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Why go for career guidance in graduation?

Personalized guidance for undergraduate courses helps you

  • Understand the competitive landscape 👋
  • Get informed on latest jobs & trends 🙌
  • Explore options for studying abroad 📍
  • Decide your best career fit 🔎
  • Build your dream career 💫
  • career counselling after graduation

    What you'll get !


    Transition Phase

    Get maximum yield out of your transition from school to college
    jobs for bcom graduates

    Job Search

    Explore fresher jobs/internships like never before
    study abroad after graduation

    Study abroad

    Get into top colleges/ universities from across the globe
    career options after graduation

    Guided exploration

    Get personalised suggestions for over 550+ career options, exams & scholarships
    exams after graduation

    Career Assessment

    Know your potential with our psychometric career assessment test

    Pick a plan
    that best describes your needs

    PG Course
    Selection Program

    For graduates confused about
    course specialisations
    • Psychometric career assessment
    • Personalised career report
    • 1 Personal counselling session
    • Expert guidance on PG Career opportunities
    • Free personalized dashboard access

    Career Transition
    Program (UG to PG)

    For undergrads looking for
    alternate career paths
    • Psychometric career assessment
    • Personalised career report
    • Free personalized dashboard access
    • 2 Personal counselling sessions
    • Course specialization aid
    • College application assistance

    Indian PG College
    Application Program

    For final year students looking for guidance on
    PG courses & Indian college admissions
    • Free personalized dashboard access
    • 4-5 Personal counselling sessions with experts
    • College application aid till you get into a PG college

    Job/ Internship Search & Preparation Program

    For freshers looking for guidance in
    careers & internship aid
    • Free personalized dashboard access
    • 1 Personal counselling session with experts
    • 3-4 Sessions on Job/ Internship Selection Process
    • Interviews/ Group discussions prep
    • Resume & Profile building

    Why Students Love Us! 😇

    FAQs About Career Counselling & Guidance by iDC

    iDreamCareer works to provide UNBIASED educational counselling to Indian students to make fulfilling careers anywhere around the globe. You may check out the commonly asked questions about career mentoring & guidance in this section.
    iDreamCareer offers career guidance services for students who want to change their career path or want to choose the right course at post graduate level. With iDC’s psychometric assessment and one-on-one counselling session with career planners, students can choose the right career track for them. A student can explore the best career options after graduation from a number of career fields. It is vital for a student to have the right approach in making career choices. Hence, we help graduates in: Exploring career: an unbiased exploration of various career options to make a student aware about the possibilities in different career fields Self-awareness: with our flagship psychometric assessment tool, we help students map their abilities, personalities and interests; enabling a them to explore and discover their potential Choosing the right career: our experienced career planners help identify and align the students potential with the right career choices
    Yes! Any student who wants to explore or even switch career field can get career guidance. If you have doubts or feel unsure of your current career path, then iDC’s expert career counsellors can help you find one that suits your abilities. iDC’s career counselling services are till now one of the best in India and its career guidance program is being acknowledged by the students all over. If you are looking for career guidance after graduation, then all you have to do is register here and one of our service advisers would contact you for follow-up.
    iDC’s online career portal is intended to help students choose which career field is best for them. It acquaints them with numerous possibilities available in different careers. Students pursuing graduation or who have completed their degree, are not sure of its scope or lack proper information about future opportunities, can take career guidance from iDC’s experienced career planners.
    iDreamCareer is currently working with over 4.2 million students at 67,000 schools. Our career counseling services in India are recognized and well covered by Yourstory, The Statesman and other communication channels. As a career guidance and counseling platform, we understand the importance of a good career counselor. So, when our experienced and qualified career counsellors get in touch with you, they will answer all your queries, clear all your doubts and offer you maximum support to pursue a career that is right for you. Therefore if you are pursuing graduation or have completed your college degree and are not sure of its scope and lack proper knowledge opportunities in the career field, then iDC can help you in finding the right career path. With more than 898 career experts working pan India, iDC is committed to provide one-stop solution to the students having career related doubts and queries.
    Students who have recently completed graduation can benefit from our career guidance. It prepares you to make the right career choice. It also lessens any last-minute confusion or delays. Therefore career guidance after graduation can help you make informed decisions right regarding subject and stream selection. If you are looking for career guidance after graduation, then iDreamCareer offers online and in person career counseling services for students in finding the right career track. iDreamCareer makes sure you get all the required help in finding your career path. iDC’s team of experienced and qualified counselors will make you aware of all the possible career options after graduation; they will inform you about all the careers you can choose from to make the right choice.
    All of us are bound to get stuck at some point in our life. It is at such self- introspecting times we become even more aware of ourselves. We discover what works for us and what doesn’t and take actions accordingly. So, when it comes to deciding about our future, should we go with our instinct or follow a common trend? As economies have opened up, technologies advanced, people are shedding their inhibitions, more and more careers are making it to ‘The list’. Not everybody is aware of various career options after they have completed their graduation. If you have completed your graduation degree and are not aware of the career opportunities that lie ahead of you then with the help of iDC’s career guidance program, you can chart out the right career map. iDC’s career counsellors will guide you throughout the process and will let you make the right choice.


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