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Top Fashion Designing Courses After 12th that No One Talks About

Fashion Designing Courses after 12th

It is really interesting how fashion designers use their limitless creativity and skills to design something out of the box. But these acquisitions didn’t show up in one night, did they? NO! They had to study the history of fashion and design to do customizations as per contemporary fashion trends. Students want to enroll in such non-conventional courses right after their high school graduation and they see this field as a potential career option. So, we are here to make you familiar with all the fashion designing courses after the 12th and related details.

Do you know?

Indian fashion industry offers an array of career opportunities.

This was in the headlines of The Times of India newspapers on 28th April 2022. We cannot disregard the fact that this industry has had a boom in the last few years. People are walking out of the orthodox world and preferring non-conventional ways of living.

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What Is Fashion Design?

The art of making garments and accessories is known as fashion design. Fashion design draws from a wide range of academic fields, including business, history, art, and technology. It is a form of art that is deeply rooted in culture. Fashion designers produce clothing in response to consumer demand or their own creative vision, and when customers like the designs, new trends are created.

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Fashion Designing Courses After 12th

Students can enroll in a variety of fashion designing courses after completing their 12th grade in the arts. It will take them at least 3–4 years to become a fashion designer if they decide to seek graduation from a fashion design school.

Here is a list of top fashion designing courses after the 12th in a tabular form.

Diploma in Fashion Technology1 year
Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design2 years
Diploma in Jewellery Design1 year
Certificate Course in Fashion Design1 year
Certificate in Creative Fashion Styling6 months
Certificates in Textiles for Interiors and Fashion1 year
Fashion Illustration and Design3 months
Certificate in Draping and Pattern making1 month
Certificate in Pattern Making and Garment Construction3 months
Certificate in Fashion Designing and Draping6 months
Certificate in Pattern Design6 months
Certificate in Fundamentals of Fashion Designing6 months
Certificate Course in Tailoring in Designing6 months
Certificate Course in Fashion Merchandising6 months
BSc in Fashion Design3 years
BDes in Fashion Designing4 years
BDes in Interior Design4 years
BDes in Textile Design4 years
Bachelor of Design4 years
BDes in Fashion Communication3 years
BDes in Communication Design3 years
BDes in Accessory Design3 years
BDes in Product Design4 years
Bachelor of Fashion Design2 years
BDes in Knitwear Design3 years
Bachelor’s in Fashion Technology3 years
Bachelor of Fashion and Apparel Design3 years
BDes in Animation4 years
BDes in Jewellery Design3 years
BFTech in Apparel Production4 years
BA Hons in Fashion Design2 years
MA in Fashion Design2 years
MSc in Fashion Designing2 years
Masters of Fashion Management2 years
PG Diploma in Fashion Design12 to 18 months

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Eligibility of Fashion Designing Courses

Candidates may pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fashion design after completing their 12th-grade education. A number of fashion designing courses following class ten are also provided as diploma and certification programs. Students need to earn a minimum grade of 50% to be accepted into these courses. For bachelor’s degree programs, the fundamental and minimal admission requirements for fashion design courses are 10+2 with a 50 percent grade point average. After the 10th, you can opt for any streams in class 12th like arts, commerce, or science to pursue fashion designing courses after 12th. Written exams, focus groups, and interviews will all be used to define admission standards, which will only consider merit.

  • UG COURSES – For the purpose of enrolling in bachelor’s-level fashion design courses, candidates must receive at least 50% of the possible points in their 12th-grade exams. Candidates that meet the requirements above are likely to show up for entrance tests like the NIFT, NID DAT, and UCEED.
  • PG COURSES – Candidates for master’s level fashion design programs must have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field from an accredited institution with a minimum of 50% overall. Candidates that meet the aforementioned requirements are likely to show up for entrance tests like CEED, NID DAT, IIAD, and others.
  • DIPLOMA COURSES – Candidates must pass their 10+2 examinations from an accredited university with overall grades between 40 and 50%.

