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The Complete List of Over 300+ Best Courses after 12th Commerce (Latest)

courses after 12th commerce

Are you looking for the best courses after 12th commerce? You have landed on just the right page! There are many courses that you can pursue after completing your class 12th with commerce subjects. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the top courses after commerce. So, hang on and collect all the information you need!

What after 12th commerce? 

What can you do after completing your class 12th and what are the best commerce career options? Are there limited career options? What if you studied with or without Math’s? What career after 12th commerce one can you choose from?

list of courses after 12th commerce
What are the Best courses after 12th commerce

Students who have just completed their class 12th after commerce often get stuck with these questions. But there is good news! We have curated some of the best career options after 12th which students can think of pursuing a career in!

Top #75 professional courses after 12th commerce

The Commerce stream is a great career path for students who have an interest in pursuing a field that offers a plethora of career opportunities in business, administration, and management fields. Students who want to take up professional and best career options after 12th commerce should know that the career options after 12th commerce are in banking, insurance, business administration, and other business management courses.

It is for students who wish to develop business insights and in-demand management skills; we have curated some of the commerce career options after 12th. Take a look at after 12th commerce courses list:

  1. Accountancy
  2. Accountancy and Auditing
  3. Accountancy and Business Management
  4. Accountancy and Law
  5. Accountancy & Business Statistics
  6. Accounting and Finance
  7. Accounting Technologies and Information Systems
  8. Advertising Management
  9. Administration Management
  10. Agribusiness Management
  11. Aviation Management (Business)
  12. Automobile Business & Marketing Management
  13. Banking
  14. Banking and Financial Services
  15. Business Administration (B.B.A.)
  16. Business Economics (Business Management)
  17. Business Support Operations Management
  18. Brand Management
  19. Cargo Management
  20. Construction Management
  21. Chartered Accountancy (You have to start with the Foundation Courses of ICAI)
  22. Commerce
  23. Computer Applications
  24. Company Secretary (You have to start with the Foundation Courses of ICSI or you can do the Integrated Course)
  25. Co-operative Management
  26. Community and Public Systems Management
  27. Cost & Management Accounting (You have to start with the Foundation Courses of ICAI)
  28. Digital Marketing
  29. E-Commerce
  30. Entrepreneurship
  31. Event Management (Business)
  32. Family Business Management
  33. Financial Accounting
  34. Financial Management
  35. Freight Forwarding
  36. Healthcare Management
  37. Hospital Administration & Management
  38. Human Resources Management
  39. Hospitality and Hotel Management
  40. Hospitality Management & Services
  41. Hotel & Restaurant Management
  42. Hotel & Tourism Management
  43. Hotel and Catering Administration & Management
  44. Hotel Operations Management & Services
  45. Information Technology Management
  46. Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  47. Insurance
  48. International Business and Foreign Trade
  49. International Transportation & Logistics Management
  50. Inventory Management
  51. Infrastructure Management
  52. Leisure and Recreation Management (Business)
  53. Logistics
  54. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  55. Marketing Management
  56. Marketing Technologies & Automation
  57. Office Management
  58. Operations Management
  59. Real Estate Management
  60. Retail Management
  61. Rural Administration and Management       
  62. Rural Development
  63. Secretarial Practice
  64. Social Entrepreneurship
  65. Sports & Leisure Management
  66. Sports Administration and Management
  67. Supply Chain Management
  68. Sports Analytics
  69. Small Business Management
  70. Telecommunication Management
  71. Textile Business Management
  72. Technology Management
  73. Transportation Management (Business)
  74. Welfare Administration
  75. Wealth Management

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Students, who are wondering what are the best degree courses with high salary after 12th commerce must know that after completing class 12th with commerce subject, initially, you would earn a decent salary ranging from Rs.10, 000 to Rs.25, 000 a month. Your salary may be around Rs.25, 000 to Rs.35, 000 per month if you have graduated from top colleges like SRCC or St. Xavier’s Mumbai or similar top colleges.

