Believe it or not but the Indian education system can be very intimidating. There is an endless wave of competition and everyone is in the rat race to become the next C.V. Raman, Amartya Sen or R.K. Narayan. Do you remember the time you cleared the 10th standard exams?

Remember, how everyone gathered up to question and confuse you about your future? Kudos! For you made your way through it! Now that you’re planning to cross the next milestone, class 12th, we are sure that you are looking for clarity. If you don’t have the correct information regarding it, you might end up in misfit courses after 12th and may feel unsatisfied with your biggest achievements.

iDreamCareer, a leading career counselling institute in Delhi understands the importance of career guidance after 12th and provides you with the best career counselling services in India. If you’re still thinking what to do after 12th, is here to help you. Before discussing the best courses after 12th in various subjects, let us know more about your career options after class 12th:

  • Continue with your existing stream and go for higher studies: If you have an interest in a particular stream or a subject and have been performing well in the same, it might be the right career option after 12th. In order to make the best of the opportunities your way, we suggest you avail of help from a career guide to understand the latest career trends related to it.
  • Take Entrance Examinations: You can also sit for entrance exams related to your chosen stream. Every year students prepare diligently to crack these exams. Most reputed colleges offering a plethora of courses after 12th have also adopted the trend of taking entrance tests. It helps them to regulate their admission procedure given a large number of applicants every year and only admits deserving candidates. As many of these entrance examinations are scheduled at different times of the year, a career guide after 12th can really help you stay prepared and updated with the exam schedule.
  • Switch to a New Stream and Go for Higher Education: Many times, our personal choices may not turn out to be a good professional choice. Depending on your aptitude and personal interest, you can pick a different course after 12th and have a bright career. Just be careful while applying for a course as many colleges prefer students with a strong background in individual subjects.

Top Courses after 12th Class

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular college courses after class 12th that you can have a successful future in:


Last year, over 13 lac students all over India took the JEE entrance examinations, making it one of the most popular college courses to date. Though there are many options in science after 12th, engineering has been a center of focus for many students. If you are interested in software design, electronic engineering, and software-hardware integration, Computer Science Engineering is made for you. If you are wondering what to do after 12th science, Computer Science Engineering will help you explore the intricacies of software development and hardware engineering.

If you have a strong background in maths and science and are interested in automation, control systems, telecommunications, robotics, sensor systems, etc., you can go for a 4-year B.Tech program in Electronics & Communication Engineering as a career option after 12th.

You can also go for aeronautical engineering which involves a practical and theoretical understanding of materials, assembling parts, testing, and maintenance of aircraft. Otherwise, there are relatively new streams in engineering having a rich scope for future like nanotechnology, textile and fabric sciences, petrochemical engineering, marine engineering, etc. that can land you terrific jobs.

Biological and Medical Sciences

If you have a strong passion for biology and related subjects, you can choose from the many trending medicine-related courses after 12th. One of the most happening courses in pharmacology where students can examine how drugs work to attack various diseases. One can learn about drug immunity and the side effects of various compounds on patients.

Biotechnology is another trendy science field where you can study the genetic makeup of organisms, including plants, animals, and people, along with the genetic defects that affect them and possible solutions. One of the most popular career options after 12th is gaining medical expertise with an MBBS degree by applying for the country’s top medical college entrance exams like AIPMT. Besides these, some other courses after 12th that are gaining popularity due to increasing health awareness are physiotherapy and nutrition and dietetics.


Chartered Accountancy is among the numerous career options in Commerce after 12th where you learn to see if financial affairs of businesses and companies are in accordance with the laws set by Government authorities. This includes looking into tax affairs and financial transactions through auditing, creating necessary reports, etc. You can also take up a (BBA/BBM/BMS management course after 12th and build a career as an investment banker with finance, brand manager with marketing or human resource manager with human resource studies.

As an option in Commerce after 12th, you can take up economics and later specialize in Indian Economics, Macro Economics, Industrial Economics, Banking Economics, International Trade, etc. Based on your personal interest and aptitude, you can also go for journalism and mass communication courses, event management courses and fashion design and technology courses. Choosing law might also be a good idea. One can join a 5-year LLB program after clearing the CLAT (Common Law Admission Test).


You might already be familiar with History, Political Science, Sociology, Geography, Psychology, Economics through your class 12th syllabus and there are many college courses you can go for. One can go for counselling or psychology courses.

You can also study psephology if you are interested to learn about political elections. If you have found yourself tracking down your family’s history anytime and discuss it regularly, you may have a good career in Genealogy and continue to research family histories. You can also make a career as a weather forecaster or community planner.

You can also take up anthropology and have a successful career as a museum curator, organizational psychologist, publisher, etc. With political science, you can aim to be a diplomat, financial analyst, etc. Arts as a discipline that offers many career options after 12th can make you the next big magazine editor, country’s top lawyer, famous art gallery director, best-in-the-business event organizer or the most-sort-after public relations manager.

Vocational Careers

As many employers are looking for employees equipped for certain jobs right after study, it may be a smart choice to take training in a particular skill to pursue it as a career. Thus, vocational learning can become one of the great career options after class 12th. Through this, one could gain an associate degree or certification in various fields such as hospitality and tourism, retail management, software development, electronics and hardware, leather and apparel, sales and marketing or interior design.