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How to Become an Architect: A Well-Rounded Guide

how to become an architect

Do you love buildings? Are you fascinated buildings and structures such as a skyscraper or a beautifully designed villa? Want to be an architect but not sure how to become an architect?

Buildings, churches, temples, and monuments represent one of the oldest engineering geniuses of human civilization. While engineering is often remembered, it is more than engineering that has led to these beautiful marvels. Yes, the science of architecture is far more important if you want to build the tallest skyscraper or a small house.

Fascinated by it? Come along and know more about it!

Who is an Architect?

An architect is a specialist who plans, designs, reviews and many times manages the construction of buildings (including homes, public buildings, ports and airports, skyscrapers, malls, etc.). The task of the architect is not easy, they must ensure that the construction complies with various measures of public safety, quality, operation and environmental protection. Therefore, the architect needs to understand all of these features and creative streak.

Types of architect

Before we know in detail how to become a architect, let’s first get to know the most common types of architects with the help of the table provided:

architect salary

Landscape Architect

Landscape Architect is a specialist who designs outdoor areas, landmarks and structures like parks, gardens, squares, statues, etc. They need to understand the soil condition, ecological state, social arithmetic of the area before designing the landmark or structure, etc. As a landscape architect, you may be expert of landscape design, site planning, erosion control, environmental restoration, parks planning, recreation planning, etc.

Urban Designer

Urban Designer is the expert who designs and shapes the physical structure of cities, towns and villages. They also work with the municipality to provide municipal planning services to residents. Instead of an individual building or a design, they work on large scale projects of buildings, streets public spaces of neighbourhood or even entire cities. They try to make the city/ town functional, attractive and sustainable.

Transportation Planner

Transportation Planner is an expert who designs and defines transport infrastructure’s specific goals and polices to prepare for the future need of the people. They assess present transport facilities and design new one as per the future need and demand of the city including flyovers, roads, parking spaces, etc.

Regional Planner

Regional planner is an expert who creates policies and designs for land use activities, infrastructure and settlements for a larger area (even bigger than a city). They plan a region, formulating construction laws, designing regional development corridors, etc.

Conservation Architect

Conservation Architect is an expert who manages historical buildings and their designs. They increase the life of heritage buildings through planned intervention. They are archaeologists of buildings. As a conservation architect, you will follow four paths of preservation, rehabilitation, restoration and reconstruction.

architect skills Required

Architect skills required

Being an architect requires a person to wear a lot of hats. One has to have skilled hands and be good at numbers at the same time. Here are the skills you need to become an architect.

  • Commercial Knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Computer Modelling
  • Creative Thinking
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • High Perceptual Skills
  • Intense Pursuit
  • Leadership skills
  • Math and engineering skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Teamwork and Management

How to become an architect in India after 12th

To get into this field, you will need to pass Class 10 all subjects as per scheme of studies. Then can either go for a Diploma or you must complete Class 11-12 with any of the following combinations of subjects:

  • Class 11-12 Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics along with any other subject as per scheme of studies
  • Class 11-12 Mathematics along with any other subject as per scheme of studies

If you are opting for a Diploma after Class 10, you will go for a 3-year full-time Diploma in Architectural Assistantship / Interior Design / Civil Engineering, then obtain work experience as described in above pathways, then clear NATA exam and AIIA Exam to pursue Master’s (optional).

You cannot opt for Master’s right after Diploma, you will have to sit for AIIA exam. AIIA exam is considered as pursuing B Arch.

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After Class 12, you may also do a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering or any engineering discipline, or a 4-year graduation degree in Interior Design and then switch to Architecture, as described in pathways above.

You can study for a Bachelor’s / Master’s / Doctoral degree in any of the following fields (Note that all these fields may not offer you a degree at all three levels, that is in Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral. Some fields may offer a degree only at the Master’s or at the Doctoral level):

  1. Architecture
  2. Environmental Architecture
  3. Interior Architecture
  4. Landscape Architecture
  5. Recreation Architecture
  6. Restoration Architecture
  7. Architectural Conservation
  8. Architecture & Building Technologies
  9. Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
  10. Industrial Design
  11. Building Engineering & Management
  12. Urban Design

how to become an architect in india

Architect salary

At the entry level, as an Architect/ Assistant Architect/ Architect Photographer, you would be earning around Rs. 20,000 to 60,000 per month. As an assistant professor, you would be earning anything between Rs. 65,000 to 70,000 per month. In government departments, you will start as an Assistant architect with a salary of around Rs. 56,000.


Now that you know how to become an architect! Gear yourself up and rise high in a literal sense. Architect is a career that literally and practically means reaching to the stars. Undoubtedly career in Architect can outshine you in every possible way.

Whether you’ve already planned a career in it or just starting to dip your toes in the thoughts of it, allow us to make it a bit easier for you. 

Talk to an expert today to figure out more of what you must know before you begin your journey. At iDreamCareer with the help of our Career Counselling and Guidance Services and educational counsellor, we try to help many young confused minds from 9th class, 10th class, class 11, class 12 with an aim to select their suitable career choices.

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