You must remember that the above salary range is an approximate value you may get paid after pursuing one of the best courses from after 12th commerce courses list. Salary and other perks may vary as per your educational qualification and years of work experience.

#19 unique courses after 12th commerce in Computer Applications & Information Technology

Wondering which are the professional courses after 12th commerce? What if the student has commerce with Math’s or Commerce without Math’s, are the options limited? Of course not!

Students interested in working in the most in-demand Information Technology industry should consider courses in Computer Applications and Information Technology.

Some of the best options after 12th with commerce are offered in Computer applications and Information Technology. Although, there are some Bachelor’s degree courses that require Math’s as a compulsory subject in class 12th, some of these top professional courses after 12th commerce do not require Math’s as a mandatory subject. However, these courses in computer applications and information technology would be suitable for you if you have studied Mathematics up to class 10th.

Take a look at after 12th commerce courses list:

  1. Computer Applications (B.C.A.)
  2. Computer Applications (Cloud Computing)
  3. Computer Applications (Computer Graphics)
  4. Computer Applications (Computer Networking)
  5. Computer Applications (Augmented & Virtual Reality)
  6. Computer Applications (Animation)
  7. Computer Applications (Accounting Application)
  8. Computer Applications (System Analysis)
  9. Computer Applications (Database Management)
  10. Computer Applications (Word Processing)
  11. Computer Applications (Personal Information Management)
  12. Computer Applications (Music and Video Processing)
  13. Computer Applications (Cyber Security)
  14. Computer Applications (Data Analytics)
  15. Computer Applications (Game Design & Development)
  16. Computer Applications (Mobile Computing)
  17. Computer Applications (Web Technologies)
  18. Computer Applications (Programming Languages)
  19. Information and Computer Technology

Now that we have listed some of the best professional courses after 12th commerce students can pursue, there are many more courses that are considered the best options for commerce students. These courses offer a pool of career opportunities in art & design.

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#105 Art & Design Courses

If you have a creative bend or want something other than business or professional courses after the commerce stream, then we have good news. There are more than 100 best that you can choose from after 12th commerce. These courses are highly in demand because students learn the most in-demand 21st-century skills like problem-solving and critical thinking.

Take a look at some of the unique career options after 12th commerce:

