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Checkout Everything about a Career as a Software Testing Assistant

Career as a Software Testing Assistant

Do you love working with the computer and are already at a basic level of writing computer codes? Are you adept in using various computer software and want to get deep into understanding how the software is developed and written? Are you passionate about technology and keen to understand how things work? Do you feel fascinated by the future scopes in computers such as artificial intelligence? Software Testing could be a great choice for you. Read on to find out what Software Testing Assistants do, how they do it and to become a Software Testing Assistant.

Software Testing Assistant mainly helps senior software testers in testing, correcting, and maintaining computer software. They are involved in fixing errors(debugging) when required and improving the features, functionalities and user experiences of software. Software may contain malware (part of the software that damages a computer) so it must be removed or corrected before they are released in the market.

Why become a Software Testing Assistant?

As a Software Testing Assistant, you will be mainly helping senior software testers interest, correct, and maintain computer software. In general, computer software is of two types – system software and application software. System software is a set of instructions for the computer hardware to work. For example, the Windows 10 operating system is system software. Without system software, computers would not even start. Application software is a set of instructions given to a computer to help it perform a certain task like typing any language or editing a picture etc. For example, MS Word is an application software.

As a Software Testing Assistant, you will be fixing errors(debugging) when required, improving the features, functionalities and user experiences of software. The software may contain malware (part of the software that damages a computer) so it must be removed or corrected before they are released in the market. Any malware is a serious threat to a user’s computer and their stored data.

Software testing is a team job and any tester cannot function alone. Your main responsibility will be to examine software coding and help other software testers in their work. You will need to work with software developers and project support teams also. You must review documentation and work towards achieving departmental and project deadlines. You will have to provide objective feedback to other software development teams too. You may need to travel to different project sites and work on multiple projects at one time.

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What does a Software Testing Assistant do?

As a Software Testing Assistant, you will be engaged with one or more of the following roles and responsibilities: –

  1. You will be identifying, analyzing, and documenting problems with software function, output, content or online screen.
  2. You will be using a bug-tracking system to document software defects and report those defects to software development teams.
  3. You will be designing test plans, scripts, scenarios, or procedures.
  4. You will be analyzing whether the software suits a hardware assembly or operating system or internet network etc.
  5. You will be participating in software review meetings to provide input on functional requirements, schedules, product designs, or potential problems.
  6. You will be creating or maintaining databases of known test defects that you have already handled.
  7. You will be investigating customer problems or queries which are received by technical or customer support teams and recommending possible solutions to them.
  8. You will be conducting research and analytical studies for learning and developing new concepts in your field of software testing.
  9. You will enhance both your professional and technical knowledge (about new techniques and competitive products) by reviewing existing literature, discussing with colleagues, attending educational workshops and conferences, reviewing professional publications, etc.

How to become a Software Testing Assistant – Eligibility Criteria

After Class 10, you can do Diploma courses.

After Class 11-12, you can go for:

  • NSQF training courses.
  • CTS training courses.
  • Diploma or Certificate courses.
  • B. Voc degree courses.

Various private/public vocational training establishments across India offer related courses on:

  • Software Testing Assistant
  • Programming and Software Engineering
  • Data Preparation and Computer Software
  • Web Technology
  • Web Technologies
  • Computer Applications (Business)
  • Commerce & Computer Applications
  • Computer Applications
  • Computer Science
  • Game Design & Development (Computer Science)
  • Computer Graphics, Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • Mobile Computing (Computer Science)
  • Information and Computer Technology
  • Computer Vision

Job Opportunities

At the entry level, you may get roles like:

  • Software Testing Trainee
  • Software Testing Assistant
  • Junior Software Tester
  • Software Test Engineer Trainee
  • Software Testing Executive.

Based on your educational background and programming skills, you may also get a job role like:

Test Engineer-Software Products or Test Engineer-IT Services.

Various types of companies in the IT-ITES industry that you may join after completing your studies include:

  • Software development companies.
  • Web design and development companies.
  • Mobile app development companies.
  • In the IT or software departments of several other companies.

Salary of a Software Testing Assistant

Salaries vary according to job profiles and the kind of facilities you get to work at.

In entry-level jobs: You may get about Rs.10,000 – Rs. 20,000 or more a month.

Salaries increase with your work experience and as you get promoted.

After you’ve gained about 1-5 years of experience you may expect around Rs 12, 000 – Rs. 30,000 or more a month.

After gaining 6-12 years of experience, you may get about Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 80,000 or more a month.

In senior-level jobs, with 12-20 years of work experience, you may expect to get about Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 100,000 or more a month.

Career progression in Software Testing Assistant profession

From entry-level job positions as a Software Testing Trainee or Software Testing Assistant or Junior Software Tester or Software Test Engineer TraineeSoftware Testing Executives., you may grow into a team leader role managing the work of a few Software Testers. In medium and large-scale companies, you may have a position as a Senior Software Tester, Software Test Specialist, or Software Test Lead after an experience of a significant number of years.

You can expect a bright future in this field as the industry growth prospects are very encouraging. India is the biggest outsourcing destination for major IT companies throughout the world. The IT and ITeS (Information Technology Enabled Services) Industry has contributed around 7.9% to the country’s GDP in 2018. It is expected to generate more than 100,000 jobs in 2019. Many startups are being born in India focusing on this sector. Today there are more than 5,200 startups.

It is estimated that the size of this industry will increase to 350 billion US Dollars by 2025. Even today, the testing process is done by software developers themselves who are usually unaware of proper test design techniques. Formal academic programs and training/guidance on how to perform testing effectively is very essential as enough testing is far more critical than we think.

The industry needs trained minds that have been properly and adequately skilled and are able to use proper test design methodologies. The export revenue coming from this industry is predicted to grow by 7-9% CAGR to touch the 135 billion US Dollars mark in 2019 itself. The IT-BPM (Business Process Management) Industry in India is expanding wildly to provide IT-related services across the globe in fields like health, telemedicine, clinical information systems, remote monitoring solutions, laboratory information systems etc.

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