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Agnipath Scheme: All You Need to Know

agnipath scheme

The government announced a strong and far-reaching scheme of ‘Agnipath’ on Tuesday, sending Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and three Church officials to avoid criticism that would undermine military expertise, morals, and the spirit of war, and possible leadership in the military.

The recruitment process for 46,000 soldiers, sailors and air forces this year will begin on the basis of “all-India, all-class” under this program, which was approved by a cabinet committee headed by the Prime Minister for Security.

Based on the scheme below, there are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

What is agnipath scheme?

Agnipath scheme, a program for recruiting officers under the ranks of officers, with the aim of deploying strong, young troops at the forefront, many will have four-year contracts. It is a game-changing project that will give the Armed Forces, Navy, and Air Force a very small picture.

Agnipath scheme eligibility

All three services will be registered through a centralized online program, as well as specific forums and campuses conducted by well-known technical colleges such as Industrial Training Centers and the National Qualifications Framework, among others.

Registration will be on the basis of ‘All India All Class’. Agniveers will have to meet the medical requirements for getting shortlisted in the military. Agniveers’ educational qualifications will remain same and the recruitment will be done twice a year.

Agnipath scheme army age limit

Registration will be on the basis of ‘All India All Class’, a qualifying age ranging from 17.5 to 21 years old. However, the upper age limit for candidates who want to apply this year is increased to 23 years from 21 as a one-time waiver.

How to apply for agnipath scheme?

Applicants wishing to apply online for the Agnipath scheme 2022 can check all the informations here in this section.

Scheme NameOfficial Website
Agnipath Scheme Airforce 2022 Recruitment
Agnipath Scheme Army 2022 Recruitment
Agnipath Scheme Navy 2022 Recruitment

Salary under agnipath scheme

New Agniveers will receive a monthly package that includes benefits such as insurance and hardship allowances. The Agniveers will also receive a non-contributory insurance cover of ₹48 lakh during the period.

Year of JoiningDirect Bank SalaryAgniveers Corpus FundAgniveers Corpus Fund by Govt.Total Monthly Salary
1st YearRs. 21000Rs. 9000Rs. 9000Rs. 30000
2nd YearRs. 23100Rs. 9900Rs. 9900Rs. 30000
3rd YearRs. 25580Rs. 10950Rs. 10950Rs. 36500
4th YearRs. 28000Rs. 12000Rs. 12000Rs. 40000
Total Corpus FundRs 5.02 LakhRs 5.02 Lakh
salary under agnipath scheme
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Agnipath scheme recruitment

In this section we will discuss how Indian Army, Air Force, and Navy will recruit the Agniveers.

Indian Army

According to Indian Army Chief General Manoj Pande, the shortlisting and selection will be done on a sound, transparent, fair, and robust assessment system that will ensure that the Indian Army retains the ‘best of best’ on an ‘All India All Class’ basis.

Indian Air Force

According to Air Chief Marshal V R Chaudhari, the program will give the Indian Air Force an opportunity to recruit a wide range of talent from the country and provide them with additional specialized aviation training and non-aviation skills.

Indian Navy

As per Indian Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar, the Agnipath program will ensure that Agniveers acquires operational knowledge of its modern warships, aircraft carriers, submarines, military aircraft, IT systems, and the latest weapons and sensors, and network systems.

It’s a wrap!

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