  1. Animation Design
  2. Animation Film Design
  3. Apparel and Textile Design
  4. Apparel Design
  5. Applied Art
  6. Ceramic and Glass Design
  7. Classical Dance (Chau)
  8. Classical Dance (Kathakali)
  9. Classical Dance (Kuchipudi)
  10. Classical Dance (Manipuri)
  11. Classical Dance (Mohiniyattam)
  12. Classical Dance (Odissi)
  13. Classical Dance (Sattriya)
  14. Classical Dance
  15. Classical Dance (Bharatanatyam)
  16. Classical Dance (Kathak)
  17. Computational Art and Media
  18. Computational Design
  19. Conservation and Restoration of Art
  20. Contemporary Dance
  21. Costume Design
  22. Craft Design
  23. Dance Studies
  24. Digital Art
  25. Digital Design
  26. Digital User Interface and User Experience Design
  27. Dramatic Arts
  28. Earthenware Design
  29. Environmental Design
  30. Exhibition Design
  31. Fashion and Apparel Design
  32. Fashion and Apparel Merchandising and Communication
  33. Fashion and Lifestyle Design
  34. Fashion Business Management
  35. Film and Television Direction
  36. Film and Television Production
  37. Film and Television Studies
  38. Film and Video Design and Communication
  39. Film and Video Editing
  40. Film Production Design
  41. Fine Arts
  42. Folk and Tribal Dance
  43. Footwear Design
  44. Furniture and Interior Design
  45. Games Design
  46. Gemology
  47. Graphic Art
  48. Graphic Design
  49. History of Art (Fine Art)
  50. Information Design& Interaction Design
  51. Instrumental Music
  52. Jazz Studies
  53. Jewelry Design
  54. Knitwear Design
  55. Leather Design
  56. Lifestyle Accessories Design
  57. Media Design
  58. Metal Work and Design
  59. Multimedia Design
  60. Music Composition
  61. Music Conduction
  62. Music Education
  63. Music Performance
  64. Music Studies
  65. Natural Fibers Craft and Design
  66. Painting
  67. Performing Arts Studies
  68. Photography Design
  69. Printmaking
  70. Product Design
  71. Retail Design
  72. Sculpture
  73. Special Effects & Visual Effects Design
  74. Stone Work and Design
  75. Studio Art
  76. Surface Design
  77. Textile Design
  78. Theatre Art & Studies
  79. Theatre Design, Production & Technology
  80. Theatre Direction & Dramaturgy
  81. Theatre Performance
  82. Toy Design
  83. Tribal Dance
  84. Vehicle and Transportation Design
  85. Visual Arts
  86. Visual Communication Design
  87. Vocal Music
  88. Vocal Music (Baul)
  89. Vocal Music (Bhajan)
  90. Vocal Music (Bihu)
  91. Vocal Music (Dadra)
  92. Vocal Music (Hindustani Classical)
  93. Vocal Music (Indian Pop, Contemporary & Bollywood)
  94. Vocal Music (Carnatic Classical)
  95. Vocal Music (Lavani)
  96. Vocal Music (Rabindra Sangeet)
  97. Vocal Music (Rajasthani)
  98. Vocal Music (Sufi)
  99. Vocal Music (Thumri)
  100. Vocal Music (Western Classical)
  101. Vocal Music (Western Contemporary)
  102. Vocal Music (Western Pop)
  103. Vocal Music (Western Rock)
  104. Web Design
  105. Wood Craft and Design

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List of diploma courses after 12th commerce

Diploma in – 

  1. Accounting and Finance
  2. Advanced Accounting
  3. Banking and Finance
  4. Business Management
  5. Computer Application
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Elementary Education
  8. Fashion Designing
  9. Financial Accounting
  10. Hotel Management
  11. Industrial Safety
  12. Management
  13. Physical Education
  14. Retail Management
  15. Yoga

#143 Best Courses after 12th Class

Not all commerce students want to pursue management or professional best courses after 12th commerce stream. Some may wish to go for a degree in liberal arts or humanities, and some prefer a degree in hotel management, some may want to study law.

The good news is that for Bachelor’s degree courses in Liberal arts, humanities, law or hotel management, etc. you do not need to have studied any particular set of subjects in Class 12th. So, you can complete your Class 12th with any subject combination and then pursue any one of these courses as per your preference.

These are some of the best courses for students who have completed class 12th with commerce:

