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Design Career Guidance Program

for NID, NIFT and IIT

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Program tailored for Design Aspirants

A design-focused psychometric test
Helps to uncover the student's design strengths, interests, and aptitudes.

Design-Centric Counseling

Multiple outcome-driven counseling interventions
Application Support
Portfolio Feedback
Design Course and College Fitment

Career Dashboard

Insights specifically on design careers, design colleges, and design entrance exams.
Curated database of premier design colleges in India
Comprehensive profiles of various design specializations.

How Design-Centric Counseling
can help you?

Multiple Outcome-Driven Counseling Interventions

till you reach your best-fit course and college

Application Support

Comprehensive guidance tailored to design college applications, from helping you assemble a design portfolio to form submission.

Portfolio Feedback

Expert review and feedback on the student’s design work, ensuring it aligns with industry standards.

Design Course and College Fitment

Personalized recommendations to match the student’s design aspirations and strengths.

Meet Your Counselor

Ms. Shipra Anand

Brief introduction

Ms. Shipra Anand, a distinguished NIFT, Delhi alumna, holds 27 years of unmatched expertise in the Design Sector’s HR Creation. As a top Design Educator, she excels in 3D V & R, Design Fundamentals, Fashion Illustration, and Merchandising, serving as a respected trainer and guest faculty at institutions like FDDI, J D Institute Lucknow, and IT College. Her contributions encompass ISC curriculum textbooks, founding four Design institutes, and advising schools like LMGC & CMS on Fashion Design electives. She has collaborated with brands like Lacoste and Wild Orchids, excels in Chikankari & Zari-Zardosi crafts, and participates in design events and talk shows. Ms. Anand’s impact reaches 50,000 lives, influencing designers, entrepreneurs, and artisans, especially in Lucknow, driven by her belief that “Design is a powerful instrument of change.”

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FAQs: Here’s everything you may ask...

A career in Design involves creating and designing visual, interactive, and functional elements across various industries. Design professionals work on everything from graphics and websites to product design and user experiences.
The design offers diverse specializations, including Graphic Design, Web Design, UX/UI design, Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Footwear Design, Photography, Digital art and animation, Art Direction, Video and film Editing, Texting Design, Animation Design, and more. Each specialization focuses on specific aspects of design.
Educational requirements vary depending on the specific field of design and the job role. In India, educational requirements for a design career differ by level. For undergrad programs, a 10+2 qualification is needed. Postgraduate studies require a bachelor’s in design or a related field, and Ph.D. applicants must hold a master’s in design with a minimum 50% score. These criteria secure admission to design programs in India.
Essential skills for success in the design industry encompass creativity for innovative problem-solving, analytical abilities to identify and solve issues, effective communication to convey ideas, strong business acumen for product promotion, and impeccable time management to maintain work-life balance and meet professional goals.
To find the right specialization in Design, consider your interests, skills, and career goals. Explore different areas of design, seek advice from professionals, and consider taking career assessment tests to identify your strengths and preferences. iDreamCareer specializes in helping students discover their strengths, interests, and aspirations. We have a dedicated mentor, Ms. Shipra Anand, who is here to offer personalized guidance. She assesses individual preferences and matches them with suitable design courses and colleges that align with their academic goals and career aspirations.
Building a strong design portfolio involves showcasing your best work, projects, and creative concepts. Start by working on personal projects, internships, and freelance opportunities to gain experience and create a diverse portfolio.
Design professionals enjoy diverse job prospects across various sectors. They can explore opportunities in the multimedia industry, education, engineering, government sector, and freelancing, offering flexibility and autonomy. Additionally, self-employment and entrepreneurship are viable paths, allowing designers to establish their brands and consult in various capacities, reflecting the dynamic nature of the design field.
To qualify for top design entrance exams like CEED, UCEED, NID, NIFT, FDDI AIST, SEED, AIEED, and others conducted by design schools, requires practice, study materials, and an understanding of the exam pattern. We recognize that assistance is essential at this phase, which is why iDreamCareer has a dedicated Design career counselor. She will help you by offering guidance, study resources, and preparation strategies to help you excel in these exams.
Yes, iDreamCareer offers comprehensive career guidance services for aspiring designers. Our dedicated expert mentor Ms. Shipra Anand can provide personalized advice, help you choose the right design specialization, and assist in building a successful career path in design.
The Design Career Guidance Program by iDreamCareer includes career counseling, personalized guidance, and psychometric assessments. Our professional career counselor Ms. Shipra Anand will help you with outcome-driven counseling interventions to find the best-fit course and college, application support for a seamless process, portfolio feedback to ensure industry-standard quality, and personalized recommendations aligning with the student’s design aspirations and strengths.
The ideal timing to join a design guidance program varies based on personal preferences and educational objectives. It is recommended to commence the exploration of design options during high school and actively participate in career guidance programs to make well-informed decisions about one’s academic path.
iDreamCareer’s Design Guidance program will help your child in achieving specific outcomes in course and college selection, assist with application processes, expert portfolio feedback to meet industry standards, and tailor recommendations aligned with each student’s design goals and strengths.
iDreamCareer has a skilled career counselor, Ms. Shipra Anand who is specialized in guiding students toward successful design careers. She will carefully assess students’ interests, academic profiles, preferences, and career goals to provide tailored college recommendations. By aligning a student’s aspirations with suitable colleges, she will ensure a seamless path toward pursuing design programs, fostering academic and professional growth.

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