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Career Guidance
Industry Landscape


Action research report elaborating the competition terrain among 12 prominent career guidance and education technology platforms in India.

Key Discoveries

India at a Glance – Highlights from among the research findings.

Increasingly Competitive
Employment Market

India’s macroeconomy (GDP) will be bolstered only if India Inc. (microeconomy) goes hand in hand, mirrors each other and moves together. This is possible with proper engagement of our demographic dividend, leveraging our only direct growth driver “our expanding youth” and appropriately channeling them into the workforce.

Why India needs Career Guidance Experts(CGEs) ?

To confront, manage and combat the Great Indian Talent Conundrum (GITC) and build the most competitive knowledge-based economy and society in the world, this is an additional burden to the urgent challenge of creating at least 8 million jobs year after year, fueling India’s post-pandemic headache.

*Six Essential Benchmarks of a stable Careers Guidance Framework
[Source : Gatsby Charitable Foundation & PricewaterhouseCoopers]

Companies Studied

Education Information Ecosystem (EIE)

india still needs 1.4 million career counsellors for 315 million students to maintain a globally acceptable student-to-counsellor ratio.

While U.S. has a nation-wide average counsellor-student ratio of 1:492 (1 counsellor per 492 students), in India there are only 500 counsellors for about 1.5 million students.

India is perceived as a counselling – deficit sector.

As correctly revealed by an esteemed columnist & educationist in India, career agents calling themselves Career Counsellors do not have the requisite skills and are continuously contributing to the very Indian problem of under-informed career choices and new joinees quitting jobs midway due to low job satisfaction levels.

Education & Career Counsellors should keep themselves updated. They must also have an implicit understanding of Millennials’ & Gen Z’s anxieties, aspirations and learning styles. 86% of Indian students are genuinely concerned about which option to choose for higher education but 92% of them have no or limited access to career-related guidance from their schools.

CGEs must keep data private

Data Privacy is of utmost importance because most career guidance experts consider demographic and related data acquisitions before allowing a beneficiary into using its career consulting services. Most CGEs abandon this feature of data privacy after the acquisitions are complete.

India has not yet enacted specific legislation on data protection. However, the Information Technology Act gives a right to compensation for improper disclosure of personal information.

Any enterprise remains vulnerable to being litigated against for gross negligence, cyber-security insufficiency or inadequacy. At iDreamCareer, all collected information remains private and is not disclosed to any recipient anywhere in the world.

Most CGEs in India have collaborations with universities & colleges and hence are vastly responsible for disclosure of student data to such institutions and other interested third parties like consumer research forums etc. so services are naturally & necessarily biased. iDreamCareer’s full-stack solutions are student-centric and wholly neutral & unbiased.

Published Internationally

Representing India. This study has been presented at the National Research Conference for Careers Practitioners (UK) – FEB 2021. The event witnessed above 240 delegations from over 15 countries with only a handful of 10 such researches showcased. You may find all 10 by clicking the 1st thumbnail. The full competition landscape shared as the 4th thumbnail below has 1456 data-points assessed on a 2D space (abscissa = competitors, ordinate = attributes) & 1237 values recorded (rest are null)

iDC Academic Poster

Full Competition Landscape

Meet the Researcher

Sreenanda Kundu is currently associated with iDreamCareer (India) as an Associate Director – Research & Data. For this study, she led the analytics and research requirements with a pivotal role in designing the construct of the project & report. Sreenanda specializes in actionable intelligence and knowledge delivery through research and analyses-centric presentations, with demonstrated skills in cross-disciplinary data interpretation/representation with a high degree of proficiency surrounding technical and scientific disciplines. She earned her university degree in Biophysics & Biostatistics pursuant to a graduation in Chemistry. Prior to her career pursuits, she had also interned with the Institute of Nuclear Physics (India).


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