Career as a Sculptor

in India

Sculptors are fine artists who work with 3-dimensional artworks using various materials like stone, clay, glass, metal, etc. They create statues made of various materials; create installation art (installation art are 3 dimensional artwork installed in a site; these might be removable also; statues are carved figures of humans or animals, installation art does not portray humans or animals necessarily but could be just a creative abstract sculpture); create digital art (using computer graphics, both 2-D and 3-D graphics as well as motion graphics; and so on.


Why become a Sculptor?

Are you somewhat aware of the work of Michelangelo, Rodin, Anish Kapoor and Bharti Kher? Are you fascinated by the various creations of art such as a painting, a sculpture or a digital art? Are you in awe with the various famous statues such as the Statue of Liberry or the Sardar Patel Statue sculpted recently in India? Do you find yourself connecting with a work of art and feel like even you could create such art? Are you good in sketching, painting or creating clay models or models of plaster of paris? A career in art is a bit of struggle at the beginning but art does pay and you can have a good career in it.

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