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Masters in Data Science in Canada: Requirements, Colleges, Fees, Cost, and More

masters in data science in canada

With technological changes, the world over time transcends above. Data Science has attracted the attention of not only technology enthusiasts, but also budding entrepreneurs and well-known business tycoons. So, if you want to master the art of processing, Masters in Data Science is the best way for you. And if you are looking for a complete detailed guide on Masters in Data Science in Canada, this post is for you.

Data science refers to the process of storing and analyzing data useful for organizations to make data-driven decisions. A master’s degree in data science in Canada is typically an 8–24-month program offered by some of Canada’s popular universities.

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This program helps in analyzing the future based on the data collected by the organization. After earning a master’s degree in data science, graduates can earn an average of CAD $80,269 per year.

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Why Pursue Masters in Data Science in Canada?

An MS in Data Science from Canada is one of the most popular programs among the international population. Here are some reasons why it’s the best choice:

  1. Canada is one of the few destinations that are highly recognized for its data science program. Earning a master’s in data science adds extra credibility to your profile, which is essential for building your career as an analyst, data scientist, data engineer, and more.
  2. There is currently a wide range of growing and anticipated opportunities for top-level academics. About 3,000,000 opportunities are available for scholars in Canada.
  3. You will gain hands-on experience and theoretical courses through the MSc in Data Science. The curriculum is designed to cover today’s global challenges in data processing and help you find a solution through comprehensive courses.
  4. The average annual salary for data science graduates is around CAD 80,269. MS Data Science graduates can get wonderful opportunities as Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts Business Intelligence Analysts, etc. with the highest salary package.

How to Get a Masters in Data Science in Canada?

Generally, Canadian universities expect students to have a working knowledge of statistics, data structures, databases, and R software packages if they wish to study a master’s program in data science

  • International students must demonstrate proficiency in English unless they are from an English-speaking country. The basic IELTS requirement to study for a master’s in data science in Canada is 6.5.
  • Some universities, such as the University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto, have an IELTS requirement of 7, with a minimum of 6.5. An equivalent score in TOEFL and PTE is also accepted.
  • While some universities require the GRE, most Canadian universities do not require the GRE for a master’s degree in data science in Canada.

In addition, the academic requirements stipulate that students must score at least 70% or equivalent to obtain a Master of Science in Data Science in Canada.

Application Requirements for Indian Students

There are several documents required while securing admission into a Masters in Data Science in Canada. The specific list of documents required might be different from university to university. However, the general list of documents required is given below:

  1. Bachelor-level transcript
  2. Provisional certificate and character certificate
  3. 2- 3 letters of recommendation
  4. Application fees
  5. CV/ Resume
  6. English Language Proficiency test
  7. GRE (If asked)
  8. Intermediate level transcript
  9. Passport
  10. Proof of experience if asked
  11. Proof of Scholarships if any
  12. Statement of Purpose

Masters in Data Science in Canada: Top Colleges

In this section, we have tabulated a list of popular masters in data science colleges in Canada along with their latest rankings.

University NameProgramQS World University Rankings 2023
University of TorontoMasters of Science in Allied Computing- Data Science21
McGill UniversityM.Sc Data Science30
University of British ColumbiaMasters in Data Science34
University of WaterlooMS Data Science and Artificial Intelligence112
HEC MontrealMS Data Science and Business Analytics141
University of CalgaryMS Data Science and Analytics182
Carleton UniversityMasters in Computer Science- Data Science (collaborative masters)671-680
Toronto Metropolitan UniversityMasters in Data Science and Analytics851-900
Thompson Rivers UniversityMS Data ScienceN/A

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University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is a top-ranked university abroad offering a Master of Data Science program to international students. There are so many popular universities in Canada where students can study a master’s degree in data science, and British Columbia is one of them. Students get the best job opportunities after graduation as the university has excellent links with some of the best recruiters in the world.

