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A List of Top Universities in Ireland: Emerald Isle’s Best Pick

Top Universities in Ireland

Ireland has become a sought-after location for students from all over the world looking to pursue higher education. Ireland offers an exceptional academic experience that cannot be found anywhere else. It has a rich history, beautiful scenery, and a thriving cultural environment. Nonetheless, selecting a university from the top universities in Ireland might be difficult given the wide range of options. The top universities in Ireland will be discussed in this blog with their latest QS Global University Rankings, tuition fees, and much more.

Our list will give you a general overview of the top universities in Ireland so you can decide if you want to pursue a degree in science, engineering, business, or the humanities. In order to help you traverse the application process easier. Thus, whether you’re an international student considering Ireland as your study abroad location or a local student seeking the top universities in Ireland, this blog article will be your definitive guide to the desired college you might have been looking for.

What all is covered in this post?

We got it! Since you are here at this corner, you are interested in studying in Ireland. In order to inform you about the top universities in Ireland, we have come up with this blog.

Top Universities in Ireland Post Covered

List of Top 8 Universities in Ireland

You have always seen different universities being ranked as per the set parameters by QS. Let’s now try to look into the matter of how QS ranks universities. QS ranks universities on sudden standards, such as:

  • Academic Reputations: Academic reputation, which accounts for 40% of the final score, considers how well institutions around the world are doing in terms of both teaching and research. QS collects more than 130,000 expert opinions from the higher education sector, resulting in the largest global poll of academic opinion.
  • Employer Reputation: QS is aware that students desire to graduate with the qualifications needed for the job market. In addition to identifying which universities produce the most skilled, creative, and productive graduates, QS also evaluates how well-prepared students are for successful employment.
  • Faculty/Student Ratio: This factor takes into account the fact that having a lot of professors per student helps ease the burden of teaching and creates a more positive learning environment. QS evaluates the extent to which educational institutions give students useful access to lecturers and tutors.
  • International Students/Faculty Ratio: A university with a large international student body has many advantages. It shows the university’s capacity to draw talented teachers and students from all over the world, and it suggests a strong international orientation.

Let’s look at the top…

8 Universities in Ireland Based on Their Latest QS Rankings

UniversityQS Global Ranking
Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin98
University College Dublin181
University of Galway270
University College Cork303
Dublin City University471
University of Limerick531-540
Maynooth University801-1000
Technological University Dublin801-1000

About the Top Universities in Ireland

We have now seen the best universities in Ireland based on their latest QS Global Rankings. Now, we will have a look at each one of them in brief regarding their available programs and tuition fees.

Here we go.

Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

One of the top universities in Ireland is Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, which is ranked 98th globally and first in Ireland (QS World University Rankings 2023). The University, which was established in 1592, has a rich history and a standing for distinction in learning, research, and innovation.

LocationTrinity College, Dublin Ireland
Master of Business Administration
Doctor of Philosophy
Course Fees11,364 EUR/Year

University College Dublin

One of Ireland’s top universities, University College Dublin (UCD), is situated in Dublin, the country’s capital. It was established in 1854 and has a long history of academic innovation and success.

LocationDublin, Ireland
Master of Business Administration
Doctor of Philosophy
Course Fees20,500 EUR/Year

University of Galway

One of the oldest and biggest institutions in Ireland, the University of Galway is a research-driven institution that has been enlightening minds since 1845. Although we have strong roots in Galway City and the West of Ireland, where it is known for its distinctive culture, creative industries, medical technology, maritime environment and economy, and innovation, we are an international institution with worldwide ambition.

LocationUniversity Road, Galway, IE, Galway Ireland
Health Sciences
Course Fees24,000 EUR/Year

University College Cork

Since its founding in 1845, University College Cork has combined a strong legacy of teaching, research, and scholarship to become a top-tier university. The caliber of UCC’s academic programs is unmatched.

LocationWestern Road, Cork, IE, Cork Ireland
CoursesArts, Celtic Studies & Social Sciences
College of Business and Law
College of Medicine and Health
College of Science, Engineering & Food Science
Course Fees22,000 EUR/Year

Dublin City University

The university of enterprise in Ireland is called Dublin City University (DCU). DCU has swiftly expanded in size and performance since it was founded as a university in 1989. It is located on an 85-acre dynamic and fulfilling campus that is full of student life, sports, and recreational facilities.

LocationDublin City University, Dublin, Ireland
Health Sciences
Course Fees26,000 EUR/Year

University of Limerick

Around 15,000 students, 1,500 academic and staff members, and an independent, globally-minded university make up The University of Limerick (UL). A young, vibrant, and entrepreneurial university, it has a rich history of educational innovation and superiority in research and scholarship.

LocationLimerick, Castletroy, Limerick Ireland
Health Sciences
Sports Sciences
Course Fees22,000 EUR/Year

Maynooth university

The caliber and importance of our research and scholarship, as well as our commitment to teaching and our students, have earned Maynooth University recognition on a global scale.

LocationMaynooth, Ireland
Social Sciences
Course Fees21,000 EUR/Year

Technological University Dublin

In Dublin, Ireland, there is a highly regarded university called Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin). It provides a comprehensive selection of undergraduate and graduate programs in numerous academic fields.

LocationDublin, Ireland
Social Sciences
Course Fees20,000 EUR/Year

Royal Colleges of Surgeons in Ireland

Since 1784, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) has been at the forefront of training medical specialists. Originally serving as Ireland’s center for surgical training, the institution currently represents the diversity of healthcare professions and is dedicated to enhancing healthcare education in order to enhance patient outcomes.

LocationDublin, Ireland
Healthcare Management
Course Fees62,000 EUR/Year

Munster Technological University

Ireland’s Cork and Kerry are home to Munster Technological University (MTU), a brand-new technology university. It provides a comprehensive selection of undergraduate and graduate programs in numerous academic fields.

LocationCork and Kerry, Ireland
Social Sciences
Course Fees15,000 EUR/Year


There are many top universities in Ireland, which has a longstanding reputation for academic brilliance and cutting-edge research. Ireland provides a wide variety of academic fields and programs for students to choose from, including the famed Trinity College Dublin and the cutting-edge University College Cork. Irish institutions are renowned for their welcoming, inclusive learning environments that give students the chance to develop both intellectually and personally. Pursuing higher education in Ireland may be a life-changing experience that offers up a world of opportunities, whether you are an international student or a local. Overall, and for good reason, the best universities in Ireland continue to draw students from all over the world.

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Top Universities in Ireland: FAQs

What are some of the top universities in Ireland?

Some of the top universities in Ireland include Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, University College Cork, National University of Ireland Galway, and Dublin City University.

Can international students apply to the top universities in Ireland?

Yes, international students are welcome to apply to universities in Ireland. However, they will need to meet the entry requirements and visa regulations set by the Irish government.

What is the language of instruction in the top universities in Ireland?

English is the language of instruction in universities in Ireland. However, some universities may require non-native English speakers to provide proof of their English language proficiency.

What are some popular programs offered by the top universities in Ireland?

Universities in Ireland offer a wide range of programs, but some popular ones include Business and Management, Computer Science, Engineering, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences.

Can students work while studying in Ireland?

Yes, students can work part-time while studying in Ireland, but there are some restrictions on the number of hours they can work. International students may also need to obtain a work permit before taking up employment.

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