Career as a Homoeopathic Doctor

in India

Homoeopathic Doctor is a professional physician who has acquired the knowledge of medicine from the school of Homoeopathy. As a homoeopathic doctor, you will diagnose patients, give them homoeopathic medication (only approved as per Homoeopathy and recognised by Indian medicine association). However, you cannot prescribe any modern-day medicine nor can you perform allopathic surgeries. You will be as good a doctor as an allopathic doctor but with different sets of procedures and treatment.


Why become a Homoeopathic Doctor?

There are different schools of medicine today. The most common school of medicine is allopathy that concerns around our regular doctors and surgeons. Other old schools of medicine are Unani medicine, Ayurveda and Homoeopathy, etc. All these ancient medicine schools come from different regions and Homoeopathy happens to be medieval German medicine school founded by Samuel Hahnemann. If you are sure to pursue this medical school, then do choose Homoeopathy Doctor as your profession.

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