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The No. #1 Comprehensive Guide to All the Courses Without Maths After 12th (Updated lists)

courses without maths

Don’t like Maths and don’t want to study this subject further? Don’t worry; we have got you sorted. Many courses do not need Maths as a compulsory subject in your higher secondary classes. In this article, we will be covering all the major fields be it commerce or science courses without Maths.  

Maths is one of the core subjects students are taught right from classes 1st to 10th. For students who feel a bit unsure of studying mathematics after 10th have a pool of courses without Math’s to choose from. So before delaying it further, let us get going! Read along and gather all the information you need.

Top #479 Bachelor’s Degree & Diploma Courses Without Maths After Class 12th

What are the top courses without Maths which you can do after you have completed your class 12th in any stream? Are there courses you could do that do not require Maths at all? In fact, there’s a wide range of courses without Maths that you can pursue after 12th.

Best Courses wihout maths
What are the top courses without maths?

Apart from the above, there are many other courses with different specializations in the field of Computer or Information Technology.

Top #10 Computer Courses Without Maths After 12th

Well, some of the Bachelor’s degree courses in Computer require you to have studied Mathematics in Class 12th. But there are many courses that do not require you to study Mathematics in Class 12th. However, it’s will be good for you to do these courses if you have studied Mathematics up to your Class 10th. Courses in Computers are definitely some of the best courses without Maths after Class 12th.

  1. Computer Applications (B.C.A.)
  2. Computer Applications (Cloud Computing)
  3. Computer Applications (Computer Graphics, Augmented & Virtual Reality)
  4. Computer Applications (Computer Networking)
  5. Computer Applications (Cyber Security)
  6. Computer Applications (Data Analytics)
  7. Computer Applications (Game Design & Development)
  8. Computer Applications (Mobile Computing)
  9. Computer Applications (Web Technologies)
  10. Information and Computer Technology

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Top #22 Law, Education, Hotel Management & Other Courses Without Maths After 12th

Apart from the courses in Art & Design, Commerce, Business Management, Art & Humanities, there are many other courses without Maths after Class 12th that you can do. These courses do not require you to have studied any particular combination of courses in Class 12th – so be it Commerce without Maths, Commerce with Maths, Arts with Maths, Arts without Maths, or Science without Maths, you are eligible for these. These are some of the best courses without Maths.

Law, Education, Hotel Management & Other Courses Without Maths
Law, Education, Hotel Management & Other Courses Without Maths
  1. Law (5-year Integrated B.A. LL.B./B.Com. LL.B./B.B.A. LL.B. etc.
  2. Physical Education Teachers’ Training Program (4-year Integrated B.P.E. program)
  3. Pre-Primary and Elementary Education (B.El.Ed. or similar program)
  4. Primary School Teacher’s Training Program
  5. Special Education Teacher’s Training Program (4-year Integrated B.Spl.Ed. program)
  6. Teachers’ Training Program (4-year Integrated B.A. B.Ed./ B.Sc. B.Ed./ B.Com. B.Ed. etc.)
  7. Airline Management
  8. Airlines and Airport Services Management
  9. Aviation Management
  10. Culinary Art & Management
  11. Culinary Techniques & Technologies
  12. Hospitality and Hotel Management
  13. Hospitality & Tourism Management
  14. Culinology
  15. Hospitality Management & Services
  16. Hotel & Restaurant Management
  17. Tourism Administration & Management
  18. Hotel Administration and Management
  19. Hotel and Catering Administration & Management
  20. Travel and Tourism Administration and Management
  21. Hotel & Tourism Management
  22. Hotel Operations Management & Services

Top #85 Biological and Medical Science Courses Without Maths After 12th

If you have studied Class 12th with PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), then you will be eligible to apply for a long range of Bachelor’s Degree courses which do not require Maths. These are some of the best courses without Maths after 12th Science without Maths.

