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All About ANM Nursing Course and Why it’s a Better Career Option?

anm nursing

Are you good at helping people through difficult times? Can you provide first-aid for an accident/injury? Would you be able to care and look after people suffering from diseases or injuries? Do you want to have an in-depth knowledge of healthcare management and medical equipment? How about considering ANM nursing rather than nursing courses?

What Do Stats Say?

With 1.7 nurses per 1,000 population, India falls short of the WHO-recommended figure of 3 nurses per 1,000 population, they said. This means the country would need another 4.3 million nurses by 2024 to meet WHO norms.

Shocked? Do you want to be one of those 4.3 million nurses?

With a worldwide shortage of qualified and registered nurses, nursing has become one of the most in-demand healthcare professions. With excellent salary packages and endless career opportunities, this profession is becoming increasingly popular. Unlike nursing courses such as the Bachelor of Nursing and GNM, the ANM Nursing course is a widely recognized program that does not require you to have an academic background.

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What all is covered in this post?

To make it easier for you, we have created a quick guide to everything you need to know about ANM nursing.

What all is covered in this post of anm nursing

Who is an ANM nurse?

An Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery is also known as a Healthcare Assistant. Their primary duty is to assist qualified healthcare professionals (doctors, senior nurses, midwives, nutritionists, pediatricians, physiotherapists, etc.) in administering treatment and nursing care to patients.

ANM nursing full form

The full form of ANM nursing is Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery.

ANM nursing course details

In this section we have tabulated some course details:

anm nursing course details

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ANM nursing eligibility

There are certain requirements that candidates must fulfill in order to be granted admission to the course they wish to pursue. Check the eligibility for ANM courses in the points below.

  1. To qualify for the ANM programme, candidates must clear class 12th in science subjects.
  2. The percentage required at these stages varies by college. However, the average score a candidate must score is 50%.
  3. The minimum age to apply for this course is 17 years and the age limit is 35 years.

ANM nursing application form – Submission process

The Application Process:

  1. Visit the institution’s official website.
  2. Click “Apply Now” or “Register Here”
  3. Complete your education history with all qualifications.
  4. Fill in details about your work history.
  5. Fill out your personal details.
  6. Submit your application by paying the mentioned fees.

ANM nursing salary

The ANM graduates can expect a starting salary in the range of Rs 8,000 to Rs 12,000 per month. But with experience and attainment of additional educational qualifications, they can earn between Rs 3,20,000 lakh per annum to Rs 8,00,000 lakh per annum. The amount may vary depending on the organization of the employer and the hospital.

ANM nursing college list

Below is the list of top 10 ANM nursing colleges in the country:

  1. AIIMS Delhi – All India Institute of Medical Sciences
  2. Armed Forces Medical College
  3. Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur
  4. Integral University – IUL
  5. Jamia Hamdard
  6. KGMU – King George’s Medical University
  7. NIMS Nursing College, NIMS University
  8. NIMS University
  9. Rama University, Kanpur
  10. Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Science

ANM nursing course fee

ANM nursing course has its own cost and the cost of the course varies depending on the institution or college. The average fee for ANM nursing courses in India ranges from Rs. 35,000 to 1,00,000 per annum. Fees for ANM nursing courses vary from institution to institution.

ANM nursing job

After completing the ANM nursing program, most graduates choose to work or continue their education. ANM nurses work in various institutions including private and public hospitals, industrial plants, orphanages, nursing homes, retirement homes, sanatoriums, and the Armed Forces medical services, among others.

ANM vacancies are frequently advertised in the Indian Red Cross Society, Indian Nursing Council, and other publications. Below are some of the best job profiles after completing the ANM course:

  1. Clinical Nurse Specialist
  2. Legal Nurse Consultant
  3. Forensic Nurse
  4. Travelling Nurse
  5. Nursing Tutor
  6. Healthcare Nurse
  7. Community Health Nurse
  8. Certified Nursing Assistant
  9. Home Care Nurse
  10. ICU Nurse

Final Thoughts

ANM Nursing course will teach you your primary job responsibility which is to provide care to patients either at hospitals/health clinics or at the home of the patients. You will not only have to look after injured and sick patients, but you will also have to offer emotional support to patients as well as to their family members. Typically, ANM Nurses work as part of a team and in close collaboration with doctors. You may still be unsure of whether to be a nurse in the long run and that’s okay, really! 

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Can someone pursue ANM after class 10th?

No, you will not be able to pursue ANM after completing 10th class. To qualify, you must have passed class 12 with a science stream from a recognized board.

Where can you get a job in India after completing the ANM course?

After completing your ANM education in India, you will be able to work in public and private hospitals, nursing homes, defense hospitals, nursing homes, and other institutions.

Is an entrance exam required for ANM programs in India?

Candidates may be required to take the ANM entrance test in India, depending on the university/college offering the particular ANM program in India. In certain circumstances, candidates may be required to take state-level entrance exams, while in others, they may need to sit university entrance exams.

Which is better ANM and GNM?

ANM and GNM are good courses and favorable careers to choose from. Graduates of both courses can work in the private sector. The GNM program is slightly longer than ANM in terms of course duration, so it offers more opportunities.

What are the subjects covered in the ANM program?

Medical care, child care, neonatal care, and health management theory are some of the common topics covered in ANM courses. Nursing institutions in India will define their programs and subjects for the ANM program.

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