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Best Fashion Designing Colleges in Indore You Must Know About

Fashion Designing Colleges in Indore

Do you love fashion and dream of being a fashion designer? Well, if you do, Indore, a fast-growing city in India, has some great colleges for fashion design. In this city, which beautifully combines tradition and modernity, fashion is booming, and there’s a growing need for talented designers. Fashion designing colleges in Indore will surely give you a way out to your dream.

Fashion Designing Colleges in Indore are the perfect place to nurture your creativity and learn the skills you need for a successful fashion career. These schools teach you everything from drawing your design ideas to showcasing them on the runway. They cover all aspects of the fashion industry, whether you’re into high-end fashion, eco-friendly clothing, or fashion technology.

In this overview of fashion design colleges in Indore, we’ll explore the best colleges, their programs, teachers, campus facilities, and the lively fashion community in the city.  If you’re a local student or thinking of moving to Indore for your studies, this guide will help you choose the right fashion college to begin your fashion career. So, let’s begin this exciting journey to discover the amazing opportunities that await you in the world of fashion design in Indore!

List of the Best Fashion Designing Colleges in Indore

In this section, we shall be looking at the list of the best fashion designing colleges in Indore. These top colleges offer you quality education and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Well, we will also be listing the top colleges along with their NAAC accreditations (if applicable).

Name of the College/instituteAccreditations
SAGE UniversityA by NAAC
Graduate School of BusinessA+ by NAAC
Renaissance UniversityB by NAAC
Sri Aurobindo Institute of TechnologyN/A
IPS AcademyB by NAAC
Grafiti Institute of Fashion TechnologyN/A
Krishna Institute of Fashion TechnologyN/A
Virtual Voyage College of DesignUGC Approved
Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth VidyalayaA by NAAC

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About the Best Interior Designing Colleges in Indore

In this section, we will cover some of the crucial details regarding the top 10 fashion designing colleges in Indore. We will be looking at the popular courses offered, average annual fees, and the prominent recruiters. So, let’s begin the journey.

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SAGE University

SAGE University is one of the best fashion designing colleges in Indore. This college provides a complete fashion design program, offering specializations in areas like making clothes, merchandising (selling fashion), and communicating about fashion. Students who join this program at SAGE University get to use modern design rooms, and advanced labs, learn from experienced teachers, and enjoy top-notch facilities.

Top CoursesBachelor of Design (Fashion and Apparel Design)
Average FeesAround INR 75,000 per year
Top RecruitersWalmart, Morgan Stanley, Software, Infosys, Zetwerk, Microsoft, etc

Graduate School of Business

At GSB, the school’s program helps students really get to know the fashion world. This knowledge empowers them to make smart choices as they pursue their careers in fashion design. GSB even has its own design workshop and a group of experts who guide students in the hands-on part of fashion design. Additionally, the college provides opportunities for students to work with well-known fashion designers and companies in the city through internships, which helps them improve their skills even more.

Top CoursesBBA Degree + 3 Years Fashion Design
Certificate Course
3 years Fashion Design Certificate Course
1 year PG Fashion Design Certificate Course
Average FeesN/A
Top RecruitersSuper 77, Ask Innovation, Scholar India, Duke Thomson, Cipla, etc

Renaissance University

If you want to be a fashion designer, consider Renaissance University in Indore. They have lots of different courses and specializations to teach you the fundamentals of fashion design. The university also has very experienced teachers who give students a complete understanding of the fashion world.

Top CoursesBDes in Fashion Technology and Accessory Design
Certificate Program in Fashion Design
Masters in Fashion Management
Master of DesignPhD in Fashion Designing
Average FeesBDes: INR 1.30 lakh/year 
Certificate Program: INR 1.30 lakh/year
Masters in Fashion Management: INR 60,000 per year
Master of Design: INR 60,000 per year
PhD in Fashion Designing: INR 80,000 per year
Top RecruitersWillis Watson, AL Futtaim Group, and Berger Paints, etc

Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology

Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology is a respected design school in Indore that’s been teaching fashion design since 2009. They have a program to teach students about the newest trends and methods in fashion design, letting them explore their creative side. The program includes hands-on practice and assignments to give students the knowledge and skills they need for a successful fashion career.

Top CoursesBachelor of Design
Average FeesINR 02-04 Lakh
Top RecruitersMicrosoft, Amazon, Google, etc

IPS Academy

The college has a team of skilled and well-known designers from both India and other countries. They also help students find internships and job placements with top fashion companies. IPS Academy is well-respected by employers because of the high-quality graduates it produces. Additionally, the college offers scholarships and prizes to students who deserve them.

