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Know Everything About a Career – Electronics Mechanic

Electronic Mechanic

Do you have a deep interest in handling electronics and hardware systems? Were you interested in them even as a child? Would you like to repair/fix/maintain computers, laptops, electronic equipment used at homes, industrial electronic equipment, devices, and systems, etc.? Then this will be a suitable career choice for you. Explore to know more.

Electronics Mechanic is responsible for fitting, assembling, and repairing different kinds of electronic equipment like computers, laptops, industrial controls, transmitters, cables, machinery, televisions, antennae, aircraft, military equipment, motor vehicles, and appliances in factories, workshops, offices, residences, etc.

Why become an Electronics Mechanic? 

As an Electrician, you will be laying out and installing wiring and related devices such as distribution boxes, switchboards, power plug points, switches, etc. for transmission of electricity in houses, offices, commercial facilities, industrial facilities, and elsewhere. You will also fit and install electrical equipment such as lights, fans, water pumps, electrical motors, generators, and various other equipment and devices which are run by electrical power. You will have to repair and maintain all these wiring, equipment, and devices.

You will be using various tools such as a multimeter (for testing voltage and other parameters), power testers, cable cutters, voltmeters, etc.

You may be involved in setting up and commissioning power transmission and distribution lines from power plants to sub-stations, from sub-stations to transformers, and from transformers to homes, offices, and other facilities. You will be laying out and commissioning power transmission cables either overground (on transmission towers or poles) or underground. 

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What does an Electronics Mechanic do? 

As an Electrician, you will be engaged with one or more of the following roles and responsibilities: –

  • Diagnosing faults in electrical systems and units and dismantling them if required using testing equipment.
  • Replacing defective parts of electrical equipment and adjusting mechanical parts using hand tools.
  • Applying knowledge to the working of electrical appliances for locating defects.
  • Installing new equipment as additions to existing electrical fittings.
  • Studying and interpreting manuals, blueprints, diagrams, and other specifics for determining installation requirements.
  • Inspection of electrical components of equipment so that new installations are accurate
  • Ensuring proper functioning of industrial electrical equipment.
  • Operating electrical industrial equipment for demonstrating its uses and functions or to find defects.
  • Instructing customers regarding proper maintenance and use of electrical devices.
  • Inspecting/analyzing/fixing connections between more than one electrical device/industrial unit.

How to become an Electronics Mechanic – eligibility criteria 

After Class 10, you can do the following:

  • National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) Certificate and Training.
  • National Apprenticeship Certificate (NAC) after apprenticeship training.
  • Go for a Diploma in ‘Electronics and Engineering’ or related trades.
  • Take vocational training at an ITI (or similar institute).
  • Craftsmen Training Scheme (CTS) Course.

Various private/public vocational training establishments across India offer the following or similar courses:

  • Electronics Mechanic 
  • Mechanic Consumer Electronics Appliances   
  • Mechanic-cum-Operator Electronics Communication System
  • Mechanic Industrial Electronics
  • Mechanic Repair and Maintenance of Electronics Test Equipment
  • Mechanic (Electrical Domestic Appliances)
  • Electronic Systems & Devices
  • Advanced Electronics Maintenance
  • Electronics Trade

Educational fees

The educational fees to become an electronics mechanic is somewhere around Rs. 10,000 to 50,000. 

Job opportunities 

You can start as an Electronics Mechanic, Maintenance Technician, ITI Mechanic, Electronics Maintenance – Executive, Electronic Installation Works Executive, etc. in 

  • Various Electronics Equipment Manufacturing Industries / Workshops.
  • Process industries.
  • Industries manufacturing Solar power-based inverters.
  • Power Distribution Companies.
  • Service industries Home appliances manufacturing company.
  • Power Generation Plant.
  • Central & State Govt. and public sector industries and private industries in India & abroad.
  • Electronic appliance repair workshops/factories.

You may also start your own business after the necessary education and work experience.

Salary of Electronics Mechanic

Salaries vary according to job profiles and the kind of facilities you get to work at.

In entry-level jobs: You may expect between Rs.8000 – 13,000 or more per month.

Salaries increase with your work experience and as you get promoted. In mid-level jobs, with 4-5 years of work experience, you may expect between Rs.10,000 –22,000 or more per month.

After having 6-10 years of work experience, you may expect to earn between Rs. 20,000 – 28,000 per month or even more.

There is a lot of demand for trained Electricians abroad, mostly in Middle Eastern and African countries. After having 2-5 years of experience, as an Electrician, you can earn about Rs. 35,000 – 50,000 or more per month. In these jobs, after having, 7-12 years of experience, you can earn about Rs. 50,000 – 1,20,000 or even more per month.

Career Progression of Electronics Mechanic profession 

You can certainly progress to be a Senior Electrician or Senior Technician or Services Specialist in any organization with proper training and certification, after some initial experience as Electrician, Electrical Technician, Assistant Electrician, Wireman, Machinery Electrician, Fitter, Welder, etc.

The future seems to show bright prospects in this field. Electrical equipment market production is expected to reach the 100 billion US Dollars mark by 2022. Engineering Research and Design revenues are forecasted to reach 42 billion US Dollars by 2022. The capital goods industry turnover is forecasted to reach the mark of 115.17 billion US Dollars by 2025. The construction equipment market is expected to touch the 7 billion US Dollars mark by 2020. The Indian Appliance and Consumer Electronics Industry have shown tremendous growth to more than 2 trillion Indian Rupees (more than 30 billion US Dollars) by 2017. It is expected to reach more than 3 trillion Indian Rupees (more than 45 billion US Dollars) by 2022.

Emerging rural areas also have great purchasing potential, particularly devices like refrigerators and washing machines. Increasing electrification of rural areas is also leading to the growth of this industry. The Indian government aims to provide employment to around 28 million people in the Competitive Electronics Manufacturing Sector by 2020. This will generate more opportunities for Electricians too due to the increasing number of manufactured units per year.

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