Career as a Sports Psychologist

in India

A Sports Psychologist is a specialist who applies knowledge of psychology in the field of sports. Sports psychologist thus works to improve the performance of players, uplift their motivation, improve their skills (like concentration skills), etc. They will use tools like training programmes, feedbacks, one to one session, etc. to assist sports players. Sports psychologist plays an important role in sportsperson as grilling work and losing can demotivate them, cause them to lose form, etc.


Why become a Sports Psychologist?

The sports that we see is just not a game involving kinetics, or the muscles involved actively to play the perfect shot. It is a game that has been executed many times in the mind of the player before coming to the actual ground. A person, who has won the game in the mind several times, in different ways, is most likely to be the winner on the D-day. Even after failure, a sportsman springs back to action, and that mainly happens when he has a sound state of mind. This level of Psychology is well understood by a Sports Psychologist and he/she helps the sportsman achieve that perfect state of mind.

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