik Arora, Class XIIth (DPS Maruti Kunj, Gurgaon)

I really like how the counselor cleared all my doubts with patience and interest. The assessment report helped me understand my strengths and gave a detailed insight on best career paths.

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Student, Class 12, Modern School, Vasant Vihar