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Unique Certificate Courses in DU to Kickstart Your Journey

Certificate Courses in DU

Welcome to the renowned world of higher education at the University of Delhi (DU). Here, you’ll find a variety of certificate courses in DU that can enrich your knowledge and boost your career prospects. DU is a top educational institution in India, known for offering exceptional learning opportunities, and its certificate programs are just as impressive. These courses are designed to meet the needs of today’s job market, providing you with specific skills and expertise in a short period, making you more competitive in your field. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a working professional, these courses are flexible enough to fit your schedule.

At DU, they offer a variety of certificate courses in many different subjects like business, technology, arts, and sciences. These courses are designed by experienced teachers and industry experts to meet the needs of specific industries. They give students the opportunity to explore their interests and passions. The programs include up-to-date and practical training to help students apply what they learn in real-life situations, not just in theory.

What are the certificate courses in DU?

Delhi University (DU) offers many certificate courses that teach specific skills and knowledge in different areas. These short-term programs last a few weeks to a few months and help people improve their work or personal growth expertise. The courses cover various subjects like languages, computers, business, arts, and more. They are easy to access and suit people who want to learn something new or improve their skills without doing a full degree. DU’s certificate courses allow continuous learning and skill development in a shorter time.

Certificate Courses in DU: Highlights

Here are some of the important highlights of the certificate courses in DU. This will help you get a general overview of the courses.

Course TypeCertificate Courses
Course LevelUndergraduate/Certificate
Course Duration03 months – 24 months
Course FeesINR 10,000 – INR 30,000
EligibilityStudents must have completed 10+2 from a recognized board or university.

Benefits of Certificate Courses in DU

DU’s certificate courses offer a valuable pathway for personal and professional growth, helping individuals stay competitive in the job market and remain adaptable in an ever-changing world. The certificate courses offered by Delhi University (DU) provide several benefits:

  • Specialized Skills
  • Short Duration
  • Flexibility
  • Enhance Employability
  • Cost-effective
  • Exploring New Interests
  • Industry Relevance
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Quick Career Advancement
  • Lifelong Learning

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List of Certificate Courses in DU

In this section, we will be looking at the list of the best certificate courses in DU. We will create a segregation in this section, which will completely be based on the faculties inside the DU premises.

Faculty of Arts

The certificate courses in DU under the Faculty of Arts are mentioned below:

Arabic Certificate Course in Modern ArabicBuddhist Studies Certificate Course in Pali Language & Literature
Certificate Course in Tibetan Language & Literature
EnglishGermanic and Romance Studies Certificate Course in French Language
Certificate Course in German Language
Certificate Course in Spanish Language
Certificate in Italian
Certificate in Persian
HindiLibrary & Information Science
LinguisticsModern Indian Language & Literary Studies
PsychologyPunjabi Certificate course in Punjabi
Sanskrit Certificate course in SanskritUrdu
Law Centre-IIEducation
African Studies Certificate Course in Swahili LanguageAdult Continuing Education & Extension Certificate Course in Counseling & Guidance
Certificate Course in Science & Sports Journalism
Certificate Course in Travel and Tourism
East Asian StudiesEconomics
Political ScienceSocial Work
Sociology Music
Business EconomicsSalvonic & Finno- Ugrian Studies Certificate Course in Bulgarian Language
Certificate Course in Croatian Language
Certificate Course in Czech Language
Certificate Course in Hungarian Language
Certificate Course in Polish Language
Certificate Course in Russian Lan

Faculty of Science

The certificate courses in DU under the Faculty of Science are mentioned below:

