Career as a Biotechnologist

in India

Biotechnologists modify and manipulate various parts of living cells and various biochemical processes in cells to develop various products which are beneficial for the humans, the animals and the plants. They are involved in research, development and production of such products. For example, Biotechnologists may research, develop, and produce genetically modified seeds, plants with a desired feature (such as resistance to pests), farm animals with a desired feature (such as resistance to a certain type of infection), medicines, biofuels, etc.


Why become a Biotechnologist?

Are you intrigued by the doble helix structure of a DNA and the genes? Intrigued by so much information they pack in so tiny space? Are you interested to play some sort of Master who can modify the genes to develop plants and animals with a set of specific features such as a square shaped pumpkeen or a bacteria which can produce large amount of human proteins? Or would you like to join medical research and develop drugs which can alter a human gene for a desired effect on health, such as, stopping the onset of certain types of cancer? If these interest you, a career in Biotechnology can open many doors for you.

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