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Career Guidance in Your School

and help students get admission in their dream colleges

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Benefit for Schools from the program

subjects in 11th

Effective stream/subject selection at class 11th level

jobs after 12th

Placement of class 12th students in top colleges across the glob

class 12 alumni

Better engagement with Alumni & track their progress

choose best career counselor for life goals

Self capacity to deliver career guidance

importance of career guidance

Data Analytics for decision making

What do we offer to Schools

career portal

Student & Parents
Career Portal

Empower your K12 students with a cutting
edge technology to make them future-ready

Assessment Tools

Help your young explorers towards self-
discovery and to identify their personality,
interest, skills and aptitude
career assessment tools

Group & Personalised

Create a conducive environment for students
and parents to interact with highly qualified
iDC Career Counsellors to build aspiration
and clarity.

Industry Connect Hub

IDC’s industry connect tool plays a key role to
engage your alumni to ensure your present
students plan ahead and stay on track by
connecting future goals.

School Leader

Easy-to-use iDC’s School Leader dashboard makes it easy to track students progress, record synopsis and generating various analytics reports. These reports can be demonstrated to parents to show the direction in which their child is growing.

Capacity Building of
Counselors / Teachers

Train your Teachers to impact learning and
teaching. When your teachers are able to
Link Subject Curriculum to Careers the entire
learning becomes more goal-oriented and
meaningful for Students

Career Demographic

Analyze Key Performance Indicators to
evaluate various academic parameters of
your group of students and build
interventions for them to excel.

Industry Expert Talks

Connect your students to Industry experts by
facilitating talks. iDC’s network of
professionals shows the student pathway to
varied careers

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Chief Business Officer
+91 9901501274
[email protected]

Reviews & Testimonials

Since 2014, iDreamCareer has created an enormous footprint that has directly empowered of 4.2 million students across India & the Middle East. Our advanced technological platform, well-delivering psychometric test, & a fleet of 850+ counsellors are eager to bring you benefit.

Schools that we Empower

We work with forward thinking schools to enhance their career guidance capacities to make sure that their students stay ahead of time. Talk to us and get onboard with us today

FAQs about our Services for Schools

Career Counselling is a specialized service that needs multiple resources ranging from trained counsellors, to an updated databased and psychometric tests. We combine this all and bundle it as a service of schools of repute eager to benefit their students

iDreamCareer follows a robust model of an online and offline blend of career guidance which ensures that each student’s needs are met. We not only focus on professional careers but also a wide variety of vocational careers and entry routes to each career. No other organization in India covers professional and vocational careers on the same platform and being multilingual. This definitely differentiates us from our competitors.
iDreamCareer has aggregated information on careers, colleges, entrance exams, scholarships, fellowships, school-level competitions and Government jobs combined with a detailed one-on-one session with each student which makes us a clear leader in the space of career guidance.
Technology as an enabler and to keep career guidance dynamic with the changing times, presently iDreamCareer student and parent dashboard cover information on 2300+ careers, 21,000+ colleges from 16 countries, 1100+ entrance exams, 1200+ scholarships from 15 countries combined with a scholarship management tool. We have also integrated Industry Connect Hub wherein students are connected with college students across the globe and industry experts.

With an experience of 8+ years in the space, we felt the need to standardise the process of career guidance which we achieved through training and building a career counsellor dashboard. iDreamCareer has the largest bandwidth of career counsellors who are well trained and we work to regularly upskill them through many forums like regular webinars, telegram groups and so on.

iDreamCareer’s psychometric analysis of Aptitude, Personality and Interest inventory helps students and career counsellors to narrow down on the top 2-3 career clusters by being able to analyze the 16 factors. We also share with school a career demographic analytics which shows the overall Aptitude areas of the set of students.

Our psychometric career assessment test has been taken by more than 1.9 million students as on date, the result of which has given us many data points to correlate its right application. Even before it was put to use, a sampling of 7238 students was conducted from different geographies to make the test relevant for Indian demographic students. To achieve consistency and reliability, we have achieved acceptable scores of Cronbach’s Alpha parameters.

Ideally, career guidance intervention must begin by 8th or 9th grade by exposing students and parents to multiple career options rather than limiting their options with only a few known career options. Keeping this in mind, we have crafted a very result and target-oriented process to integrate career guidance in the school curriculum.

Multiple studies say career guidance should be an integral part of the school curriculum to converge the efforts and time of students, parents and teachers to lead to something meaningful for students from almost 15 years of school education. Hence, a compulsory model is the most ideal to rule out any discrimination. In spite of this if schools aren’t able to make it a compulsory model let’s explore an optional model together.

For us, it is very important that each student and parent get to meet the career counsellor for at least one personalised one-on-one session. Any additional one-on-one session can be very beneficial for students from Grade 12th to shortlist colleges, scholarships and to understand the college application process. The one-on-one sessions can be planned online or within the school campus. Some of the schools facilitate as many as 05 one-on-one sessions for Grade 12th.

We have designed our program in a way to create a long term process of career guidance. Each student is also mapped to a career counsellor to resolve queries through an online chat. After the one-on-one session, it is followed up with two group sessions in school. Altogether there are four visits in a year including the one for career planning and orientation workshop.

Generally, the number of career counselors are decided basis the total number of students undergoing one-on-one sessions. Our effort is to limit the number of days of intervention to not go beyond 4-5 days in the first phase.

We regularly help schools in scouting a suitable counsellor as we have more than 850+ counsellors in our network who are trained and certified through a systematic process of classroom-based followed by 03 months of online training rather than just a MOOC training.
The symbol of a progressive school is to have a school counsellor who can not only help students with behavioural issues but also create multiple interventions to guide students on career choices, subject and stream selection and college admission process. Our career counsellor dashboard and frequent training and upskilling will help build a more systematic process.
In collaboration with the National Career Development Association, USA we have developed 90 hours of career counselling and guidance training module. School counsellors can join us for our 03 days classroom-based training followed by 03 months of online training. For school teachers, we undertake a 10 hours module within school premises.
We have minimum Turnaround Time(TAT) to provide information to schools to help schools to make the decision in the shortest possible time. Please feel free to reach out to Mr Nitin Duseja-Assistant Vice President on 8130553155 or please drop a mail to [email protected].

As iDreamCareer has the largest pool of career counsellors spread across more than 105 districts in India, we can begin the program implementation in a week’s notice time.

Our pricing is the most reasonable amongst all our competitors even though our program deliverables are the best in the country. You might even find a few companies offering for as less as Rs. 500/- but it might be a sub-standard program delivery or with an objective to gather parents data to sell some other high priced products and services. We maintain a uniform pricing basis the kind of program school is looking at. We provide an additional concession of 25% for the students from EWS.

With a very good network of career counsellors spread across more than 105 districts of India, we can implement the project in the remotest part of our country with a prior notice period of two weeks to plan the logistics.

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