Top CoursesBachelor of Design (Fashion Design)
Certificate Course in Fashion Design
PG Diploma in Fashion Designing and Marketing
Average FeesN/A
Top RecruitersN/A

Graffiti Institute of Fashion Technology

Graffiti Institute Of Fashion Technology (GIFT) is a top-notch fashion design school in Indore. It provides students with a great education to enhance their understanding and abilities in the world of fashion design. The college offers various courses, starting from bachelor’s degrees to postgraduate options, so students can follow their dreams in the fashion industry.

Top CoursesB.Design FASHION
Certificate – Fashion Design & Boutique Management
Diploma – Fashion Design
Fashion Styling & Costume DesignPG-Fashion
Average FeesN/A
Top RecruitersN/A

Krishna Institute of Fashion Technology

Krishna Institute of Fashion Design is among the top 10 fashion designing colleges in Indore. It’s a well-liked choice for students who want a career in fashion design. The college provides a variety of courses, including diplomas and degrees, in various fashion areas like making clothes, working with fabrics, selling fashion, and more.

Top CoursesBDes Fashion
MDes Fashion
Certificate in Fashion Design
Diploma in Fashion Design
Average FeesN/A
Top RecruitersSuper 77, Ask Innovation, Scholar India, Duke Thomson, Cipla, etc

Virtual Voyage College of Design

Virtual Voyage has a team of skilled teachers who are experts in their respective fields. They make sure students really understand all the parts of fashion design. The college also has labs with good equipment for hands-on learning in the field.

Top CoursesBDes in Fashion Design
BVoc in Fashion Design
MBA in Fashion Business Management
Average FeesN/A
Top RecruitersN/A

Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vidyalaya

The college offers several programs like a Bachelor’s in Fashion Designing, a Bachelor’s in Fashion Technology, a Master’s in Fashion Designing, a Master’s in Fashion Technology, and a Diploma in Fashion Designing. These programs use a curriculum that’s relevant to the fashion industry, getting students ready for the tough world of fashion design.

Top CoursesBachelor of Design
Master of Design
Average FeesINR 60,000 per year
Top RecruitersHDFC Bank, SBI Cards, ITCS – Digital, Wipro, Jaro Education, CapitalVial, Cinif Technologies, etc

While there are several top Fashion Designing Colleges in India, you can also explore fashion designing colleges in several cities of India, like:

Fashion Designing Colleges in PuneFashion Designing Colleges in Mumbai
Fashion Designing Colleges in HyderabadFashion Designing Colleges in Bangalore
Fashion Designing Colleges in DelhiFashion Designing Colleges in Kolkata

Eligibility Criteria for Best Fashion Designing Colleges in Indore

To be eligible for admission into the best fashion design colleges in Indore, students should meet the following criteria:

  • For undergraduate courses, students must have completed their 10+2 with a minimum aggregate of 50%.
  • For postgraduate courses, students must have completed their bachelor’s degree in a relevant field with the minimum GPA required.
  • Students also need to qualify for the required entrance exam in order to be eligible for admission.

Let’s now look at the required entrance exams for admission into the best fashion design colleges in Indore.

Best Fashion Designing Colleges in Indore Entrance Exams

There are certain national-level entrance exams required for admission into the best fashion design colleges in Indore. Some of the important exams are mentioned below for your reference:

Entrance ExamsFull Form
CEEDCommon Entrance Exam for Design
NIDNational Institute of Design Entrance Exam
MITID DATMIT Institute of Design Aptitude Test
UCEEDUndergraduate Common Entrance Exam for Design
AIEEDAll India Entrance Exam for Design


If you want to be a fashion designer, Indore has lots of good choices. The city has many excellent fashion design schools, and each has something special to offer. Whether you want a degree, diploma, or special courses, these schools have various programs to help you follow your creative dreams. 

The best fashion designing colleges in Indore have teachers who know a lot, let you practice, and keep up with what’s happening in the fashion world. Indore’s best fashion design schools are like the first steps to making your love for fashion into a successful job.

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What is the fees of fashion design college in Indore?

The fees for fashion design colleges in Indore can vary widely, depending on the institute and the course. It’s best to check with specific colleges for their current fee structure.

Which institute is best for fashion designing?

The best institute for fashion designing in Indore may vary depending on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors like faculty, course offerings, and facilities to make the right choice.

Which college has best placement Indore?

The college with the best placements in Indore can change over time, but institutions like SAGE University have a good track record in this regard.

Is fashion designing a good career?

Fashion designing can be a rewarding career for those passionate about it. Success in this field often depends on creativity, dedication, and hard work.

Is fashion designing a high salary job?

While some fashion designers can earn high salaries, it varies greatly. Initial earnings might be modest, but successful designers can command substantial incomes, especially if they gain recognition in the industry.

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