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Tips to Make the Most of a Career in Mathematics

Career in Mathematics

Do you believe in the magic of numbers? Does your mind tend to perceive every situation as a number game? Don’t get agitated; instead, be excited about your mind is all set to take the road less traveled. This blog talks about how you can pursue a career in mathematics and what is the future prospects in this career field.

What is Mathematics?

The myth of mathematics being difficult ceases to exist. Individuals are in large numbers opting for courses specializing in mathematics. The career opportunity in the subject requires precision along with passion which then equates to a shining career.

Mathematics is a subject that has been mostly misinterpreted and young children are scared of not getting the correct answers. But those who befriend the subject view it as nothing less than a game. The subject is extremely fascinating and links to a vast ocean of knowledge. It exercises the human mind and widens the logical reasoning. The subject has interdisciplinary links to other areas such as science, astrology, astronomy, engineering, operations, finance, statistics, and psychology.

Careful analysis and logical- analytical skills can provide enormous opportunities for interested young minds. Aryabhata, Euclid, Pythagoras, Newton, Leonardo Fibonacci, Srinivasa Ramanujan, and the names are countless who have contributed to the development of the field of mathematics. The subject has a limitless scope and interesting opportunities.

It is all a number game that leads to a shining career in the field of mathematics. Many scientists maintain that mathematics is a way to explain the universe & all-natural phenomena around us. For example, the Fibonacci sequence is considered to be nature’s number system. It explains the number of petals in a flower, spirals in leaves & seeds, etc.

Explore a career in mathematics and go beyond symbols to widen the horizons of human knowledge.

Education Required

Mathematics is present since the very existence of human beings. It is sometimes also known as the oldest science. In schools, it is treated as a basic subject and has always been vital for the education system. A career in mathematics can be established after qualified education and a clear understanding of the subject.

Students with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics background in school are eligible to pursue a career in B.Sc. in mathematics, Mathematics honors or an engineer with B.E./B.Tech with interest in Mathematics can opt for masters in this field.

Many students go for a higher degree such as Post-graduation programs include M.Sc. in Mathematics and Statistics. It could be followed by a doctoral program for individuals who are deeply interested in research-oriented studies. Integrated Ph.D. Programs (I.Ph.D.) are also available.

Mathematics and Commerce also make a great career option for students not interested in science. Chartered Accountant is an interesting field that has prestige and handsome pays.

Other related subjects within this branch include:

  • Functional Mathematics,
  • Industrial Mathematics,
  • Mathematics with Computer Application,
  • Mathematical Economics,
  • Mathematical Statistics,
  • Computational Mathematics (of Mathematics with Computer Applications)

Students who wish to pursue a career in mathematics can also get into graphic designing and website designing. The banking and law sector is open for a student with Commerce with a mathematics background. Economics and mathematics graduates and postgraduates can pursue their careers as stockbrokers, company secretaries, accounting and finance.

Fee Structure

The annual tuition fees in colleges in India range from 12,000 to 100,000 INR for graduation and for higher studies they go as high as 95,000 to 200,000 INR. Mathematics courses in overseas universities have a fee structure varying from 120,000- 10,00,000 INR per semester. Scholarships are also available for meritorious students. Courses are available in pure as well as applied mathematics.

Career Path

Top Indian Institutes

Indian Statistical InstituteGraduationPost-graduationKolkata
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc)Graduation,Post-graduation,DoctoralChennai
Loyola CollegeGraduation,
Presidency CollegeGraduation, Post-graduationKolkata
Lady Sri Ram CollegeGraduationDelhi University, Delhi
Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI),Graduation, Post-graduationChennai
Jesus and Mary College (JMC)GraduationDelhi 
Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS),Graduation,Post-graduation,DoctoralGoa
St. Stephens
Institute of Chartered Accountants of IndiaGraduation,Post-graduation,
Institute of Mathematics and Applications   Graduation, Post-graduation Bhubaneswar

Top International Institutes

InstituteCoursesCity, CountryWebsite
Cambridge UniversityGraduation, Post-graduation, DoctoralCambridge, U.S. 
Harvard UniversityGraduation, Post-graduation, DoctoralCambridge, Massachusetts, US
Oxford University Graduation, Post-graduation, Doctoral, DiplomaOxford, UK 
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyGraduation, Post-graduation, DoctoralMassachusetts, US
Princeton UniversityGraduation, Post-graduation, DoctoralPrinceton, US
Stanford UniversityGraduation, Post-graduation, DoctoralStanford, US 
California Institute of TechnologyGraduation, Post-graduation, DoctoralCalifornia, U.S. 
ETH ZurichGraduation, Post-graduation, DoctoralZürich, Switzerland

Job Opportunities

A career in mathematics offers a number of opportunities to graduates and post-graduates. There are several areas where interested individuals can advance ahead. Job opportunities for Mathematics qualified individuals are available in both the public and private sectors.

A researcher in the subject can also contribute to the academic advancements of the field. Researchers in mathematics is concerned with the problems of transformation, numbers, logic, space and their implementation in other fields of science. Operations research analysts are involved in advanced analytical methods such as mathematical optimization, statistical analysis, and mathematical modeling. A number of ways to pursue a career in mathematics field.

As advisors to managers for problem-solving and decision making, mathematical analysts are employed. Good firms and research institutes tend to pay as high as 75,000 INR per month. The subject also opens up opportunities to commerce-related fields such as taxation, auditing, and accounting.

Chartered Accountants, graphic designers, stockbroking, and company secretary job profiles are some of the latest job opportunities where aspirants can establish a well praised career with high salaries. Government jobs are available in statistical, analytical and computations related task. Starting pay scale in the public sector varies from 20,000 INR to 55,000 INR per month. After graduation and post graduation, jobs as teachers are tremendously enormous because it is one of the basic subjects in the educational curriculum.


Mental mathematics has lately evolved and workshops, books, and accessories related to the subject course are devised by professionals in mathematics. The salaries for teachers and lecturers differ on the basis of the schools and colleges where they are working. Irrespective of any job profile selected in this field, accuracy, and concentration is essentially required.

Polish your precision skills in numbers and multiply opportunities in mathematics for it is an extremely stimulating career field.

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