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All You Need to Know About a Career in Life Science


Recent scientific advancements have led to a brilliant growth in the life science industry. It is not only limited to in-depth research and study but has paved the way for a dynamically successful career for individuals passionate about science.

What is the Life Sciences?

The origin of life, air, water, and the atmosphere is a miraculous mystery that is unfolded through science. The scientific study of living organisms related to their origin, evolution and biological traits is Life Sciences. In the era of scientific research and advancements, this field has emerged as an excellent career opportunity.

Individuals who explore the vast ocean of subjects in Life Science have successful and prestigious careers. If you have a quest to discover more about the living beings and unravel the biological and scientific reasons behind them, then choose Life Science as your career. One never knows that your knowledge, research, and discovery can someday give to society a remedy to some currently incurable phenomenon.

Life Sciences offers multiple ranges of subjects like biology, botany, zoology, medicine, biotechnology, ecology, genetic engineering, and the list is dynamically expanding. Students passionate about any of these subjects can develop a dream career in Life Sciences. It requires skilled academic qualifications and knowledge.

Education Requirement

Graduation, Post-Graduation and Doctorate Degrees along with Diplomas for specialization in respective fields are offered in different subjects of Life Sciences.  The fee structure varies with private, government and global institutes. In India, for government universities, the annual fees range from 20,000 to 100,000 INR. For the students aspiring to study abroad, the tuition fees begin from around 800,000 per semester. There are scholarship opportunities available for brilliantly skilled students.

Top Indian Institutes

Loyola CollegeGraduation, Post-graduation, DoctorateChennaihttp://loyolacollege.edu/ 
St. Stephen’s CollegeGraduationDelhi University, Delhihttp://ststephens.edu/ 
St. Xavier’s CollegeGraduation, Post-graduation, DiplomaMumbaihttp://xaviers.edu/main/ 
Banaras Hindu UniversityGraduation, Post-graduation, DoctorateBanaraswww.bhu.ac.in
St. Xavier’s CollegeGraduation, Post-graduation, DiplomaKolkatahttp://www.sxccal.edu/default.htm
Miranda HouseGraduation, Post-graduationDelhi University, Delhihttp://www.mirandahouse.ac.in
Presidency CollegeGraduation, Post-graduation, DoctorateKolkatahttp://www.presiuniv.ac.in/web/ 
Madras Christian CollegeGraduation, Post-graduation, DoctorateMadrashttp://www.mcc.edu.in/ 
Fergusson CollegeGraduationPunehttp://fergusson.edu/ 
Christ CollegeGraduationBangalorehttp://www.christuniversity.in/ 

Top International institutes

InstituteCoursesCity, CountryWebsite
Harvard UniversityGraduation, Post-graduation,DoctoralCambridge, Massachusetts, UShttp://www.harvard.edu/
Oxford University Graduation, Post-graduation, Doctoral, DiplomaOxford, UKhttp://www.ox.ac.uk/ 
Johns Hopkins UniversityGraduation, Post-graduation, Doctoral Baltimore, Maryland, UShttps://www.jhu.edu/ 
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyGraduation, Post-graduation, DoctoralMassachusetts, US http://web.mit.edu/
Stanford UniversityGraduation, Post-graduation, DoctoralStanford, UShttps://www.stanford.edu/ 
Imperial College LondonGraduation, Post-graduation, DoctoralLondon, UKhttps://www.imperial.ac.uk/ 
 ETH ZURICHGraduation, Post-graduation, DoctoralZurich, Switzerlandhttps://www.ethz.ch/en.html  

Fields of Study in Life Sciences

FieldRequirementsJob Profiles
Biology and Medicine Bachelors/Master’s of Science and Doctorate in biology/ecology/cell biology/genetics/ecosystem/zoologySpecialists, foresters, science technicians, biologists, ecologists
MedicineBachelors/ Master’s and Doctorate degree in anatomy/microbiology/diagnostics/epidemiology/zoology/biology/ pharmacy.Doctors, Physicians, Researchers, Scientist, Professors, Genetic Engineers
Environmental ScienceGraduation/ Post-graduation/ Diploma/ DoctoralEnvironmentalists, science technicians, atmospheric scientists, geoscientists, environmental biologist, an environmental chemist
Botany Graduation/ Post-graduation/ DoctoralProfessors, Botanists, Environmentalists, Researchers


Life Science offers a wide range of fields that include in-depth study and research of the subject. Employment opportunities are present in both the public and private sectors. Jobs in government research institutes of Life Sciences are viewed as highly prestigious profiles. The career opportunities are directed completely on the basis of academic knowledge and experience. The field offers limited job openings and employs highly skilled and qualified individuals. There is excessive competition amongst the candidates and only the best amongst the best are chosen.

Salary Structure

The salaries of employed individuals vary on the basis of their academic qualifications and knowledge about the subject. For beginners in the field of research and science, the annual pay begins from 200,000 INR and for the experienced scientists, it is as high as 15,00,000 INR. The average income for associate research scientists ranges from 300,000 to 800,000 INR.

Top national and international recruiters

Life Science is an expanding field in the present era of the scientific boom. Biotechnology, innovations in medical sciences and genetic engineering are leading branches in Life Sciences. Several research institutes and companies have been set up that hire qualified intellectuals in this field. Following are a few leading companies providing employment opportunities:


  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Allergan
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Roche
  • Valeant Pharmaceuticals
  • Alexion Pharmaceuticals
  • Astra Zeneca
  • Celgene
  • Pfizer


  • Piramal Health Care
  • Nuziveedu Seeds
  • Quintiles India
  • Reliance Life Sciences
  • Panacea Biotec
  • Biocon,
  • Syngene International
  • Krebs Biochemicals and Industries Limited
  • Indian Immunologicals

Life Sciences as a career option is a unique blend of knowledge, innovation, discovery, and science. From the origin to evolution and development of living beings, the subject traces all these traits and discovers theories that aid the human race and the environment in diverse manners. Embrace the world with your wisdom and take Life Science not only as a career opportunity but as a means to serve humanity.

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  1. life science it self is great opportunity to study about subjects like biology, botany, zoology, medicine, biotechnology, ecology, genetic engineering. there are top university In dia even across the world to provide you education , in coming time it has a great future/

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