Career as a Dietitian Assistant

in India

Dietitian assistants work with senior dietitians to help people regarding their food choices. Assistants make important decisions about the diets that are necessary to follow by advising people what is best for them. They inform the public of the necessity of nutrition in their meals and influence their choices. Dietitian assistants are extremely valuable to dietitians and patients alike. They help patients choose food, monitor the food being consumed them, help patients understand how tubes and pumps work, weigh the patients and explain the diet and nutrition plan that is selected for them. They work with both healthy patients and people who are sick to help prevent digestive problems, eating disorders, weight loss, and allergies. They usually work in hospitals, clinics and may even visit their patients in their homes to advise them.


Why become a Dietitian Assistant?

Are you interested in being physically fit and strong? Do you like to suggest and advise people about diet plans and healthy food habits? Do you have a dream of being on your own and earn a lot of money? A career as a Dietitian Assistant could be a good option for you to start with. as you grow, you can become an independent Dietician as well.

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