ChemistryDr.B.R.Ambedkar Center for Biomedical Research
Enviromental StudiesGeology
Physics & AstrophysicsZoology
Anatomy (LHMC)Anatomy (UCMS)
Anesthesiology and Intensive Care (GBPH)Biochemistry (LHMC)
Biochemistry (UCMS)Biochemistry (VPCI)
Cardiology (GBPH)Community Medicine (MAMC)
Community Medicine (LHMC)Dermatology & STD (MAMC)
Microbiology (UCMS)Microbiology (VPCI)
Obstetrics & Gynaecology (UCMS)Obstetrics & Gynaecology (UCMS)
Obstetrics & Gynaecology (MAMC)Paedodontics & Preventive Dentistry (UCMS)
Pathology (MAMC)Pathology (UCMS)
Padiatrics (MAMC)Pediatrics Surgery (MAMC)
Pharmacology (MAMC)Pharmacology (LHMC)
Physiology (UCMS)Physiology (MAMC)
Pulmonary Medicine (VPCI)University College of Medical Science
Vallabhbhai Patel Chest InstituteRadiodiagnosis (MAMC)
Surgery (MAMC) Plant Molecular Biology
Electronic ScienceGenetics
MicrobiologyPhysical Education & Sports Science
Mechanical EngineeringElectronics and Communication Engineering
Mechanical EngineeringElectronics and Communication Engineering

Faculty of Commerce

The certificate courses in DU under the Faculty of Management Sciences are mentioned below:

Business Administration and Industrial AdministrationCommerce
Financial Studies 

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Campus of Open Learning: Certificate Courses in DU

In this section, we will discover a world of knowledge with the Campus of Open Learning! Pursue your passions through Certificate Courses in DU. Unlock new skills and opportunities, guided by renowned faculty. Enrich your journey at COL DU!

Name of CourseDurationTuition Fee
Medical Transcription6 Months30,000/-
Web Designing and Animation6 Months15,000/-
Travel and Tourism4 Months22,000/-
Airfare and Ticketing2 Months7,000/-
CRS1.5 Months5,000/-
Airport Management2 Months25,000/-
Skill Program on Financial Markets6 Months20,000/-
Office Automation & E-Accounting4 Months15,000/-
Soft skills & Personality Development3 Months12,000/-
Stenography, Secretarial Practices & IT Skills6 Months15,000/-
Data Science and Machine Learning using Python6 Months25,000/-
Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security (Foundation Program)4 Months15,000/-
Fashion Design, Merchandising & Entrepreneurship10 Months45,000/-
Fashion Design & CAD6 Months25,000/-
Photography for Fashion & Ecommerce3 Months20,000/-
Fashion Modeling & Beauty Pageant Grooming3 Months20,000/-
Event Management, Marketing & Public Relations10 Months45,000/-
Interior Design & Architecture Planning10 Months45,000/-
Filmmaking, Direction & Screenplay10 Months45,000/-
Mass Communication & Digital Media Productions10 Months45,000/-
Fine Arts and Digital Arts10 Months45,000/-
Photography (Still & Video)10 Months45,000/-
Acting for Films, TV & Theatre4 Months20,000/-
Radio Jockeying, Anchoring, TV Journalism3 Months20,000/-
Animation, Motion Graphics & Video Editing5 Months20,000/-
3D Animation & Video Editing6 Months30,000/-
Digital Marketing & Social Media Advertising5 Months18,000/-
Graphic Designing, DTP & Video Editing5 Months18,000/-
Interior Designing & CAD6 Months20,000/-
Fine Arts & Illustration6 Months20,000/-
Fashion Styling6 Months26,000/-
Diploma in Drafting and Patternmaking (Manual & Computerized3 Months15,000/-
Certificate course in IAD Graphics6 Months20,000/-
Travel Operation program6 Months26,000/-
MICE Management6 Months26,000/-

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Certificate Courses in DU: Colleges Accepting Courses

Several colleges and institutes under Delhi University accept certificate courses. These courses are typically offered by individual departments within the university. Here are some of the colleges and institutes where you can find certificate courses:

  1. School of Open Learning (SOL)
  2. Department of Adult, Continuing Education, and Extension (DACEE)
  3. Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC)
  4. South Campus (Various colleges under South Campus)
  5. North Campus (Various colleges under North Campus)
  6. Faculty of Arts
  7. Faculty of Commerce
  8. Faculty of Science
  9. Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Humanities
  10. Faculty of Mathematical Sciences
  11. Faculty of Interdisciplinary and Applied Sciences
  12. Faculty of Music and Fine Arts

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It is advised to the students to kindly visit the official websites of individual colleges or the DU website for the most up-to-date information on certificate courses offered and their admission process.

