Career as a Engineering Physicist

in India

Engineering Physicist specialises in using the knowledge of physical sciences in solving complex problems in engineering. If you are an Engineering Physicist, you will be working in a wide range of areas like Nuclear Physics, Biomechanics, Electromagnetism, Fluid Mechanics, Material Physics, Solid State Physics, etc. In each of these specialisations, you will be working to solve complex engineering problems (theoretical and practical) and develop newer solutions. You will be developing new technologies, new products, new equipment, or new theories.


Why become a Engineering Physicist?

Do machines excite you? Have you thought of making a machine that is, does its work with faster speed, more accuracy and consuming fewer resources? Isn’t it exciting to think about working with technology and coming with new machines, designs, and systems? An Engineer Physicist does exactly the same. So, if you have the zest for technology, and machines, do consider Engineering Physicist as a career option.

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