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A Full-Step Procedure on How to Become a Software Developer

how to become a software developer

A subject that has experienced exponential growth in recent years is software development, thanks to the growing need for technologically based solutions across all industries. You will be in charge of planning, constructing, and managing software systems, websites, and apps as a software developer. It’s a vibrant, demanding, and rewarding industry that presents numerous chances for both professional and personal development. This comprehensive guide will assist you in knowing the answer to the question of how to become a software developer.

This blog post covers essential tactics and tools for anyone to become a great software developer. These include learning programming languages, gaining real-world experience, and developing a professional network. Whether you’re new to the field or looking to advance your career, this guide will provide a roadmap to success.

What all is covered in this post?

In order to assist you regarding the details of the career and steps on how to become a software developer, we have come up with a complete guide.

how to become a software developer Post Covered

Who is a software developer?

A professional who uses programming languages and tools to construct software is known as a software developer. They could work on a range of software products, including websites, video games, desktop or mobile programs, and smartphone apps.

As part of their work, software developers frequently collaborates with other experts including designers, project managers, and quality assurance testers. They may work alone or in teams. They may be responsible for creating, coding, testing, debugging and maintaining software programs.

Skills Required

Technical and soft abilities are needed to become a software developer and they will resolve your queries regarding steps on how to become a software developer. Some of the essential abilities needed to succeed as a software developer include the following:

  • Programming languages: A software developer needs to be knowledgeable in at least one language and have the aptitude to pick up additional ones. Languages used often in programming include Java, Python, C++, and JavaScript.
  • Problem-Solving: Software development is primarily concerned with problem-solving. An effective software developer must be able to assess issues, recognize viable fixes, and put the best fix into practice.
  • Attention to detail: Careful attention to detail is necessary while writing code. An error in a single character or typo can make a software crash. To create high-quality code, a software developer needs to be careful and detail-oriented.
  • Creativity: For a software developer, creativity is just as crucial as the ability to solve problems. A creative developer can come up with inventive and effective solutions since problems frequently have several viable answers.
  • Teamwork: Software development is a collaborative process that requires teamwork. Developers must collaborate successfully, communicate clearly, and be prepared to make concessions when called for.

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Steps to become a Software Developer

Becoming a software developer takes a mix of education, training, and experience. You can follow the steps listed below to become a software developer:

  • Step 1: Take computer science classes in high school and think about obtaining a degree in computer science or a similar discipline to build a solid foundation in the subject.
  • Step 2: Start learning a programming language, such as Python or Java, to get started coding. To get started, you can locate online tutorials and courses.
  • Step 3: Create projects to highlight your abilities and expertise as you build your portfolio. You can work on open-source projects or start your own.
  • Step 4: Internships should be sought out if you want to learn real-world skills and network with people in your field. This might also assist you in choosing the software development specialties you wish to pursue further.
  • Step 5: If you want to expedite your learning and obtain more hands-on experience, think about enrolling in a coding boot camp.
  • Step 6: You may verify your knowledge and abilities in certain areas of software development. This could be done by earning certifications from companies like Microsoft or Oracle, for example.
  • Step 7: To obtain work experience and continue developing your abilities, submit an application for entry-level positions as a software developer. After gaining expertise, you could focus on a certain branch of software development, such as developing mobile apps, websites, or artificial intelligence.
  • Step 8: Since the world of software development is continuously changing, it’s critical to keep up with the newest technological and fashion developments. Attend conferences, read industry blogs, and take courses or tutorials to keep learning.

Eligibility to Become a Software Developer

Although there aren’t any set requirements for becoming a software developer, there are several abilities and credentials that can make you successful in this industry. The following are the general eligibility requirements that will assist you on how to become a software developer:

  • Candidates must have received a minimum grade in science, math, and computer science during their 10+2 schooling from an accredited board
  • Certain programs might also demand that applicants pass an admission exam, such a national engineering entrance exam, or have a passing grade on a recognized test, like the JEE Main, BITSAT, or NATA
  • Candidates may also need to meet other qualifications, such as a minimum age requirement, physical fitness standards, or knowledge of a particular programming language or set of software tools.

Before submitting an application, it is crucial to confirm that all requirements are completed by reviewing the eligibility requirements for each individual program.

Future Scope of Software Development

Software developers are in great demand across a wide range of businesses due to their vast range of responsibilities. These are some potential job paths for software developers:

  • Web development: Building and managing websites, online apps, and e-commerce platforms are all part of web development. In addition to using backend programming languages like Python, Ruby on Rails, or Node.js to construct server-side code, web developers also employ frontend programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Mobile app development: Mobile app developers provide software for portable devices like tablets and smartphones. These programmers create applications for the iOS or Android platforms using programming languages like Swift or Kotlin.
  • Game Developer: Video games are made by game developers for consoles, personal computers, and mobile platforms. These programmers make games that millions of gamers may enjoy using languages like C++ or Unity.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Software developers may use machine learning and deep learning techniques in the promising subject of artificial intelligence (AI) to build intelligent systems. Many other businesses, including healthcare, banking, and manufacturing, may use this.
  • Data science: Data science includes gleaning information and insights from vast data collections. This sector is open to software developers with backgrounds in data analysis, visualization, and machine learning.
  • Cyber Security: Software developers must create and deploy safe solutions to defend against online attacks in this crucial industry.

Okay, now you already know the steps on how to become a software developer, the skills required to become a software developer, it’s high time to look at one of the most interesting aspects of a software developer’s career- their salary!

Average Salary

Various factors, including experience, location, employer, and sector, might affect the average compensation of a software developer in India. According to various sources, the following are some estimations of the typical salary for software developers in India:

  • PayScale estimates that a software developer in India makes an annual compensation of about ₹ 520,000.
  • A software developer in India makes an average yearly income of roughly ₹ 500,000, according to Glassdoor.
  • According to Indeed, a software developer in India makes an average yearly pay of about ₹ 6,00,000.


A mix of technical abilities, character attributes, and a readiness to learn and adopt new technologies are needed to satisfy your quench on how to become a software developer. Building a solid foundation in programming concepts and acquiring practical experience through internships, side projects, and open-source contributions should be the main priorities for aspiring developers. Furthermore, developing soft skills like communication, cooperation, and problem-solving can improve one’s capacity for productive collaboration with others and the production of high-quality software. Anyone may start a rewarding career in software development with commitment, perseverance, and a growth mentality.

Hope we would have been able to provide you with all the information that you need regarding the steps to become a software developer. Still, got questions? Why don’t you connect with our industry experts? Yes, you read it right! You can get your queries resolved in just 60 seconds from our Career counselors. So, what are you waiting for? Download the iDreamCareer app now! 

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How to Become a Software Developer: FAQs

What do I need to become a software developer?

To become a software developer, you need certain things like technical skills, education and training, hands-on experience, and soft skills. By focusing on these requirements and continuously learning and improving your skills, you can become a successful software developer.

How long does it take to become a software developer?

The length of time it takes to become a software developer can vary depending on several factors, such as your educational background, prior experience, and the amount of time you can devote to learning and practicing.

Is it hard to become a software developer?

The length of time it takes to become a software developer can vary depending on several factors, such as your educational background, prior experience, and the amount of time you can devote to learning and practicing.

What are the three skills you need to become a software developer?

The three major skills that one needs to become a software developer are strong problem-solving skills, proficiency in programming languages and frameworks, and excellent communication and teamwork skills.

Which degree is best for a software developer?

Computer Science is the most common degree that software developers choose while starting their careers. When you get a degree in computer science, you will primarily study the exact skills that you will use on a daily basis as a developer.

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