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What after 10th / 12th ?

Impact of iDreamCareer

iDreamCareer is the INDIA’S LARGEST unbiased career counseling venture that works with 2.5 MILLION STUDENTS yearly while ensuring 100% DATA PRIVACY. We currently work with 12 Indian State Governments & 73000+ schools across India & the Middle East.

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Our Career Counselling Services

We offer customized career counselling and guidance services to students based on their specific needs. Ranging from technology enabled information access only, to human-led professional career counselling, our offerings include college application and scholarship guidance as well

Who Can Benefit from our Career Guidance Services?

From individual students to their parents, private schools, and corporate CSRs to nonprofits, iDreamCareer has its services out for even the governments to benefit.
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Showcase of Our Career Counselling and Guidance Services

iDreamCareer is all geared up to be the guiding light for students that it promises to be. With our UNBIASED career counselling and guidance services, you will be in command of your career and find success.
Career Dashboard

We have a cutting-edge, technology-powered web and mobile application that lists groundbreaking information on 555 careers, 21,122 colleges, 1,158 entrance exams, 1,127 scholarships from 15+ countries. You can be mobile, yet be informed.

Psychometric Tests

Our psychometric tool assesses students on 16 factors covering aptitude, personality & interest. Available in english, hindi & 6 other languages, our tool has been administered to over 1.95 million students, attaining the highest possible reliability & validity.

Trained Career Counsellors

We have 1000+ trained career counsellors from 130+ districts of India. This gives us the power to give in-person career guidance and support to maximum students, apart from online/skype sessions. Our fleet of counsellors helps us to guide 2.5 million students annually.

Application Guidance

We provide CUSTOMIZED SERVICES that help students to apply for colleges in India and abroad, apart from keeping them updated about the scholarships they are eligible for. This is a completely focussed service where we work together with students till they get an admission in a college of their choice.


Reviews & Testimonials

Since 2014, iDreamCareer has created an enormous footprint that has directly impacted the lives of 4.2 million students. Our advanced technological platform, well-delivering psychometric test, & a fleet of 929 counsellors located across 114 districts are eager to bring you benefit.

The counsellor was knowledgeable and charted the recommended future course of action in the slots. The direction was clear and the options discussed were personalised. As a person she was extremely relatable. Thanks team iDC!!

image Aadit Chawla, Class 11th, Scottish High International School

The session has helped me gain detailed insights about my preferred career path with regards to its scope, future prospects and the various colleges available to pursue that particular course.Thank you iDreamCareer!

image Maturi Shruthik, 4th Year, ICFAI Law School

I liked the suggestions and guidance that was provided by the counselor, she cleared all my doubts. I would recommend this program to students who are confused about their course and college selection after 12th.

image Anshya Shrivastava, Class 12th, Indirapuram Public School

Patrons who Stand by Us

Our patrons have helped us in achieving the feat of being nominated among the top 200 Ed-Tech start-ups of the world and empowering the career decisions of over 4.2 million students.

We’ve Made News!

Our friends in the media love the work we do. Check out the media that has lent its space to share our achievements and stories. Together, we aim at making career guidance & counselling accessible.

Why select iDC Vs other platforms?

Read the action research report elaborating the competition terrain among 12 prominent career guidance
platforms in India.

FAQs about our Services for students

Career Counselling is a specialized service that needs multiple resources ranging from trained counsellors, to an updated databased and psychometric tests. We combine this all and bundle it as a service of schools of repute eager to benefit their students.

As defined by UNICEF, Career Counselling / Career Guidance is a comprehensive, right-based development approach which is designed to assist individuals in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices, which in turn lead to their social, financial and emotional well-being.

Career Guidance is a process by which an adolescent makes a successful transition from school to higher education and finally into the workforce. The process involves exploring different careers, knowing the different pathways to careers, opportunities available, earning levels, and the time period required. Further it involves knowing one’s strengths and interest, matchmaking one’s own potential to the world of careers and then selecting the right courses and colleges, the process to apply and finally the ways to finance his/her education.

iDreamCareer has a team of more than 898 stalwart career counselors working all across 105 districts of India. Our career counsellors can introduce you to a plethora of career options to choose from. We at iDC can clarify your doubts on various career options and their scope. Our services also will help you scuffle through the top colleges to make the right career choice.

Career counselling services are provided by highly experienced and qualified professionals. Career counselors guide students in building awareness about various careers, make an unbiased evaluation of a students’ psychometric assessment and support in making a uniformed decision. iDC charters its career guidance on three key main steps:

  • Building awareness about various career fields
  • Evaluating students’ psychometric assessment report
  • Help in finding the right career fit which is unique for every student

All of us are bound to get stuck at some point in our life. It is at such self-introspecting times we become even more aware of ourselves. We discover what works for us and what doesn’t and take actions accordingly. So, when it comes to deciding about our future, should we go with our instinct or follow a common trend?

As economies have opened up, technologies advanced, people are shedding their inhibitions, more and more careers are making it to ‘The list’. Not everybody is aware about what career options they have. Career counsellors hold your hand and take you to the world of possibilities, they help you, understand you, your strengths and then suggest you the possible career options.

Sounds easy right? Well, it is now. With ventures like iDreamCareer offering full-stack career counseling solutions, choosing the right career has become a possibility now. Its counsellors are among the best career counsellors in India who provide unbiased career guidance services.

Career counselling sure is the most convenient way to pick the right career for you. Earlier marks used to define which stream you would get, but now it’s not the case anymore. Hence opting for career counselling can be life changing for you.

Career planning can be overwhelming for anyone. To make this process more inclusive and knowledgeable, iDreamCareer counsellors are well qualified to get you prepared for your future endeavours. Hence,

  • If you are in class 10th or concluding 10 th and want to decide which stream to choose
  • If you have just completed class 12th and have not decided which career stream to follow
  • If you have decided your career stream after 12 th class but are not sure of the academic stream for the career
  • If you are not sure or confident of your career path
  • If you want to explore alternative career paths

Then you must consult a career counsellor to help you get the right direction in the right career field.

It takes an experienced and qualified professional to help navigate a student in the right direction. A good career counsellor is unbiased and understands what suits best for you. Career experts should be experienced and must have plenty of knowledge about this field.

They should be able to understand your areas of strength and suggest what’s best. With more than 800 certified career counsellors working all across India, iDreamCareer is committed in providing unbiased career counselling services to students. Want to get in touch with one of our best Career Counselors in India? Know more about our services by clicking here.

The time is always right to get a telescopic view of your strengths and capabilities which ultimately directs you to the right career. Mostly students who have recently entered class 10th or 12th can benefit right from the beginning. Therefore, it is best if you are always one step ahead of time.

Career Counseling services can be effective if you start early. It equips you with informed choices for your long term plans. It also lessens any last-minute confusion or delays.

iDreamCareer makes sure you get all the required help in finding your true calling. Just like a best friend, iDC will guide you in the right direction, let you decide what is best for you, and support you in all the inevitable challenges..

We are happy to share that iDreamCareer is currently working with over 4.2 million students at 48,000 schools. Our career counseling services in India are recognized and well covered by Times of India, Hindustan Times, Financial Express and other media channels.

iDreamCareer has a team of talented and qualified professionals who share the same school of thought- providing exceptional career counselling services in India. Our experts use psychometric assessments to evaluate students’ potential.

As a career guidance and counseling platform, we understand the importance of a good career counselor. So, when our experienced and qualified career counsellors get in touch with you, they will answer all your queries, clear all your doubts and offer you maximum support to pursue a career that is right for you.


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