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Low Marks in 12th?: Not an End of The world

Options after 12th

With students around you scoring 99.6% in Std. 12th Board exam this year & if you have a mark sheet which says below 95% score, it’s natural to feel that you have lost the battle. But let us tell you, YOU HAVE NOT!  In this article, we will let you know some great career options after 12th to consider and still be in the game with an average score in class 12th.  

Important things to remember

1. Do not change your course because of a relatively good college: The first and foremost point is to not think about changing the course you were aiming to study after the 12th. If you were looking to get into economics and become a data analyst, don’t go for B.A English Honors just because you are getting a good college. Your interest is the first thing you should think about rather than the college. You may get into average college right now with the course you would love to pursue and still study hard for the next 3-4 years to do a master’s course at a better college pr compete to get a good placement and secure a good career.  

2. Go for best of the average college: For students who have scored anywhere between 80-95% marks, and with the high competition, you have not been able to make it in the top colleges, analyze the colleges you have as an option right now and go for the best possible option out of it. It really won’t make a difference if you are going to put extra effort into gaining some skills in the next 3-4 years and competing with the same set of students for Masters program or placement at the end of your graduation. If you would make justice to effort you will definitely land up getting the best in the latter part of your life.  

3. Lookout: there are other good colleges as well: One should also look for other good option in respective cities (except Private University) like for e.g consider Ambedkar University, IP University in Delhi which have almost same fees structure like Delhi University and are relatively a good option as like DU.  

4. A good Private College is another option: One can also look to get into good private colleges like PESIT, RV, BMS, Manipal (in South), Symbiosis, FLAME (in Pune), Amity, Shiv Nadar, Ashoka (in Delhi/NCR). The only thing to look while you are opting for a private college is choosing the right college based on course.   E.g – If you are looking to study liberal studies/English/Economics one can consider Ashoka, Shiv Nadar. You may consider Amity above Shiv Nadar/Ashoka if you are looking to pursue engineering.  

5. Dropping a year: If you are aiming for engineering/medical/design/law as a career and you have not really prepared for its entrance exams (like CLAT, JEE, PMT, NID Entrance) because of 12th studies, one can think of dropping a year to prepare hard for the entrance exams and getting into the best college a year later.

One thing to keep in mind if you are dropping a year is to fill all possible forms of different college, entrance exams and sit for it as one should keep enough options with itself (you can’t afford to drop another year). For E.g – If you are dropping a year to prepare for IIT-JEE, apart from IITs, NITs, also apply and sit for other colleges entrance exams like COMEDK (for colleges in Bangalore), Manipal-CET, VIT, etc.  

6. Vocational College is another option: A student who is looking to get into technical fields like automobile, electrical, design, computer science, etc. can also consider a good vocation college (Polytechnic, ITIs) in respective cities. In Delhi/NCR one can consider South Delhi Polytechnic for Women, PUSA, Ambedkar, Aryabhata, etc.   

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