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As India’s healthcare sector has been growing rapidly over the last decade, there are many career opportunities that do not require an MBBS or a BDS. There are many medical courses without NEET as well as paramedical courses which lead to excellent job opportunities in the healthcare sector.

Have a look across this blog to find popular as well as lesser-known medical courses without NEET after 12th science in biology which you can do. Students who want to go for medical courses in biology after 12th except for MBBS or BDS can explore a number of such medical courses without NEET.

Courses after 12th Science PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

Earlier, courses and career options after 12th science PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) were limited to MBBS or BDS and there were not many alternative medical courses without NEET that you could pursue. Now, there is a growing demand in the healthcare industry and an increasing number of job roles available after medical courses without NEET.

Haven’t made it through NEET? Don’t worry! There are numerous career options apart from MBBS to get into the field of medical science.

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Top 20 courses in medical / healthcare technology which do not require NEET :

  1. Bachelor’s in Anesthesiology & Intensive Care Technology
  2. Bachelor’s in Audiometric Technology
  3. B.Sc. Blood Banking Technology
  4. B.Sc. Blood Transfusion Technology
  5. B.Sc. Cardiac Technology
  6. B.Sc. Cardiovascular Technologies
  7. B.Sc. Dialysis Technologies
  8. B.Sc. Emergency and Critical Care Technologies
  9. B.Sc. Endoscopy & Gastrointestinal Imaging Technologies
  10. B.Sc. in Medical Imaging Technology
  11. B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology
  12. B.Sc. Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Technologies
  13. B.Sc. Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Technologies
  14. Bachelor’s in Optometry and Ophthalmic Technologies
  15. B.Sc. in Orthopedic Technology
  16. B.Sc. Paramedical Technology
  17. B.Sc. Perfusion Technology
  18. B.Sc. Radiology & Imaging Technology
  19. B.Sc. Radiology Technology
  20. B.Sc. Respiratory Care Technology

Top 15 medical courses without NEET within the purview of Allied Medical Sciences :

  1. B.Pharm. (4 years’ course)
  2. B.Sc. Clinical Research
  3. B.Sc. Medical Records Science & Health Information Management
  4. B.Sc. Medical (Anatomy)
  5. B.SC. Medical (Medical Microbiology)
  6. B.Sc. Medical (Physiology)
  7. B.Sc. Nursing
  8. Bachelors in Audiology Speech-Language Therapy
  9. Bachelors in Occupational Therapy
  10. Bachelors in Physician Assistantship Training
  11. Bachelors in Physiotherapy
  12. Bachelors in Prosthetics and Orthotics
  13. Bachelor’s in Public Health
  14. Bachelors in Rehabilitation Therapy / B.Sc. Rehabilitation Science
  15. Pharm.D. (Doctorate in Pharmacy – 6 years’ course)

 Medical Courses Without NEET (Figure 1): Courses other than MBBS for Biology students
Figure 1: Courses other than MBBS for Biology students

Top 10 courses other than MBBS for Biology students

Find courses in Biology after 12th except for MBBS which could help you to pursue a career in the healthcare sector. You may get a job after a graduation degree in these subjects but your prospects will be better if you look for jobs after a postgraduate degree.

Top Medical Courses Without NEET 1
Figure 2: Courses other than MBBS

After completing your Bachelor’s degree in Biosciences / Biology / Life Sciences / Biomedical Science / Biotechnology / Microbiology / Zoology, you can do a Postgraduate Degree in any of the following field to get a job in the healthcare industry:

Top Medical Courses Without NEET 2
Figure 3: Courses in Life Sciences

Career Options related to Biology subject

Are you looking for courses in biology after 12th except MBBS? Would you be interested in some of these courses after 12th science biology? Then check out this list that we have curated with almost all the alternative careers you can choose from.

MBBS is no longer the only option for students who opted for 12th science. You can choose from plenty of courses in biology after 12. Below is a brief description of various courses other than MBBS for biology students.

You can build a good career in any of the following careers if you study any of the medical courses without NEET.

Let’s have a look at them:


Students looking for a medical course without NEET have the option of becoming a Nutritionist. With every now and then people getting bonkers with weight, panic, stress, and depression, etc., it is an urgent need of the hour that people get hold of their lives, balance it with work and a healthy lifestyle. But who can be of help? There emerges the messiah – a nutritionist.

Food Technology/Food Science

Another alternative choice for students who want to know about medical courses without the NEET exam, then they can pursue a career in Food Technology/ Food Science. Courses other than MBBS for biology students are now gaining more preference from the students as these courses are in high demand and offer tremendous growth opportunities for students.

Food science is a field in which engineering, biological, and physical sciences are used to study the science of foods, the reasons for food deterioration, food processing, and the improvement of foods for the consumption by the public.

Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical laboratory technology is an allied health profession that deals with testing and diagnosis of the causes of various diseases with the help of clinical laboratory tests and other methods. MLT is one of the most popular and profitable among medical courses without NEET after Class 12th science PCB. Medical laboratory technologists assist doctors by identifying pathogens, deficiencies and other problems associated with the specimens of the patients collected.

