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Psychology in India – How To Have A Career In The Field?


You all must have seen in movies, read in books and heard stories of how someone can be hypnotized. How one person can understand and read another person’s mind. You might have got interested to understand this science better and want to pursue a career in it. This field is known as psychology.

Can you read my mind? You can do telepathy and know what the another person is thinking, right?

– typically what most people ask psychologists.

career in psychology in india

A psychologist is

A specialist in the field of psychology. Not exactly what the above lines imply!

As a psychologist, you will understand, evaluate and explain human’s thoughts, emotions feelings and behaviour.

You will provide counselling and assistance to the people who have mental, emotional and behavioural disorders by recognizing their real problem.

A psychologist uses

Various scientific techniques and therapies to heal their patients. As a psychologist, you will observe the behavioural patterns and diagnose to correct the disorders.

A psychologist works

With an individual patient, group or with an organization as per the patient’s need. A psychologist work at various places according to their specializations such as schools, hospitals, community centres, organizations etc.

However, it must be noted that a psychologist is different from a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist works in a hospital environment and they hold the medical degree while a psychologist undertakes a degree in psychology and works in a non-medical environment.

Psychologists are engaged in

Research in the field of education, neurosciences, gender, or other fields. They can work in Government Agencies, Hospitals and Clinics, Schools, Social Welfare Organisations, Rehabilitation Centres, Research Establishments, Prisons, Child/Youth Guidance Centres, or may go for Private Practice.

A Psychologist can specialize as a Clinical Psychologist, School Counsellor, Community Psychologist, Sports Psychologist, Organizational Psychologist, Developmental Psychologist etc.

Eligibility required for a careers in Psychology in India

To become a Psychologist, you must do a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Then you can opt to do a Master’s degree in any one of the following fields:

  • Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Applied
  • Sports
  • Child
  • Behavioural Neuroscience
  • Computational
  • Clinical
  • Criminology
  • Counselling
  • Cyberpsychology
  • Experimental
  • Developmental
  • Health
  • Forensic
  • Mental Health Counselling
  • Industrial and Organizational
  • Rehabilitation Psychology
  • Social Psychology.

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9 Top Colleges for Psychology in India at UG level

  1. Lady Shri Ram College for Women
  2. Jesus and Mary College
  3. Jai Hind College, Mumbai
  4. Fergusson College, Pune
  5. Indraprastha College for Women
  6. Mithibai College, Mumbai
  7. Christ University
  8. St. Xavier’s Mumbai
  9. Kamala Nehru College for Women.

5 Top Colleges for Psychology in India at PG level

  1. TATA Institute of Social Science
  2. Amity Institute of Behavioural Health and Allied Science, Noida
  3. Indian Institute of Psychological Research
  4. Ambedkar University
  5. Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Delhi.

Careers in Psychology: Conclusions

There could be a hundred reasons to study psychology, but the one that tops is that it’s exciting. Read about Olumayowa Aina.

It will be an adventure where we get to know ourselves and other people a little more each day, how they behave in different situations, and why do they behave like it.

Studying Psychology will make us ask our minds many questions. Questions that don’t always have an answer.

Career planning is an intense affair and iDreamCareer is the foremost in India helping millions of young minds discover their true mettle.

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