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Green Technologists innovate, design and develop novel methods and technologies to assist in monitoring, modeling and conserving the natural environment & resources, as well as to curb the negative impacts of human activities. Their work can be applied to one of several industrial verticals such as automotive, air pollution remediation, civil engineering, energy production, sewerage treatment, agriculture etc. Green Technologists primarily address the issue of sustainable management of natural resources. The objective is to replace hazardous industrial and public practices with socially responsible ones. This is an area where professionals have to turn knowledge into value in the truest sense of it as their fluency of ideas corroborate their success in this field where materialization of new functional concepts and designs is of top priority.


Why become a Green Technologist?

Do you have a creative mind always thinking out of the box? Are you interested in being part of a committed motivated and skilled team of innovators who thrive to build new technology or processes and products for conserving the natural environment & resources? Think of electric vertical takeoff and landing air-taxis! Or atmospheric CO2 sequestering filters? Or artificial leaves performing synthetic photosynthesis? Have you thought of pursuing something environment-hugging to negate the impacts of human activities and go green? The objective is to replace hazardous industrial and public practices with socially responsible ones. You will honestly have to turn your knowledge into value in the truest sense if you intend to connect to this field of work. Come let us take a finer look at all things green – who Green Technologists are, their many types, what they do, how they do it and how to become one.

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