  1. Advertising
  2. African History
  3. Afrikaans
  4. Airline Management
  5. Airlines and Airport Services Management
  6. Aviation Management
  7. American History
  8. Ancient & Medieval History
  9. Ancient Indian History & Archaeology
  10. Ancient Indian History
  11. Anthropology
  12. Applied Economics
  13. Applied Linguistics
  14. Applied Psychology
  15. Arabic
  16. Archaeology
  17. Assamese
  18. Astrology
  19. Bengali
  20. Bhojpuri
  21. Biblical Studies
  22. Bodo
  23. Broadcast (Radio & TV) Journalism
  24. Buddhist Studies
  25. Bundeli
  26. Business Economics
  27. Chhattisgarhi
  28. Chinese
  29. Classical Studies
  30. Culinary Art & Management
  31. Culinary Techniques & Technologies
  32. Culinology
  33. Communication Management
  34. Communication Studies
  35. Community Science and Studies
  36. Comparative Literature
  37. Comparative Religion
  38. Criminology
  39. Defence Studies
  40. Digital Communication
  41. Divinity
  42. Dogri
  43. Economics
  44. English
  45. European History
  46. Food and Nutrition
  47. French
  48. Garhwali
  49. Garo
  50. Geography
  51. Geography & Environmental Studies
  52. German
  53. Gujarati
  54. Haryanvi
  55. Hindi
  56. History
  57. Home Science
  58. Hospitality & Tourism Management
  59. Hospitality and Hotel Management
  60. Hospitality Management & Services
  61. Hotel & Restaurant Management
  62. Hotel & Tourism Management
  63. Hotel Administration and Management
  64. Hotel and Catering Administration & Management
  65. Hotel Operations Management & Services
  66. Human Development
  67. Indian Religious Studies
  68. International Relations
  69. Islamic Studies
  70. Italian
  71. Japanese
  72. Jewish Studies
  73. Journalism
  74. Journalism & Mass Communication
  75. Kannada
  76. Karbi
  77. Kashmiri
  78. Khasi
  79. Khotta
  80. Kokborok
  81. Konkani
  82. Kumauni
  83. Kurukh
  84. Law (5-year Integrated B.A. LL.B./B.Com. LL.B./B.B.A. LL.B. etc.
  85. Latin American History
  86. Liberal Arts Studies
  87. Linguistics Studies
  88. Magadhi
  89. Maithili
  90. Malayalam
  91. Malvi
  92. Manipuri
  93. Marathi
  94. Marwadi
  95. Mass Communication
  96. Mass Media Studies
  97. Media Studies
  98. Medieval History
  99. Mewari
  100. Military Studies
  101. Mizo
  102. Modern History
  103. Naga
  104. Nepali
  105. Odiya
  106. Pali
  107. Pashto
  108. Persian
  109. Philosophy
  110. Physical Education Teachers’ Training Program (4-year Integrated B.P.E. program)
  111. Pre-Primary and Elementary Education (B.El.Ed. or similar program)
  112. Primary School Teacher’s Training Program
  113. Political Science
  114. Politics
  115. Portuguese
  116. Prakit
  117. Psychology
  118. Public Affairs and Public Policy
  119. Public Health (Social Science)
  120. Public Relations Management
  121. Punjabi
  122. Rajasthani
  123. Religion Studies
  124. Russian
  125. Special Education Teacher’s Training Program (4-year Integrated B.Spl.Ed. program)
  126. Teachers’ Training Program (4-year Integrated B.A. B.Ed./ B.Sc. B.Ed./ B.Com. B.Ed. etc.)
  127. Sanskrit
  128. Santali
  129. Sindhi
  130. Social and Cultural History
  131. Social Science
  132. Social Work
  133. Sociology
  134. Spanish
  135. Tamil
  136. Tourism Administration & Management
  137. Travel and Tourism Administration and Management
  138. Telugu
  139. Theology
  140. Tripuri
  141. Tulu
  142. Urdu
  143. Women’s Studies

Note: These courses can also be considered top after-commerce graduation courses.

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Importance of choosing the right career after 12th class

No wonder today’s commerce scope is very high. Following are some of the reasons why choosing the right career after 12th class is important.

Figure 2: Best Courses after 12th Commerce

One of the most common questions students of commerce stream face is: What are the top courses available? Are there enough career options after the commerce stream? What are the best courses after 12th commerce with a high salary? and so on. These questions never seem to have a fixed or particular answer, but we have tried to put all the best courses after 12th commerce in just an article.

But you must be wondering why even choose the right career after 12th? What is the importance of choosing the right career? What if you go for any career path and then decide what is best for you? Watch this video and get all your doubts cleared:

Source: What after class 10th & 12th? The role of career counselling

Summing Up

Knowing that the above are some of the best courses after 12th commerce listed, you may still not find much clarity as to which one of the above may be the right one for you! Talking to expert career counsellors may help you solve all your career-related problems. Please feel free to contact our expert career counsellors or avail any of our professional services.

For detailed guidance, you can take help of our professional services which include:

  1. Career Counselling & Guidance
  2. Online Career Counselling
  3. Career Planning

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