Certificate Courses in DU: Admission Process

The admission process for certificate courses in Delhi University may vary depending on the specific course and the department offering it. However, here is a general outline of the admission process for most certificate courses at DU:

  1. Course Selection: Visit the official website of Delhi University and navigate to the section that lists the available certificate courses. Choose the course that aligns with your interests and career goals.
  2. Eligibility Check: Review the eligibility criteria for the chosen course to ensure that you meet the required qualifications and any other specific prerequisites.
  3. Application Form: Obtain the application form for the certificate course either online (if available) or through the respective department of the university.
  4. Fill Out the Form: Complete the application form with accurate personal and academic details. Make sure to provide all necessary documents as required, such as educational certificates, identification proof, etc.
  5. Submission: Submit the filled application form along with the required documents within the specified deadline. This can be done either online or in person, as per the university’s instructions.
  6. Selection Process: The selection process for certificate courses is often based on a first-come-first-served basis, as these courses generally have limited seats. In some cases, there might be a merit-based selection process if the number of applicants exceeds the available seats.
  7. Payment of Fees: If selected, you will be notified by the university. You must then pay the course fees within the stipulated time to secure your admission.

It’s essential to regularly check the official DU website or contact the respective department to stay updated on admission announcements, application dates, and any changes to the admission process.

Placements after Certificate Courses in DU

After finishing certificate courses at Delhi University, getting a job placement may not be as organized or usual as after completing full-degree programs. The main aim of certificate courses is to give specific knowledge and skills rather than assuring job placements. However, there are advantages that can make it easier to find a job:

  • Skill Improvement: Certificate courses teach particular skills that companies find valuable, making you more attractive to potential employers.
  • Resume Improvement: Adding a certificate course to your resume shows that you are committed to learning and growing professionally, which can help in job applications.
  • Networking: During the course, you might meet professionals who could help you find job opportunities.
  • Career Advancement: The skills learned can lead to promotions or better job positions within your current organization.

Though job placement is not guaranteed, the certificate course can boost your employability and open doors for potential jobs. For more detailed information

Average Salary After Certificate Courses in DU

After completing certificate courses at Delhi University, it’s important to note that direct placements through the university’s placement cell are not generally offered for these courses. They are short-term and more focused on skill enhancement rather than providing a complete career-oriented program like regular degree courses.

However, we are providing the top job roles and their average salaries curated from the above-mentioned certificate courses in DU.

Top job RolesAverage Annual Salary
Web DesignerINR 2.93 LPA
AnimatorINR 3.52 LPA
Travel GuideINR 2.96 LPA
Graphic DesignerINR 3.05 LPA
FilmmakerINR 5.13 LPA
French TeacherINR 4.95 LPA
EngineerINR 6.55 LPA
LawyerINR 6.03 LPA
DoctorINR 7.01 LPA

Disclaimer: Above-mentioned figures are approximate figures only.

Summing It Up!

Delhi University offers various certificate courses that teach specific skills and knowledge in different subjects. These short-term programs are great for people who want to improve their professional abilities or learn something new without doing a full degree. While direct job placements are not common after these courses, completing a DU certificate course can make job seekers more appealing to employers.

Certificate courses in DU are flexible, relevant to industries, and provide chances to build professional connections, encouraging continuous learning and skill improvement to help individuals succeed in their careers.

iDreamCareer provides a detailed overview of the certification courses in DU. The information includes admission procedures, course offerings, fees, and other relevant details. Aspiring students can use this page to make an informed decision about their future. Don’t hesitate any longer! Check out iDreamCareer’s College Selection Program and take the first step toward your dream career.

Useful Links:

Certificate Courses in DU: FAQs

What are the certificate courses in DU?

Certificate courses in DU are short-term programs designed to provide specialized knowledge and skills in various fields like language, computer applications, business management, and more.

Who can apply for certificate courses in DU?

Anyone who has completed their 10+2 education or equivalent can apply for certificate courses at DU. There is usually no age limit.

What is the duration of certificate courses in DU

The duration varies from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the course. They are shorter compared to full-degree programs.

Do certificate courses in DU offer flexible schedules?

Yes, certificate courses at DU often have flexible schedules, making them suitable for working professionals or students with other commitments.

Where can I find information on available certificate courses in DU?

Information on available certificate courses can be found on the official DU website or by contacting the respective department offering the course.

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