  • Course duration: 10 months (full time)
  • Average tuition fees: Rs. 29.56 lakhs
  • Eligibility: TOEFL(IBT): 100 and IELTS: 7 Overall

University of Toronto

The Master of Applied Computing in Data Science program at the University of Toronto provides excellent skills related to computer science as well as statistics. The University of Toronto was founded in 1827 and is among the top 10 universities in Canada to study a master’s program. International students must meet the admission criteria to pursue the MS in Data Science program.

  • Course duration: 8 months
  • Average tuition fees: Rs. 30 lakhs 
  • Eligibility: TOEFL(IBT): 93 and IELTS: 7 Overall

McGill University

McGill University is Canada’s oldest university, founded in 1821. It offers more than 10 popular courses in more than 50 specializations, and the Master of Management in Analytics (MMA) is one of them. McGill’s MMA degree is a 1-year pre-experience program in Business Analytics. This master’s program is designed to meet the needs of organizations and decision-making. McGill University is ranked 31st in the QS World University Rankings 2023.

  • Course duration: 12 months (full time)
  • Average tuition fees: Rs. 27.67 lakhs 
  • Eligibility: GMAT/GRE; TOEFL(IBT): 86; and IELTS: 6.5 Overall

Carleton University

Founded in 1942, Carleton University is known for its high standard of education in its UG and PG programs. This university offers joint Data Science programs in 13 academic disciplines ranging from M.C.S Computer Science, M.Sc. Eco., M.Sc. Communication, M.Sc. Cognitive Science and many more.

  • Duration: 24 months (full time)
  • Tuition Fees (average): Rs. 22 lakhs 
  • Eligibility: TOEFL(IBT): 86 and IELTS: 6.5 overall. 

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is one of the best universities in the world. Waterloo offers two programs namely Master of Science in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (MDSAI) and Master of Mathematics (M. Math) in Data Science. Both programs help graduates understand elements of statistics, computer science, and optimization.

  • Duration: 16-20 months (full time)
  • Tuition Fees (average): Rs. 25 lakhs
  • Eligibility: TOEFL(IBT): 90 and IELTS: 7 overall

Masters in Data Science in Canada Fees

Generally, doing a Masters in Canada adds value to your profile. It is generally seen as a lifetime investment. When it comes to the cost of studying in Canada, international students have to think about various aspects. The duration of the MS in Data Science course in Canada is between 10 and 16 months and the average tuition fee is around CAD 44,133. Generally, these costs can vary depending on various factors such as the universities you choose, the specialization you choose, and the demand for the courses. However, studying data science in Canada is always worth the cost.

Here are the average tuition fees at the top universities in Canada: 

Popular UniversitiesAverage Annual Fees (CAD)
Ryerson University22337
Thompson Rivers University36,771
Brock University25580
Ryerson University22276
Algonquin College32,800
Conestoga College44,133
HEC Montreal45,000
University of Waterloo40,000
University of Toronto44,133

Pre-Arrival cost

Generally, the upfront costs associated with the actual budget for pursuing a master’s degree in Canada add additional costs. So it is better to prepare by all means to avoid confusion at the last stage. In case you are receiving financial aid from any source, the aid may come during the payment of tuition fees. This means that you need to spend a certain amount on expenses before you leave.

TypesAmount (in CAD)Amount (in INR)
AirFareVariable (depends on current prices)NA
Application FeesVariable (depends on universities)NA
IELTS Fee26016005.6
Students Visa23014158.8
TOEFL Fee32019699.2

Cost of Living in Canada

The ultimate goal of any international student is to enjoy studying and exploring the beauty of Canada. Canada with its friendly and vibrant culture offers the best learning experience for students in all important aspects. One of the most important factors for studying for a master’s degree in Canada is related to the cost of living. Understanding the different cities in Canada and the cost of living in Canada in each location helps you stay away from overhead costs. Don’t worry! We have dealt with the possible costs of a comfortable life in Canada.

TypesAmount (in CAD)Amount (in INR)
Food19 to 821169.64 to 5047.92
Groceries4 to 15246.54 to 932.40
Sports & Leisure321969.92
Transportations3.25-90200.27 to 5540.40

Masters in Data Science in Canada Jobs

Today’s firms are benefiting from big data sensing strategies. This is very possible, based on the far development of data science. Every year, a large number of talented scientists and analysts help companies improve productivity from all perspectives.

