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An Illustrated Guide to Top MBA Colleges in the World

top mba colleges in world

The MBA or Master of Business Administration is one of the most popular postgraduate programs for students in the world. Everyone wants to be part of the best business colleges and universities abroad. So many top MBA colleges in the world for suitably qualified students. The first and most important step in choosing an MBA program is to consider the amount of time and money you are willing to invest in your studies. Choosing the right program that meets your requirements will be the second step.

Many students apply each year to study abroad for an MBA at top business schools to gain international business experience. After completing the degree, students can take up leadership positions in popular organizations with good salaries and continue to grow and develop in their careers. Are you looking for the top MBA colleges in the world? Then read this article and learn all about business schools in the world.

List of top MBA colleges in the world 

When you’re aiming for a globally recognized degree like an MBA, it’s crucial to find the best business schools and the right program, and build an impressive program to secure your dream admission! A Master of Business Administration degree has always been a promising program that sets you on a path that leads to high financial benefits. MBA graduates not only enjoy excellent pay packages but also significantly increase their leadership potential while tackling today’s pressing business challenges. 

Here’s the list of the top MBA colleges in the world that have produced some of the most influential people in business –

UniversityAverage Tuition Fee for International Students
Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford119,964 USD/ year
Harvard Business School, Boston73,440 USD/ year
Penn (Wharton), Philadelphia83,230 USD/ year
HEC Paris, Jouy En Josas78,000 EUR/ year
MIT (Sloan), Cambridge82,250 USD/ year
London Business School, London97,500 EUR/ year
IE Business School, Spain72,200 EUR/ year
INSEAD, Paris, Singapore, France91,000 EUR/ year
Columbia Business School, New York77,376 USD/ year
Kellogg School of Management71,544 EUR/ year

About top MBA colleges in the World

In this section, we will introduce you with the explanation of above-mentioned list of top MBA colleges: 

Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford

Stanford Graduate School of Business or Stanford GSB tops our list of top MBA colleges in the world because of the incredible classroom experience it provides. At Stanford, you can network with some of the world’s brightest young minds and collaborate with industry leaders who plan to change the world. 

  • According to US News and World Report 2022, Stanford GSB is ranked #3 in the Best Business Schools and #1 in the QS Global MBA Rankings 2022
  • % of female students: 47%
  • % of International students: 35%
  • The university offers a 2-year full-time MBA program leading to a degree in general management.
  • Students will study courses such as management ethics, financial accounting, leadership skills, group and team management, and leadership labs. 

Harvard Business School, Boston

Harvard Business School students are rewriting the future of business through innovative research-based initiatives in areas such as the environment, entrepreneurship, health and leadership. This MBA program cultivates the leadership and analytical skills needed to solve the challenges facing industry and society.

  • The Harvard Business School MBA is ranked 3rd in the Financial Times Rankings, 2022.
  • % of international students – 37%
  • % of female students: 46%
  • Harvard offers a 2-year full-time residential program with a strong emphasis on real-world practice.

Penn (Wharton), Philadelphia

Wharton transforms the business world with ideas generated through intensive analysis of existing problems. The school creates leaders who can drive change by harnessing the power of analytics to make smart decisions. You can customize your MBA experience at Wharton as it offers three fully integrated interdisciplinary programs. 

  • It is a 2-year, full-time MBA program that also consists of an MBA career management team dedicated to connecting students with a wide range of employers from Fortune 500 to startups.
  • % of international students- 35% 
  • % of female students – 50% 

HEC Paris, Jouy En Josas

HEC Paris prides itself on being one of the most renowned top MBA colleges in the world. The HEC Paris MBA combines business studies with critical thinking and interpersonal skills to create leaders who can lead today’s business.

  • % of International students – 50%
  • % of female students – 33% 
  • HEC Paris is known for its outstanding alumni network and world-class educational facilities that can transform your career in 16 months.
  • Students will follow a curriculum that is divided into two phases: fundamental and individual.

MIT (Sloan), Cambridge

MIT Sloan School of Management is one of the top MBA colleges in the World. MIT’s rankings reflect high standards of integrity, intellectual and creative excellence, and high-quality research output. MIT has been ranked #1 in the QS World University Rankings 2022.

  • The internationally recognized MIT Sloan MBA is a 2-year, full-time program that provides its students with a life-changing academic experience.
  • % of international students – 33%
  • % of female students – 38% 
  • This is an MBA from an engineering school, making it a highly quantitative program that provides students with a wide range of skills.

London Business School, London

London Business School or LBS is another top MBA college in the world, best known for its flagship Master of Business Administration program. 

  • The London Business School MBA is a 15–21-month full-time program that accelerates professional development by challenging students to develop business solutions.
  • % of international students – 92%
  • % of female students – 38% 
  • Students will take a variety of core business courses before having the opportunity to tailor their studies through our dedicated core. 

IE Business School, Spain

IE Business School in Spain is one of the top MBA colleges in the world, its parent institution is IE University. Here, you’ll learn cutting-edge business concepts while engaging in first-class research activities in state-of-the-art laboratories and choose from 10 areas of concentration.

  • The IE International MBA is a one-year full-time program that provides a transformative experience in the Spanish capital, Madrid.
  • % of international students – 78%
  • % of female students – 28% 
  • According to the QS Global MBA Rankings 2018, the institution is ranked fifth. This means that getting into IE Business School is quite difficult.

INSEAD, Paris, Singapore, France

INSEAD is unique in offering an outstanding multicultural experience with three fully integrated campuses located across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Through a 10-month full-time MBA program, the Graduate School of Business prepares its students to gain expertise in management disciplines such as finance, economics, organizational behavior, international political analysis, and corporate strategy, among others. 

  • A 12-month promotion is also available to students at the end of 10 months who wish to undertake a summer internship.
  • % of international students – 78%
  • % of female students – 28% 

Columbia Business School, New York

Columbia Business School is located in the “city that never sleeps”, better known as the iconic New York. The wide range of opportunities offered by the New York market allows students to collaborate with industry figures who are influencing change in the business world. 

  • Columbia’s 2-year full-time MBA gives you an edge over others by helping you develop your business acumen at the heart of the business.
  • % of international students – 51%
  • % of female students – 44% 

Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

The Kellogg School of Management is unique in that it is the first business school in the world to begin surveying applicants to assess their leadership potential. At Kellogg, students possess a broad set of flexible skills that enables students to tackle adversity with innovative solutions.

  • It is a world-renowned Northwestern University business school and provides a 2-year full-time MBA program.
  • % of international students – 38%
  • % of female students – 48% 

In conclusion

There you go. Loads of options to choose from. In fact, these top MBA colleges in the World differ in rank because of fractional scores only. Not a major difference at all. Winning an entry into any one of these will serve you for your life. Getting a college pedigree is a big thing in the industry today! The big packages go to them eventually!

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QS ranking systems – World


Is an Indian MBA valid in the US?

Of course, they are! MBA degrees from India’s top institutes are very popular abroad. In fact, several institutes such as IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, ISB Hyderabad, and others are among the top 100 institutes in the world that provide MBA degrees.

Which is the top MBA College in the World?

There are several top universities in various rankings, with Harvard, Stanford, and Pennsylvania appearing to be in the lead.

Which country is famous for MBA in the world?

The US once again tops the list. The nation has created a degree and boasts many of the top-ranked business schools in the world, with alumni as notable as former US presidents. An MBA degree in the country is usually completed over two years and includes an internship during the summer months.

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