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Home » Science Courses after 12th PCB and PCM | The no. #1 Comprehensive Guide

Science Courses after 12th PCB and PCM | The no. #1 Comprehensive Guide

science courses after 12th pcb and pcm

Are you wondering about the best science course to pursue after 12th? Also, tired of looking for a comprehensive guide that can help you make the right decision? Well, we understand your dilemma and therefore we thought of making a list of all the best courses after 12th science with PCM or PCB which you can pursue. 

Often students have a ‘narrow perception’ of courses and career opportunities after class 12th science, limiting them to either medical or engineering fields. But here in this article, we shall deal with a wide variety of exciting courses and the best career after 12th science and make sure you find all your answers right in one place.

So, without wasting more time, let’s dive into it.

Top 45 Courses after 12th Science Biology (PCB)

Before moving forward, I believe that you are aware of the fact that students in the science stream have two subject combination options: 1. Science with PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), and 2. Science with PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). Here, we shall be discussing the best courses after 12th science biology.

It is a stereotype that students with PCB combinations are restricted to courses after 12th PCB career in the medical field. But here we are breaking this stereotype by providing you the list of best courses after 12th science PCB which you can pursue:

Science courses in 12th PCB

MBBS- Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Below is the list of best courses after 12th science biology in medicine and surgery field: 

  1. BHMS- Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery
  2. BAMS– Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
  3. BUMS- Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery
  4. BNYS- Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Science
  5. BDS- Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  6. Pharm. D.
  7. Bachelor of Science- B.Sc. in AH (Animal Husbandry)
  8. Bachelor of Science- Microbiology
  9. Bachelor of Science- Biotechnology
  10. Bachelor of Science- Bio-Chemistry
  11. Bachelor of Science- Nursing
  12. Bachelor of Science- Bachelor in Physio Therapy- B PT
  13. Bachelor of Science- B.Sc. in Respiratory Care Therapy
  14. B.Sc. in Radio Therapy Technology
  15. B.Sc. in Renal Dialysis Technology
  16. B.Sc. in Anesthesia Technology
  17. B.Sc. Emergency & Critical Care Technology
  18. B.Sc. in Optometry
  19. Bachelors in Prosthetics and Orthotics
  20. Neuro Science Technology
  21. B.Sc. in Imaging Technology
  22. B.Sc. in Perfusion Technology
  23. B.Sc. in Cardiac Care Technology
  24. B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Technology
  25. Bachelor in Pharmacy- B.Pharm
  26. Bachelor of Audiology Speech-Language Therapy
  27. Agriculture
  28. Horticulture
  29. B.Sc. in Environmental Science
  30. Bachelor in Fisheries Sciences- B.F.Sc.
  31. B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology ( B.Sc. MLT )
  32. Occupational Therapy
  33. Audiology
  34. Speech and Language Pathology
  35. Radiography
  36. Rehabilitation Therapy
  37. Nutrition and Dietetics
  38. Botany
  39. Zoology
  40. Anthropology
  41. Home Science
  42. Food Technology
  43. B.Sc. in Food Science/ Food Science & Technology
  44. Bachelors in Forestry

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Top 65 Engineering Courses (B.E./B.Tech) after 12th PCM

Moving forward we shall now discuss the best courses after 12th science PCM for students who have opted for the PCM combination in 12th. Well, PCM students are often restricted to the field of engineering though there are several other options too. But, let’s talk about the engineering courses first:

science course after 12th

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Courses after 12th Science PCM: Engineering Courses

Take a look at the after-12th science courses list related to engineering –

  1. Automation and Robotics
  2. Data Science and Engineering
  3. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  4. Mechatronics Engineering
  5. Robotics
  6. Materials Science and Engineering
  7. Information Science & Engineering
  8. Computer Science Engineering
  9. Mechanical Engineering
  10. Electronics and Communication Engineering
  11. Electrical Engineering
  12. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  13. Civil Engineering
  14. Chemical Engineering
  15. Information Technology
  16. Mining Engineering
  17. Power Engineering
  18. Production Engineering
  19. Biotechnology Engineering
  20. Bioelectronics Engineering
  21. Bioengineering
  22. Bioinformatics Engineering
  23. Biomechanical Engineering
  24. Biomedical Engineering
  25. Genetic Engineering
  26. Plastics Engineering
  27. Food Processing and Technology
  28. Agricultural Engineering
  29. Automobile Engineering
  30. Environmental Engineering
  31. Dairy Technology and Engineering
  32. Marine Engineering
  33. Geoinformatics
  34. Petrochemical Engineering
  35. Polymer Engineering
  36. Geotechnical Engineering
  37. Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  38. Electronics Engineering
  39. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  40. Petroleum Engineering
  41. Aeronautical Engineering
  42. Aerospace Engineering
  43. Agricultural Information Technology
  44. Infrastructure Engineering
  45. Motorsport Engineering
  46. Metallurgical Engineering
  47. Textile Engineering
  48. Nuclear Engineering
  49. Energy Engineering
  50. Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance Engineering
  51. Nano Technology Engineering
  52. Safety and Fire Engineering
  53. Design Engineering (Aircraft & Spacecraft)
  54. Jet & Rocket Engineering
  55. Propulsion Engineering
  56. Structural Engineering (Aircraft & Spacecraft)
  57. Vehicle Dynamics & Control
  58. Biochemical Engineering
  59. Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology
  60. Bioelectrical Engineering
  61. Biosensor Technologies
  62. Cell & Tissue Engineering
  63. Clinical Engineering
  64. Molecular & Cellular Engineering
  65. Neural Engineering

