Career as a Actor (Vocational)

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Actors need to read scripts and meet with agents and other professionals before accepting a role. They need to audition in front of directors and producers. After getting selected, they need to research their character’s personal traits and circumstances to better portray them to an audience. They also need to memorize and rehearse their lines with other actors. It is their duty to discuss their role with the director and other actors to improve the overall performance of the show. Then they need to perform the role, following the director's directions. Actors express ideas and portray characters in theatre, film, television, and other performing arts media. They also work at theme parks or other live events. They interpret a writer’s script to entertain or inform an audience. In some stage or film productions, actors need to sing, dance, or play a musical instrument. For some roles, an actor must learn a new skill, such as horseback riding or stage fighting.


Why become a Actor (Vocational)?

There is a hidden Actor in many of us! Have you been interested in acting as a child? Do you love to enact movie roles or act like some character from your favourite movie? Have you participated in drama performances in your school? Do you love to do role-plays while hanging out with your friends? Do you also love to dance or maybe hum a song and waltz on your own? Acting may be just the perfect career choice for you.

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