  • Data professionals: Generally, the skill set and ability to turn large amounts of data into an actionable idea can help gain significant benefits. This is the reason for hiring data scientists for all participants. In fact, by using and extrapolating such information, data scientists help firms find solutions to the most complex problems. Hence, this creates more demand for companies to hire the best data scientists to boost their productivity. The average salary for the same is around CAD $70,259 or INR 43.25 LPA.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst: One of the great options that can be chosen once after completing a data science program in Canada. Typically, a business intelligence analyst helps capitalize on data and transform it into meaningful information for the company. One of the main job roles is to identify opportunities for improvement and help meet demand in a more desirable way. The average salary for the BI Analyst is around CAD $79,951 or INR 49.18 LPA.
  • Data Analyst: The need for data analysts is high in various sectors such as banks, software professionals, consultancies, telecommunications, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing companies, etc. With a master’s degree in data science, you will have an excellent opportunity to land a position as a data analyst in leading companies. The average salary for the data analyst is around CAD $70,259 or INR 43.25 LPA.

Well, this is not enough! We have something more for you. Apart from this, there are other employment prospects after graduation that you can consider, such as:

  1. Data Engineer 
  2. Data journalists 
  3. Database admin 
  4. Financial analyst
  5. Machine learning engineer

Masters in Data Science in Canada: Average Salary

With coaching from Canada’s top universities, you’ll have an excellent chance of landing a position at top companies around the world. However, many people want to extend the term of work, and also want to get the paperwork. Many companies across Canada are actively hiring for a variety of positions including data scientists, business intelligence analysts, data analysts, and more.

If you want to know the average annual salary of graduates, here is the list:

JobsAverage Salary (in CAD)Average Salary (in INR)
Business Intelligence Analyst77,62647,74,775.26
Data Analyst80,55249,54,753.52
Data Journalist52,33432,19,064.34
Data Scientist81,73450,27,458.34
Finalcial Analyst53,69333,02,656.43
Machine Learning Engineer95,00058,43,450

data science scope in canada

Masters in Data Science Scope in Canada

Graduates of MSc in Data Science can find employment opportunities in sectors such as healthcare, security, services, IT companies, financial companies, etc. MSc in Data Science graduates can work in a number of sub-disciplines of data science such as multivariate data analysis, computational methods in statistics, data mining, computational linguistics, etc.

Career opportunities for data science in Canada have blossomed and it is estimated that there will be more than one million jobs in the field of data science. After completing a Master of Data Science in Canada, students can obtain a work permit for 1-3 years.

It’s a Wrap!

In the above article, we discussed in detail about Masters’s in Data Science from Canada. But if you still have any doubts! Do reach us out! iDreamCareer is on a mission to reach every state and every child in order to ensure that talent is appropriately delivered to the industry.

Talk to our study abroad experts who have 20+ years of experience to know yourself in and out! We have helped several brilliant but confused minds with the aim to select their most-suited career choices. Hear the success story of Aayush who got an offer from the top 3 universities and is now studying at a University in Ottawa in Canada after getting career guidance from our industry experts!

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Is Canada good for data science?

There are so many popular universities in Canada where students can study a master’s degree in data science, and British Columbia is one of them. Students get the best job opportunities after graduation as the university has excellent links with some of the best recruiters in the world.

What programming language do you need to study Data Science?

Java, Python, Perl, SQL, and C++ are popular languages ​​required to learn Data Science. Students should have a good knowledge of the mentioned programming languages.

What are the requirements for an MS in Data Science?

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, statistics, mathematics, or a related field. Applicants should also have a basic understanding of programming concepts and mathematics.

Are scholarships available for masters in data science programs in Canada?

Yes, the leading data science universities in Canada provide numerous scholarships ranging from CAD 2000 to CAD 30,000 per year to international students.

What is the minimum IELTS requirement for MS in Data Science from Canada?

The specific requirements for each university vary. However, candidates must have a minimum score of 7 for IELTS and 93-114 for TOEFL IBT.

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