Some other careers which you can pursue after doing one of the medical courses without NEET:

  • Cardiac Care Technology: Cardiac Care Technologists assist physicians during cardiac procedures and assume responsibility for the completion of other cardiac lab functions.
  • Respiratory Therapy: The Respiratory Therapist is a key member of the medical team, specializing in diagnostics, treatments, and procedures in the care of patients with respiratory problems.
  • Dialysis Technology: Dialysis Technologists operate machines that remove waste and excess fluids from the blood of patients whose kidneys can no longer carry out those functions satisfactorily.
  • Imaging Sciences Technology: Imaging Sciences Technologists are health professionals who facilitate diagnosis and management of diseases through medical imaging modalities like X-ray, Ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance and Computed Tomography.
  • Clinical Laboratory Technology: Clinical Lab. Technology is concerned with the analysis of biological specimens to support the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Laboratory Technologists perform a full range of laboratory tests, the information of which influences the medical treatment a patient will receive.


If you wish to explore medical courses without NEET, you may have immense job opportunities in the Pharma industry if you do B.Pharm. If you have been looking for courses in biology after 12th except MBBS, then Pharmacy could be a great career option after 12th science PCB/PCM.

Life Sciences

The list of medical courses without NEET doesn’t end just at Pharmacy as you could also consider pursuing Life Sciences after 12th class. Life Sciences offers multiple ranges of subjects like Biology, Botany, Zoology, Physiology, Biotechnology, Ecology, Genetic Engineering, and the list is dynamically expanding. Therefore, there are plenty of courses available in biology after 12th except MBBS and students can explore more in the field of Life Sciences.

Clinical Research

Clinical Research is a branch of healthcare sciences that determines the safety and effectiveness of medications, medical devices, diagnosis, diagnostic product,s and treatment methods used for humans. Students who need to know about the options available in medical courses without NEET can think of a career in Clinical Research.

Clinical Research Scientists are involved in the following types of activities:

  1. Bio-availability management
  2. Site management
  3. Bioequivalence studies
  4. Developing trial protocol
  5. Phase II-IV trials Trial Monitoring
  6. Data management
  7. Central laboratories
  8. Biotech, chemistry, and biology
  9. Bio-IT solutions
  10. CR training


For students who wish to find courses available after 12th science biology but do not want to pursue MBBS, can also think about a career in Nursing.

A nurse is an integral part of a hospital from the general ward to the operation theater, as well as an indispensable help to a doctor. Nurses have a broad range of duties and responsibilities. From taking care of patients suffering from physical or mental illnesses to assisting medical specialists, nurses have a mentally and physically challenging job.

Daily duties of Nurses involve activities such as:

  1. Managing intravenous (IV) lines
  2. Communicating with doctors
  3. Providing emotional support to patients and their families
  4. Advising patients on how to self-administer medication and physical therapy
  5. Educating patients and the public on disease management, nutritional plans, and medical conditions


Agriculture is also one of the most preferred career options for students after 12th Science with Biology. Unknown to many, the academics, research, and training system of Indian agriculture is internationally acknowledged for its quality. After completing an agriculture course, you can find a job in Agricultural Marketing, Farming, Dairy Farming, Food Science & Technology, and other varied disciplines.

These were some of the top medical courses without NEET and students who wish to pursue any one of these could expect a lot of job opportunities after completing their graduation or equivalent degree courses.

Career Options in different subjects

Students who wish to pursue courses after 12th science biology in any other subject have a number of opportunities available too. You can also explore a number of career options after 12th science PCB or in these subjects too after completing class 12th.

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Social Work

Social Work is a field of work that is concerned with helping individuals’ families, groups and communities to improve their individual and collective well-being. If you have the belief and you wish to spread smiles and do something for society, then a career in Social Work could just be your calling. You can do a Bachelor’s in Social Work (BSW) after 12th Science with Biology.


Psychology is the science that helps us understand, describe, and predict human (and animal) behaviors and minds. It also explains cognitive processes, affective states, experiences and states of consciousness. This study is growing dynamically with the ever-evolving society. You can do a B.Sc./B.A. in Psychology after 12th Science with Biology.

Some of the career options in Psychology are

  1. Clinical Psychologist
  2. Counselling Psychologist
  3. Educational psychologist
  4. Mental Health Professional

Liberal Arts

The richness of the Liberal Arts program is its unique structure to understand things from various perspectives of arts and science encompassing technical foundations as well as knowledge and humanitarian perspectives. It aims at enhancing analytical abilities, problem-solving, communication, interpersonal and other such life- skills. You can do a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts after 12th Science with Biology.


Anthropologists study topics that include the origin and evolution of Homo sapiens, the organization of human social and cultural relations, human physical traits, human behavior, the variations among different groups of humans, how the evolutionary past of Homo sapiens has influenced its social organization and culture and so forth. You can do a B.Sc./ B.A. in Anthropology after 12th Science with Biology.

Education & Teaching

The education & Teaching sector is becoming a very robust career option for young students in recent times. You can do B.Sc. – B.Ed. (4-years’ duration) after 12th Science with Biology. You may also first do a Bachelor’s degree in any field and then opt to do a B.Ed. (2 years’ duration). Any of these two degrees will help you to pursue a rewarding career in teaching.


Apart from the list of alternative courses and various career options we have mentioned above, there are numerous opportunities for students who are looking for medical courses without NEET and also for those students who wish to pursue a career in another subject area apart from science. With new career options coming up, there is no longer the pressure to take up MBBS after 12th science as students explore more medical courses without having to take NEET.

To decide which course is best for you without NEET and which careers are most suitable for you, you may access unbiased career guidance. An expert guide will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and help you to make an informed choice.

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