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Make Yourself Ready for the Advanced Placement Exams: 2024 Dates, Eligibility, Syllabus, and Much More

Advanced Placement Exams

Advanced Placement exams are important tests for high school students who want to challenge themselves academically and prepare for college. These exams, conducted by the College Board, allow motivated students to show their knowledge in advanced subjects and even earn college credits. AP exams cover a wide range of subjects like math, science, humanities, and languages, giving students the chance to explore their interests and demonstrate their intellectual abilities. The exams are rigorous and help students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills that are valuable in the real world.

Taking Advanced Placement exams not only gives students a head start in college but also strengthens their college applications and shows their dedication to academic excellence. Moreover, the AP exam allows students to explore different subjects they might want to study in college, helping them make informed decisions about their future academic and career paths. These exams have a standardized format and challenging curriculum, providing a clear standard of excellence and encouraging students to reach their full potential.

Overall, Advanced Placement exams have a significant impact on education, shaping students’ abilities and equipping them with the necessary tools to succeed in higher education and beyond.

What are Advanced Placement Exams?

Advanced Placement exams are standardized assessments offered by the College Board for high school students. This exam is generally accepted in the US and Canada-based colleges. These exams cover a variety of subjects and are designed to measure a student’s mastery of college-level content. By successfully completing AP exams, students have the opportunity to save time, earn college credits, and it even lets them graduate early.

Highlights of Advanced Placement Exams

Let’s now look at the key details regarding the Advanced Placement exam. These details will help you to understand the exam better. Understanding these key details about the AP exam will help you prepare effectively and navigate the process with confidence.

Exam NameAdvance Placement Exam
Level of the ExamInternational
Conducted ByCollege Board
Mode of the ExamPaper-and-pencil based
Exam DurationAround 3 hours
Regular AP Exam Fee$97 or ₹7956
Official website
Scorecard Validity PeriodNo expiration date until you manually cancel that
Top Colleges Accepting AP ScoreHarvard University Stanford University Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Yale University Columbia University

Advanced Placement Exams: Eligibility Criteria

On a very general note, advanced placement exams are usually for 11th and 12th-class students. In this section, we shall be looking at the eligibility criteria for advanced placement exams. These are not very complex and can easily be understood.

  • The maximum age of the candidate should not exceed 21 years.
  • A valid government photo id is required at the exam center.
  • A candidate is only allowed to attempt the exam once a year.

Advanced Placement Exam Fees

Let’s now look at the breakdown of the registration fees for the advanced placement exams. Please make sure you grasp the necessary information carefully to avoid additional or late fees.

EventsFees ($/₹)
Exam fee for on-time exam orders (by November 15, 2022, for full-year and first-semester courses; by March 15, 2023, for courses that start after November 15)$97 or INR 7956 per exam at schools in the U.S., U.S. territories, Canada, and DoDEA schools
$127 or INR 10,410 per exam at schools everywhere else (Note: Fees may vary for exams at College Board–authorized test centers outside the U.S.)
$145 or INR 11,885 per exam for AP Capstone™ Exams (AP Seminar and Research)
School rebate$9 or INR 738 per exam
College Board Fee Reduction for Eligible Students$35 or INR 2869 per exam
Late order fee   Additional fee applied to each exam ordered between November 16, 2022, and March 15, 2023, 11:59 p.m. ET  $40 or INR 3278 per exam in addition to the base exam fee.
Note: This fee won’t apply to exams for courses that start after the November 15 final ordering deadline
Unused/Cancel Exam Fee$40 or INR 3278 per exam for:
Exams canceled in AP Registration and Ordering after November 15 and by March 15 (11:59 p.m. ET)
Exams that aren’t taken and are indicated as unused in AP Registration and Ordering before the school’s invoice is generated.  
Late Testing Fee$40 or INR 3278 per exam (in addition to the base exam fee) as applicable for alternate exams for late testing.

Now you know the important fees related to the Advanced Placement exam, let’s explore further..

Advanced Placement Exam Registration

You might not be aware of the registration process for the advanced placement exams. If you are a US resident, you can easily register for the Advanced Placement exam by consulting the AP coordinator at your school. But, in this section, we shall be discussing the registration process through the College Board’s portal.

The step-by-step registration process for the AP exam is given below.

  • To register for the AP exam online, students must begin by establishing a College Board account.
  • Following this, they are required to submit payment directly to the test center responsible for administering the exams.
  • Upon confirmation of their seat, the test center will issue an admission ticket.
  • However, it is crucial for students to understand that the registration process only concludes once they have completed both the online registration and payment to the test center.

Note: If a student has paid the test center but failed to finalize the online registration for the AP exam, they will be ineligible to participate in the exam.

Hence, it is essential for students to fulfill both these requirements to ensure their registration is considered complete.

Advanced Placement Exams Syllabus

Similar to SAT subject tests, the AP exam syllabus covers a broad range of subjects, including Arts, English, History, Social Sciences, Maths, Computer Science, Sciences, and World Languages/Cultures. There are a total of 38 AP subjects for which exams are conducted. These exams encompass a comprehensive overview of the respective subject, providing students with a detailed understanding of the content.

