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A model is someone who promotes garments, accessories, such as jewellery, footwear, cosmetics. Handbags, etc. They are persons who pose or enacts as users of products and services to appeal to the end users. Models display products to designers and customers. They act as if they themselves are the users of the product or service to attract potential customers. They dress up from top to toe, wear complete garments along with matching jewellery to show how to match clothes and accessories. Models need to demonstrate the features of the product in different ways. They need to pose while standing, walking, sitting, and in other ways the photographer might ask them to do so. They are generally a part of tv commercials, photo ads, print ads. They may do fashion shows, private showings and could also be promoting products in retail establishments. They might work on a part-time basis and take up contractual jobs. They have to be open to working in different shifts as well.


Why become a Model (Vocational)?

Are you attracted to the world of glitz and glamour? Do you love to be clicked for photos? Are you always ready to face a camera? Do you also love to travel to new places and talk to new faces? Do you often pose in front of a mirror in your new clothes? Are you enthused about taking part in fashion shows in your school or elsewhere? Then you should definitely read about Models, what they do, how they do it and how to become a successful Model. This can be a good career option for you.

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