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Admission Process to Fashion Designing Courses

Admission to fashion designing courses after high school may differ depending on the degree a candidate takes.

  • Candidates will be admitted immediately to certificate programs in fashion design. Aspirants can choose a specific certificate program in fashion design courses after high school by visiting the college’s official website.
  • Candidates are frequently selected for advanced diploma and post-secondary diploma fashion designing programs based on their performance on previous tests. The final choice will depend on the candidates’ qualifications throughout the interview process.
  • Following high school, candidates interested in pursuing UG and PG degrees in fashion design must pass entrance exams like the NID, CEED, DAT, NIFT, and others. Candidates are then selected based on their performance in these exams.
  • After completing high school, applicants for Ph.D. fashion designing programs take exams from the CSIR, UGC, NET, and other renowned Ph.D. entrance programs.
  • Candidates must successfully complete this, do well in the interview portion, and present their research and thesis proposal.

Entrance Exams

Let’s have a look at some important exams for Fashion Designing in India.

  • NIFT
  • IIAD
  • CEED
  • SOFT

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Top-Ranked Colleges And Fees

The top-ranked institutions in India that offer fashion design courses after 12 are shown in the following table.

NIFT Delhi (B.FTech)13 Lakhs (4 Years)
NIFT Bangalore (B.FTech)7 Lakhs (4 Years)
NIFT Patna (B.FTech)10 Lakhs (10 years)
NIFT Gandhinagar (B.FTech)11.50 Lakhs (4 years)
NIFT Kolkata (B.FTech)11.74 Lakhs (4 Years)

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Fashion Designers’ Job Profiles and Average Annual Salary

The following are the duties and regular activities of fashion designers, as it relates to the question of what they do: Clothing, shoes, and accessories are made by fashion designers and with their help. For each season, they study fashion magazines to stay current on the newest trends, styles, and colors. The table below lists the top career paths for fashion design graduates along with their typical salaries.

Job ProfilesAnnual Salary
Fashion DesignerINR 525,720
Textile DesignerINR 400,000
Footwear DesignerINR 360,000
Personal StylishINR 560,000
Makeup ArtistINR 270,000
Fashion BloggerINR 480,000
Fashion EditorINR 10,75,153
Fashion JournalistINR 350,000
Fashion AdvisorINR 202,248
Accessory DesignerINR 570,000
Costume DesignerINR 159,000

Skills Required To Pursue Fashion Designing After 12th

In order to enroll in fashion design classes after high school, an applicant must possess a certain set of abilities. Review it in more depth below,

  • Good Communication Skills
  • Should be creative
  • Should have a different sense of style
  • Strong visualization skills
  • Should have an artistic mind
  • Must be able to sew garments
  • Should be aware of fashion trends
  • Should be detail-oriented


Now that you have a clear understanding of courses, eligibility, entrance exams, and the admission process of the fashion technology world, you might be thinking of grabbing this opportunity at the earliest. We have summed up the entire details in brief for you and we hope we were able to answer all the queries that you may have had.

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Fashion Designing Courses After 12th – FAQs

What subject should I choose after class 12th if I want to be a fashion designer?

Some of the possible courses include the three-year undergraduate fashion design degree program, which offers degrees like the BSc and BDes in the field. A two-year diploma program, like the Diploma in Fashion Designing, is available.

How do I get admission to fashion design courses?

Both merit and an entry basis are used to determine admission to fashion designing programs. Examinations like the NID, CEED, DAT, NIFT, and others are used to determine admission to undergraduate and graduate programs. Their performance on these tests will determine who is chosen.

What are the different areas of fashion design?

It is apparent that the fashion industry is further separated into numerous sorts because it is such a vast industry. It consists of ramp walks by some well-known celebrities and stars, photo shoots with celebrities or stars for renowned photographers and magazines. In order to display their unique, innovative, and modern style in clothing and related accessories, one can also organize events and live performances.

What should I take in my class 12th in order to become a fashion designer?

Since you have the freedom to choose any subject according to your wish, arts and humanities will make the transition smooth for you.

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