Career as a Mechatronics Engineer

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As a Mechatronics Engineer, you will be researching, developing, designing, manufacturing, and testing automated machines or machine components or mechanical systems using principles of Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, and Computer Sciences. For example, have you heard of car wipers which start automatically when the rain starts falling? How does it work? Windshields of such cars have sensors which trigger a computer/electronic processor. The processor switches on the wiper movement. In normal cars, the driver must start the wiper manually. So, the automated wiper is a Mechatronic System designed by a Mechatronics Engineer.


Why become a Mechatronics Engineer?

Are you interested in machines and metal? Have you tried to open up any of your metal toys or maybe a Beyblade while playing? Do you wish to make machines or large appliances like maybe an electronic door or a robot that works with electricity or battery? Do these things simply mesmerize you? Do you often read about newly discovered gadgets or almost always think of turning screws and knobs to build a large device that can walk around maybe? Then you must be interested in a career as a Mechatronics Engineer. Read on to find more about it and know how else Mechatronics Engineering can be applied in today's industrial world.

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