Biological and Medical Science Courses Without Maths After 12th
Biological and Medical Science courses
  1. General Medicine & Surgery Practice (MBBS)
  2. Ayurvedic Medicine (BAMS)
  3. Homoeopathic Medicine (BHMS)
  4. Siddha Medicine (BSMS)
  5. Naturopathy & Yogic Science (BNYS)
  6. Unani Medicine (BUMS)
  7. Veterinary Sciences & Animal Husbandry (B.V.Sc. & A.H.)
  8. Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  9. Agriculture
  10. Anatomy
  11. Applied Microbiology
  12. Applied Nutrition
  13. Audiology Speech Language Therapy
  14. Avian Science & Medicine
  15. Biology
  16. Biomedical Sciences
  17. Biosciences
  18. Blood Banking Technology
  19. Blood Transfusion Technology
  20. Botany
  21. Cardiovascular Science
  22. Cardiovascular Technologies
  23. Cognitive Sciences
  24. Communication Disorders and Sciences
  25. Conservation Biology
  26. Dairy Science
  27. Dialysis Technologies
  28. Ecology & Biodiversity
  29. Ecology & Evolution
  30. Emergency and Critical Care Technologies
  31. Endoscopy & Gastrointestinal Imaging Technologies
  32. Environmental Biology
  33. Environmental Science (Biology)
  34. Equine Husbandry, Medicine and Surgery
  35. Equine Science & Medicine
  36. Evolutionary Biology
  37. Fishery Sciences
  38. Food Science & Nutrition
  39. Food Sciences
  40. Forestry
  41. General Dental Medicine and Surgery
  42. Genetics
  43. Horticulture
  44. Hospital and Healthcare Management
  45. Human Genetics
  46. Immunology
  47. Industrial Microbiology
  48. Laboratory Animal Science
  49. Life Science
  50. Marine Biology
  51. Marine Life Sciences
  52. Medical Laboratory Technologies
  53. Medical Record & Health Information Management
  54. Microbial Biotechnology
  55. Microbiology
  56. Molecular Biology
  57. Nano Biology
  58. Natural Resources Management (Forest Resources)
  59. Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Technologies
  60. Nursing
  61. Nutrition and Dietetics
  62. Nutrition Sciences
  63. Occupational Therapy
  64. Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Technologies
  65. Optometry and Ophthalmic Technologies
  66. Perfusion Technologies
  67. Pharmaceutical Sciences
  68. Pharmacy Practice (Clinical Pharmacy)
  69. Physician Assistantship Training
  70. Physiology
  71. Physiotherapy
  72. Plant Sciences
  73. Prosthetics and Orthotics
  74. Public Health
  75. Radiology and Medical Imaging Technologies
  76. Rehabilitation Therapy
  77. Respiratory Therapy Technology
  78. Soil Sciences
  79. Sports and Exercise Sciences
  80. Toxicology
  81. Toxicology (Biological Sciences)
  82. Veterinary Science
  83. Wildlife Biology
  84. Wildlife Science
  85. Zoology

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Top #40 Diploma/ Certificate courses without Maths after 12th Science with PCB or 12th Science With Biology

After completing class 12th in science PCB, students who are looking for the best courses without Math’s may find the following list of courses. Some of these courses could be done if you have studied Biology in Class 12th but without Physics or even Chemistry.

  1. Aquaculture
  2. Auxiliary Nursing
  3. Ayurveda (Alternative Medicine)
  4. Ayurvedic Nursing
  5. Ayurvedic Pharmacy Practice
  6. Biological Laboratory Techniques
  7. Chinese Medicine
  8. Chiropractic
  9. Dental Mechanics and Hygiene
  10. First Aid
  11. Floriculture
  12. Floriculture & Landscape
  13. Architecture General Nursing and Midwifery
  14. Holistic Medicine & Wellness
  15. Homoeopathy Pharmacy Practice
  16. Inland Fisheries
  17. Landscaping (Horticulture)
  18. Livestock Farm Complex Management
  19. Midwifery
  20. Livestock Products Technology
  21. Meat and Meat Products Technology
  22. Livestock Production Management
  23. Modern Ayurveda
  24. Naturopathy
  25. Organic Farming
  26. Panchakarma
  27. Paramedical Training Programs
  28. Phlebotomy
  29. Phytotherapy Poultry
  30. Husbandry Poultry
  31. Science
  32. Reiki
  33. Sericulture
  34. Silviculture
  35. Tibetan Medicine
  36. Traditional Chinese Medicine
  37. Unani Pharmacy Practice
  38. Veterinary Pharmacy
  39. Yoga
  40. Yoga & Naturopathy Pharmacy Practice

Top #43 Diploma & Certificate Courses Without Maths After 12th

If you are looking to complete a Diploma or a Certificate course after 12th, then you have many options. Some of the best Diploma and Certificate courses without Maths are:

  1. Acting
  2. Aircraft Cabin Operations & In-Flight Services Training
  3. Airport Ground Service Operations Training
  4. Art Appreciation
  5. Art Therapy
  6. Bakery & Confectionery
  7. Calligraphy
  8. Cargo Management
  9. Cinematography
  10. Commercial Art
  11. Contemporary Art
  12. Creative Production
  13. Drawing
  14. Creative Writing for Art
  15. Customer Services Training Program for Surface Transport
  16. Creative Writing
  17. Ecotourism
  18. Elementary School Teaching (D.El.Ed.)
  19. Financial and Capital Markets
  20. Food & Beverage Services Operations
  21. Food & Beverage Services Management
  22. Floral Design
  23. Food Production
  24. Freight Forwarding
  25. Front Office Management
  26. Heritage Tourism
  27. Housekeeping
  28. Illustration
  29. Installation Art
  30. Landscape Design
  31. Library and Information Science (D.L.I.Sc.)
  32. Modeling
  33. Music Therapy
  34. Photography
  35. Screenplay Writing
  36. Sommelier Training
  37. Special Education Teacher’s Training (D.Spl.Ed.)
  38. Tablescape Design
  39. Tea Tasting
  40. Teacher’s Training Diploma (D.Ed.)
  41. Ticketing & Reservation Services
  42. Wine Tasting
  43. Yoga

In Conclusion

As the lists of courses without Math’s can go on and on, we have tried to give you an exhaustive list of all the courses you can think of pursuing without having to deal with Math’s. We hope we have served the information that you were looking for. If not, then head on to the comments sections below and provide your valuable feedback or queries!  

If any of the above information did not offer you much clarity on what courses without Maths should you go ahead with, then please feel free to contact our expert career counsellors or avail any of our professional services.

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