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Looking for Teaching Courses After 12th? Check Out the Top Courses, Colleges, Fees, Jobs, and More Here

Looking for Teaching Courses After 12th

Do you know? India nearly has 1.2 lakh schools with just one teacher each! Yes, this isn’t a joke but a stat from an article from the Times of India. You will be surprised to know that almost 8% of Indian schools have just one single teacher. Also, you know what? According to another report by the Times of India, 60% of specially-abled students drop out due to the teacher shortage. Teachers – one of the most important fundamental pillars is just running out of numbers. To overcome the shortage, we already have the top teaching courses after 12th.

These teaching courses after 12th are perfectly aligned with the training, knowledge, and skills required to become a quality teacher. If you want to build a career in academia, these teaching courses after 12th could be the icebreaker for you. In this blog, we will be looking at the top teaching courses after 12th that you can opt for, their placement scenario, and other relevant information. So, just tighten up your seatbelts, and let’s get started!

Why Choose Teaching Courses after 12th?

Choosing teaching courses after 12th can be a boon to someone who is looking forward to being a teacher, lecturer, or professor in the future. The course opens up the door to the new world of training. Now, let’s look at the top reasons to pursue teaching courses after 12th:

  • Global Impact: Teachers are globally recognized for their importance. UNESCO’s World Teachers’ Day celebrates their role and a historical recommendation in 1966 improved working conditions for teachers everywhere.
  • Helping Solve Teacher Shortage: The theme for 2023 emphasizes the urgent need to address the shortage of teachers worldwide. In India alone, there’s a shortage of over 10 lakh teachers in primary and secondary schools. Choosing to teach can contribute to filling this crucial gap.
  • Continuous Learning: Teaching is a job where you keep learning. The field is always changing, from adapting to online teaching to staying updated on educational trends. This constant learning keeps teachers’ skills sharp.
  • Competitive Salaries: Teacher salaries have improved over time, making it a financially rewarding career. Starting salaries for pre-primary and primary teachers are around INR 3.5-4 LPA, and as you gain experience, higher secondary and senior secondary teachers can earn between INR 4.5 to 5.5 LPA. Professors in colleges and universities earn an average INR 7-8 LPA in government institutions, with the potential for even more in private institutions.

Also, read Career in Teaching for more information.

Eligibility Criteria for Teaching Courses After 12th

Folks, you need to understand that becoming a teacher is a process and a process does not have certain requirements. You just need to do things right and that will make a difference. However, there are some of the criteria that you need to consider, such as:

  1. You must hold a bachelor’s degree in any field with a minimum aggregate of 50-60% marks.
  2. There are certain examinations in India that you might need to take if you are applying for a government job.
  3. For different courses at different academic levels, you might need to have different degrees. For a master’s, you need to have a bachelor’s degree. For a doctorate degree, you must hold a master’s degree as well.

Well, it is just the end of the requirements. As I mentioned earlier, there aren’t a plethora of checkboxes that you need to tick – instead do all the things rightfully. Well, while becoming a teacher, you exercise certain skills, so you ought to have some of the skills beforehand to have a smooth journey.

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Skills Required for Teaching Courses After 12th

In this section, we will be looking at the list of certain skills required for teaching courses after 12th. Do not worry if you do not have these skills, they will just make the journey a seamless one. The certain skills required for teaching courses after 12th are mentioned in the table below:

Communication SkillsCreativity
AdaptabilityProblem-Solving Skills
Organizational SkillsTech Savvy
Classroom ManagementPassion for Learning

List of the Top Teaching Courses After 12th in India

The most awaited section is here – the list of the top teaching courses after 12th. In this section, we will see the different types of courses based on their academic levels. We will be looking at the top courses, along with their course duration and the type of course.

Here is the list of the top teaching courses after 12th in India:

Course NameCourse TypeDuration of the Course
Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Education (BA + Bed)Degree04 Years
Bachelor of Science + Bachelor of Education (BSc + Bed)Degree04 Years
Bachelor of Elementary Education (B El Ed)Degree04 Years
Diploma in Education (D Ed)Diploma02 Years
Bachelor of Education (B Ed)Degree02 Years
Master of Education (M Ed)Degree02 Years
Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD)Degree03 Years

These are some of the top teaching courses after 12th that you might like to consider. These courses provide you the fundamental education needed for teachers’ training. Let’s look at the basic definitions of these courses below:

Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Education (BA + Bed)

The BA + BEd program mixes a Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Education, getting students ready for various teaching jobs. This way of learning covers a wide range of subjects and teaches not just specific topics but also how to be a good teacher, which is really important for those who want to become educators.

Bachelor of Science + Bachelor of Education (BSc + Bed)

The BSc + BEd program mixes a Bachelor of Science with a Bachelor of Education, preparing students for teaching in science. This approach combines science know-how with good teaching methods, getting future teachers ready to excite and motivate students in the exciting field of science education.

Bachelor of Elementary Education (B El Ed)

The B El Ed program teaches the basics of education, getting students ready to be elementary school teachers. It covers different subjects, ways of teaching, and how kids grow, helping students learn the skills to make interesting and helpful classrooms for young students.

You can also check out the comprehensive guide on How to Pursue a Career in the Education Sector for detailed information.

Diploma in Education (D Ed)

The D Ed program is made to give important skills to people who want to be teachers. It teaches about education theories, and how to teach, and gives real experience in classrooms. This diploma helps students learn the basics to become good teachers and prepares them for successful careers in education.