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Top 20 Science, Technology, and Mathematics Courses After 12th Science PCM

Apart from Bachelor in Engineering or Bachelor in Technology courses, there are several other courses for PCM students which can lead them to a perfect career after 12th science. So, if you aren’t interested in B.E or B.Tech, no worries. Take a look at this after 12th science courses list of non-engineering courses you can pursue with PCM:

  1. Applied Physics
  2. Architecture
  3. Chemistry
  4. Commercial Pilot License
  5. Computer Applications
  6. Computer Science
  7. Data Science/Data Analytics
  8. Electronics
  9. Fashion Technology
  10. Forensic Science
  11. Geology
  12. Industrial Design
  13. Information Technology
  14. Mathematics
  15. Merchant Navy
  16. Physical Sciences
  17. Physics
  18. Planning
  19. Product Design
  20. Statistics

50 best Career Options after 12th science with Maths or without Maths

Now that we have discussed courses after 12th PCB and PCM combinations separately, we shall now focus our attention on courses that you can pursue even if you have or have not studied Mathematics in Class 12th.

Best Career Options after 12th science with Maths or without Maths

These are courses that do not require Mathematics as a compulsory subject. So, students who are looking to adieu mathematics during graduation here’s a list of the best courses after 12th science PCM or without Maths:

  1. B.Com
  2. B.Des Graphic Design / Digital Design
  3. BA in Event Management
  4. BA in Travel and Tourism
  5. BA Journalism
  6. BA Journalism and Mass Communication
  7. BA Liberal Arts
  8. BA/ BSc in Culinary Arts
  9. Bachelor in Law (5-year Integrated Courses)
  10. Bachelor of Catering Management
  11. Bachelor of Communication and Journalism (BCJ)
  12. Bachelor of Event Management
  13. Bachelor of Food and Beverages Production
  14. Bachelor of Foreign Trade
  15. Bachelor of Hospitality and Catering Technology
  16. Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
  17. Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHM-CT)
  18. Bachelor of Office Management & Secretarial Practice
  19. Bachelor of Travel and Hospitality Management
  20. BBA (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance)
  21. BBA (Business Administration)
  22. Bachelors in Business Administration-BBA (Entrepreneurship)
  23. Bachelors in Business Administration-BBA (Event Management)
  24. Bachelors in Business Administration-BBA (Finance)
  25. Bachelors in Business Administration-BBA (Financial Investment Analysis)
  26. Bachelors in Business Administration-BBA (Healthcare Management)
  27. Bachelors in Business Administration-BBA (Hotel Management)
  28. Bachelors in Business Administration-BBA (Human Resource Management)
  29. Bachelors in Business Administration-BBA (Insurance and Risk Management)
  30. Bachelors in Business Administration-BBA (IT & Systems)
  31. Bachelors in Business Administration-BBA (Operations)
  32. Bachelors in Business Administration-BBA (Sales & Marketing)
  33. Bachelors in Business Administration-BBA (Sports Management)
  34. Bachelors in Business Administration-BBA (Travel and Tourism Management)
  35. Bachelors in Business Administration-BFA (Performing Arts)
  36. BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)
  37. Bachelors in Science or Bachelors in Design-B.Sc. / B.Des in Fashion Design/ Fashion and Apparel
  38. Bachelors in Science or Bachelors in Design-B.Sc. / B.Des in Textile Design/ Fashion and Textile
  39. Animation Design
  40. Applied Art and Design
  41. Digital Film Making
  42. Experience, Information, and Interaction Design
  43. Film & Video Design
  44. Hotel Management
  45. Media Science
  46. Media/ Multimedia Design
  47. Visual and Communication Design
  48. CA Foundation Courses leading to CA pathway
  49. CS Foundation Courses leading to the CS pathway
  50. ICWA / CMA Foundation Courses leading ICWA/CMA pathway

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Other Course/Career Options After 12th Science PCB and PCM

This section is for those students who have completed their Class 12th in the science stream (PCB or PCM) but aren’t sure about continuing with science disciplines further. Well, you aren’t the only one. There are many students who shift to Humanities and Commerce courses for graduation after pursuing PCB or PCM in Class 12

So, if you are not interested in studying science-related subjects further, that’s totally fine! Remember you can probably do best in subjects related to your interests. Just pursue the course where you can give your best!

In Conclusion

To end with, we hope that this comprehensive guide on the best science courses after 12th science with PCB and PCM would help you select the right course which will eventually pave your way to a fruitful career. 

Moreover, if you are still not sure about which course you should apply for and want to know more about the best course to pursue, then you should probably talk to iDreamCareer’s expert career counsellors. Our counsellors are well-equipped with knowledge about careers and will definitely guide you find your way out in selecting the right course. Seek career guidance now and aim for the career pathway that checks all your aspirations!

That’s all for today, see you again! Thank You and Good Luck.

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