The syllabus for each AP exam subject is carefully designed to ensure a thorough examination of the topic, covering key concepts, skills, and knowledge relevant to the field of study. Students can expect a comprehensive and in-depth assessment of their understanding and proficiency in their chosen AP subject.

World Language and CulturesChinese Language and Culture
French Language and Culture
German Language and Culture
Italian Language and Culture
Japanese Language and Culture
Spanish Language and Culture
Spanish Literature and Culture
Environmental Science
Physics 1: Algebra-based
Physics 2: Algebra-based
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
Physics C: Mechanics
Math and Computer ScienceCalculus AB
Calculus BC
Computer Science A
Computer Science Principles
History and Social SciencesComparative Government and Politics
European History
Human Geography
United States Government and Politics
United States History
World History: Modern
EnglishEnglish Language and Composition
English Literature and Composition
Arts2-D Art and Design
3-D Art and Design
Art History
Music Therapy

Advanced Placement Exams Dates

Now that you are all set to ace the exam, all you need is the exam dates for now! College Board administers Advanced Placement exams in the month of May each year. The exam is conducted in two weeks:

  • Week 1: 1st Week of May
  • Week 2: 2nd Week of May

The exam is held in two shifts in a day, the morning shift and the afternoon shift. The morning shift is from 08:00 AM IST and the afternoon shift is from 12:00 PM IST.

Here is the list of the upcoming dates of the AP 2024 exam.

Week 01 Dates

Here is the list of the advanced placement exam 2024 first-week schedule.

Test DateExam Subjects and Time
May 06, 2024United States Government and Politics (8AM Local Time) Art History (12PM Local Time)
Chemistry (12PM Local Time)
May 07, 2024Human Geography (8AM Local time)
Microeconomics (8AM Local time)
Seminar (12PM Local time)
Statistics (12PM Local time)
May 08, 2024English Literature and Composition (8AM Local time) Comparative Government and Politics (12PM Local time) Computer Science A (12PM Local time)
May 09, 2024Chinese Language and Culture (8AM Local time) Environmental Science (8AM Local time)
Psychology (12PM Local time)
May 10, 2024European History (8AM Local time)
United States History (8AM Local time)
Macroeconomics (12PM Local time)
Spanish Literature and Culture (12PM Local Time)

Week 02 Dates

Here is the list of the advanced placement exam 2024 second-week schedule.

May 13, 2024Calculus AB (8AM Local Time)
Calculus BC (8AM Local Time)
Italian Language and Culture (12PM Local Time) Precalculus (12PM Local Time)
May 14, 2024English Language and Composition (8AM Local Time) African American Studies (12PM Local Time)
Physics C: Mechanics (12PM Local Time)
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism (2PM Local Time)
May 15, 2024French Language and Culture (8AM Local Time)
World History: Modern (8AM Local Time)
Computer Science Principles (12PM Local Time)
Music Theory (12PM Local Time)
May 16, 2024Spanish Language and Culture (8am Local time)
Biology (12PM Local Time)
Japanese Language and Culture (12PM Local Time)
May 17, 2024German Language and Culture (8AM Local time)
Physics 1: Algebra-Based (8AM Local time)
Latin (12PM Local Time)
Physics 2: Algebra-Based (12PM Local Time)

Usually, the exam is done and dusted by the second or the third week of the May of every year.

Advanced Placement Exam Score

An Advanced Placement (AP) exam score reflects a student’s performance on a college-level assessment in a specific subject. Scores are reported on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. These scores are used by colleges and universities to grant credit or advanced placement for qualifying exam results. AP exam scores provide valuable information about a student’s mastery of the subject and can potentially impact their college admissions and course placement decisions.

The Advanced Placement exam scorecard is mostly released by the end of July of each year.


Lastly, Advanced Placement exams are a pivotal component of the high school academic experience, offering students an opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency in rigorous college-level subjects. By engaging with challenging course material, students not only gain a deeper understanding of their chosen fields but also develop crucial skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving.

The AP program serves as a launching pad for college readiness, providing students with the chance to earn college credits, showcase their academic abilities, and explore potential areas of study. Ultimately, Advanced Placement exams play a vital role in shaping the educational trajectory of students, equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in higher education and beyond.

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Advanced Placement Exams: FAQs

What are Advanced Placement (AP) exams?

AP exams are standardized assessments offered by the College Board that measure a student’s mastery of college-level content in various subjects.

Who can take AP exams?

AP exams are open to high school students who have completed corresponding AP courses or have obtained equivalent knowledge in the subject area.

How many AP exams are available?

There are currently 38 different AP exams available, covering subjects such as mathematics, sciences, humanities, foreign languages, and more.

How long do AP exams typically last?

AP exams usually have a duration of 2-3 hours, although some language exams may include an additional speaking component.

What scores can students receive on AP exams?

AP exam scores range from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. Colleges and universities may have different policies regarding credit and placement based on these scores.

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