Bachelor of Education (B Ed)

The Bachelor of Education (B Ed) program is a comprehensive course preparing students for diverse teaching roles. It covers educational theories, teaching strategies, and practical experiences, fostering the skills necessary for effective teaching. This program focuses on equipping individuals with the knowledge and expertise to make a positive impact in the field of education.

Master of Education (M Ed)

The Master of Education (M Ed) program is an advanced course designed for educators seeking to deepen their expertise. It delves into advanced educational theories, research methodologies, and leadership skills. With a focus on enhancing teaching practices, this program equips graduates to excel in educational leadership roles and make significant contributions to the field.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD)

The PhD program in Education is a challenging research-focused course for scholars who want to improve education. It focuses on thorough research, thinking carefully, and creating new educational ideas. Graduates help improve what we know about education and how it’s done, making a big difference in the field.

Top Colleges for Teaching Courses After 12th

We have seen a comprehensive list of the teaching courses after 12th. Now, you must be thinking about where to pursue these top courses from. Well, in this section, we will be listing some of the popular colleges that offer teaching courses in India. We will also be knowing about the type of courses they offer along with the average tuition fees (if available).

Name of the CollegeCourse OfferedAverage Tuition Fees
Lady Shri Ram College for WomenBachelor of Elementary Education (B El Ed)INR 20,230 (1st Year)
Kasturi Ram College of Higher EducationBachelor of Education (B Ed)N/A
Jamia Millia IslamiaBachelor of Education (B Ed)
Master of Education (M Ed)
INR 6800 to INR 8000 per year (varies)
Mahatma Gandhi University KottayamBachelor of Education (B Ed)INR 45,000 per annum
Lovely Professional UniversityBachelor of Education (B Ed)
Master of Arts (MA) in Education
INR 30,000 per semester
Amity UniversityBachelor of Education (B Ed)
Master of Education (M Ed)
PhD in Education
INR 0.61 Lakh/sem INR 0.45 Lakh/sem INR 0.50 lakh/sem
Banaras Hindu UniversityBachelor of Physical Education (B P Ed)N/A
Lady Irwin CollegeBachelor of Education (B Ed)N/A
University of LucknowBachelor of Education (B Ed0N/A
Kamla Nehru MahavidyalayaBachelor of Education (B Ed)N/A

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Teaching Courses After 12th Placement Scenario

Starting a teaching career right after 12th class can be fulfilling and impactful. Several teaching courses after 12th led to the dynamic field of education with promising job prospects. Many aspiring teachers opt for a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) after 12th. This course provides the necessary pedagogical skills and knowledge for the teaching profession, leading to job opportunities in schools, coaching centers, and educational institutions.

Alternatively, Integrated B.A. B.Ed. and B.Sc. B.Ed. programs combine a bachelor’s degree with teacher training, offering a broader educational foundation. Graduates with these integrated degrees enhance their subject-specific expertise and are well-regarded in the education sector.

The demand for qualified educators remains high, especially given the increasing focus on quality education. Pursuing specialized courses in areas like special education or early childhood education can further improve your job prospects.

Job Opportunities and Average Salary

There are plenty of job opportunities available once you pursue teaching courses after 12th. In this section, we will be looking at the top job roles available along with their average salaries in India.

Top Job RolesAverage Salary in India
School TeacherINR 2.98 LPA
College LecturerINR 3.96 LPA
Education ConsultantINR 3.25 LPA
Curriculum DeveloperINR 5.36 LPA
Educational AdministratorINR 2.75 LPA
Private TutorINR 2.10 LPA
Special Education TeacherINR 3.66 LPA
Corporate TrainerINR 4.94 LPA
Online InstructorINR 3.50 LPA
Assessment and Education ResearcherINR 6.0 LPA

This is not just a comprehensive list, there are numbers of jobs as well. Also, the source for these salaries is PayScale, GlassDoor, or AmbitionBox.

That’s All for Today!

Opting for teaching courses after 12th opens the door to a great career in education. Courses like BEd or integrated programs give you the skills to teach and understand your subjects well. After finishing these courses, you can become a schoolteacher, college lecturer, or education consultant.

Since there’s always a need for quality teachers, you get the chance to shape young minds and make a difference. Don’t forget, that combining what you learn in class with hands-on experience from internships and workshops makes you more employable. If you love teaching, choosing teaching courses after 12th can lead to a satisfying and fulfilling career.

We hope you have all the information needed to make the right career decision! However, choosing the right career could be a daunting task for anyone! And that’s why we are here to help you. Understand what it takes and whether you have it in you. You can avail of iDreamCareer’s special services for that.

We are here to assist you in making an informed decision about your future in this thriving field. Take advantage of iDreamCareer’s College & Course Selection Program today and embark on the path toward a successful future! 

Teaching Courses After 12th: FAQs

Which course is best for a teacher after 12?

Pursuing a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) is a popular choice for aspiring teachers after 12th, providing essential pedagogical skills and subject expertise.

Which course is best for teachers?

For teachers, a Master of Education (M.Ed) is an excellent option to advance their teaching skills and career prospects, offering specialized knowledge in education.

What is the alternative to B.Ed?

An alternative to B.Ed is pursuing integrated programs like B.A. B.Ed or B.Sc. B.Ed, combining a bachelor’s degree with teacher training for a comprehensive educational foundation.

What is the full form of JBT in teaching?

JBT stands for Junior Basic Training. It is a teaching course that focuses on elementary education, preparing individuals for primary school teaching roles.

What is the salary of a JBT teacher in India?

The salary of a JBT (Junior Basic Training) teacher in India varies, but on average, it can range from Rs. 2.5 lakh to Rs. 4 lakh per annum, depending on the state and experience.

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