Career Planning Program of College Students

The pressure to remain the best, on top of hundreds of career options adds to the confusion of students every day. This is why choosing a career is becoming more tricky for students these days. Many children are expected to follow the career path their parents want them to, but this expectation puts their career and, thereby, their future in jeopardy.

Fortunately, with efficiently designed career programs, students are encouraged to choose what’s best for them. With proper career guidance, students are learning their strengths and weaknesses. These career planning program of college students are allowing students to make the right career decision. With the help of professional career guides, students are finding logical solutions and picking out what’s best for them.

How the Career Planning Program with works?

Dealing with the stress of choosing the right college, filling forms and getting admission makes students anxious. IDC with full college admission guidance makes the whole process a lot easier. Our expert counselors evaluate every student and discover what they want.

Here is how IDC helps in career planning for college students:

  • Building self-Awareness: Our career counselors help students figure out what makes them happier. When students love the work they choose, their career is bound to be successful.
  • Required research for students: We provide students with valuable knowledge about the scope in the field they want to pursue. With information about salary, duties, and opportunities, students are finally able to keep their expectations realistic.
  • Wholesome career assessment: Our career assessment tool is specially designed by psychologists to help identify students skills, personality, and interests. Understanding this helps students and their parents to decide which career will be apt for them.
  • Career planning tips: At IDC our counselors encourage students to join extracurricular activities to discover what they are interested in. With effective tips we help students to go for a career they will be satisfied in.

Our goal is to educate both students and parents in the right direction so that they excel in the future.

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Find the Right Career Option with IDC

To have a successful career in future students must understand their skills and interest better. And with best career planning program of college students, students can strategise their career path efficiently. IDC provides professional guides who use modern assessment techniques and career tests to help students understand their true potential.

Career planning programmes by IDC:

Each student is different; their interests and ambitions differ too. But often students are misled, which only results in a waste of time and money. Proper career assessment by professionals helps them to identify and choose the right path. Here are the techniques IDC uses to help students.

  • Finding the right career option: With the best career planner programme, IDC helps students to identify the right career option.
  • Psychometric assessment: Modern scientific tests like psychometric assessment help students to discover their talent and be confident with their abilities.
  • Choose the perfect stream/subject: career planning for college students in IDC includes guiding the students to take the ideal stream. This helps the students head in the right direction and pursue their chosen career with confidence.
  • Huge scope and exploration of career: IDC helps to explore all the possible career options available to the students. This unbiased guidance lets the students take a rational decision based on their interest.
  • Counselling session for college selection: From college admission guidance to shortlisting colleges that are best for students, IDC's skilled counselors provide guidance in every step.

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What Makes Us The Preferred Choice for Career Planning Program

We believe that every student deserves to succeed in life and with proper guidance, this is possible. Educating parents about what they should do to help their child is as important as educating students. With our effective counselling programs, we make the stressful process of choosing a career much more manageable.

This is what we offer:

  • Workshops for school and college students to give them knowledge about the latest career options.
  • Both online and pen-paper mode assessment tests available in languages like English, Hindi and other regional languages.
  • One on one interaction with the students to understand and analyse their potential.
  • An online portal where students can log in and get updated latest information about various exams and careers.
  • 24×7 support to students for answering their queries and doubts through chatting facilities.
  • Analytical and detailed reports to understand the weakness and the strength of the students. And to guide them on how to work on it.

A practical and well thought-out career choice can build a secure future for all students. And at IDC our only mission is to provide a solution that will achieve this end. With our effective career planning for college students , it is no longer challenging for you to build your career.