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The Power of a Right Career Coach: Understand Everything & Advance Your Future

Career Coach

Are you confused about what to choose after class 12th or what to study after school? Are you looking for someone who can advise you or who can help you with your career decision? Or are you doubting if you are on the right career path? Uncertain about your next move? It’s time to meet your guide – a career coach! In today’s fast-paced world, navigating the professional landscape can be overwhelming, but a skilled career coach can help you chart a course to success.

Imagine having someone who understands your unique strengths and passions and can help you align them with the right career path. A career coach will work closely with you, providing expert advice and guidance tailored specifically to your needs.

No more second-guessing or feeling overwhelmed. With a career coach by your side, you’ll gain clarity and confidence in making those important decisions that will shape your future. They’ll help you explore different industries, polish your resume, and ace those nerve-wracking interviews.

Investing in the right instructor or trainer is investing in yourself. So, why wait? Take the first step towards a fulfilling and successful career today. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a bright future with the support of a dedicated career coach!

Now, the question is…

Who are career coaches?

Career coaches are experts who are specialized in offering coaching and professional development services such as career planning, resume building, etc. to people who need help at various stages in their careers.

  1. Career coaches are skillful paraprofessionals.
  2. Some are even PhD-level practitioners. All are trained educators engaged in exercising scientific & experiential psychological assessment tools to better gauge the human mind.
  3. Career coaches usually are certified experienced/expert industry professionals with 10+ years (or even less for incredibly talented people) of experience in executive roles.
  4. An instructor may also be a certified school teacher/ PG-degree holder or may come from a vocational background like athletic trainers, accountants, academicians, lawyers, psychologists, business executive officers, theatre directors, or also trained & certified homemakers with proven experience.
  5. Most students choose the bandwagon of popular jobs because they are unaware of effective career choices. In this cut-throat competition time, there are so many career opportunities that students get puzzled and then suffer in an uninteresting job.

Career coaching, therefore, is a key component in today’s education space that promises to deliver the best results in terms of higher education.

How to choose the right career coaching services?

The best way to choose the right career instructor is through word of mouth or referrals from other people. Finding the right instructor is a difficult task as a referral could be the best way but that’s not always a good option. So, it is advised to go through Google or other social media platforms to identify someone you can trust with.

The following are some of the tips to narrow down your choice.

  1. Do your Research: Be careful in your search for a Career Coach in the way you would like to hunt for a job. Check out LinkedIn profiles to see recommendations and seek people in your network to receive suggestions and referrals.
  2. Check whether a career coaching company offers career coaches. Tell them you prefer qualified coaches with such backgrounds. Choose your own and do not agree with whoever they offer you.
  3. If you are looking for an independent practicing career coach, you must do a background check before you consult them.
  4. Request for a no-obligation intake session: This works both ways; you have a chance to find out if your coach will be a good match, while they can better meet your specific needs. For the training to be effective, both parties need to be committed to each other.
  5. If you are unsure about the coach, try to opt for a low-cost or complimentary session. Some coaches do offer a free trial service of 15-20 min, and some offer the same at a very small price.

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Now, let’s have a look over the top Career Coaching Companies/Career Coaches/Career Coaches Online…

Top 10 Career Coaching Companies in India

Here’s the list of the top 10 career coaching companies in India:

  1. iDreamCareer
  2. Univariety
  3. Mindler
  4. Career Futura
  5. Dheya
  6. Career Guide
  7. Mentoria
  8. Lodestar
  9. Edumilestones
  10. Jitin Chawla

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Comparison between the top 5 career coaching companies in India

In this section, we will compare the top 5 out of the above-mentioned list of top 10 career coaching companies in India:

Key Product & Beneficiaries

Career Coaching CompaniesKey Product and Beneficiaries
iDreamCareerDiscovery & Admissions – Online and offline career selection, counselling, and guidance services with access to Career Encyclopedia for Class 9-12, Undergraduate and study abroad aspirants. Also offers Certification in Career Counselling to professionals.
UnivarietyAdmission Guidance, Career Counseling, Course/ Career Selection, Psychometric Assessments, and Scholarships. SOP/ Application Guidance, Subject/ Stream selection, teacher training courses and is for mostly Class 11-12 students
MindlerOnline platform as well as offline services for Career selection, counselling, guidance, long term career coaching for Class 8-Graduate students
Career FuturaGuidance services for Foundation strengthening, course & stream selection, career selection, job suitability, and career growth for Class 8-12, graduates, professionals
DheyaStudent Career Counseling services, Career Planning for professionals (Early/ Mid), Life mentoring  to students aged 13 and above, working professionals (upto 55yrs of age)

Self-Career Assessment & Number of Dimensions Evaluated

Career Coaching CompaniesSelf-Career Assessment & No. of Dimensions Evaluated
iDreamCareerYes, 3 (Personality, Aptitude & Interest)
UnivarietyNo, Uses the Assessment Offered by Career Guide which has 4 dimensions (Personality, Aptitude, Interest, Motivators)
MindlerYes, 5 (Style, Interest, Aptitude, Personality, Emotional Intelligence)
Career FuturaYes; 4 (Aptitude, Personality, Interest, Study Habits)
DheyaYes; 4 (Personality, Aptitude, Interest, Strength)

Other Parameters:

Career Coaching CompaniesNational & International RecognitionsCost
iDreamCareerASUGSV, Holon IQ, Business World, UNICEF, UNDP, Govt of India and 17 state govtsRs. 3600 to 9000
UnivarietyHolon IQRs. 2000 – 144550
MindlerHolon IQ, APCDA, Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of IndiaRs. 2400-25000
Career FuturaISO 9001:2008 (not upgraded to the latest version), Science and Technology Park (SciTech Park)Rs. 2999-6999
DheyaNoRs. 15000- 30000 + GST

How to compare these top 10 career coaching companies?

Comparing career coaching companies involves considering several factors to determine which one best suit your needs and goals. Here are some steps you can follow to compare the top 10 companies:

Research the companies

Start by gathering information about each of the top 10 companies. Visit their websites, read their mission statements, explore their services, and learn about their coaches’ backgrounds and qualifications.

Define your goals

Clarify your career goals and what you hope to achieve through career coaching. Are you looking for help with career transition, job search strategies, interview skills, networking, or other specific areas? Identifying your goals will help you evaluate how well each coaching company can address your needs.

Consider coaching methodologies

Look into the coaching methodologies employed by each company. Do they offer one-on-one coaching, group coaching, online programs, or a combination? Consider which approach aligns with your learning style and preferences.

Check client reviews and testimonials

Look for client reviews and testimonials on the coaching companies’ websites or on reputable review platforms. Pay attention to the success stories and feedback from clients who have achieved their career goals through the coaching programs. This will give you insights into the effectiveness and impact of each company’s services.

Assess coach credentials and experience

Evaluate the qualifications and experience of the career coaches associated with each company. Check if they have relevant certifications, degrees, or extensive experience in the industry. A coach with expertise in your field or specific area of interest may be more beneficial.

Compare pricing and packages

Review the pricing structures and coaching packages offered by each company. Consider the duration of the coaching programs, the number of sessions included, and any additional resources provided. Assess whether the cost aligns with your budget and the value you expect to receive.

Seek referrals and recommendations

Ask your network for referrals and recommendations. Reach out to colleagues, friends, or mentors who may have worked with career coaches in the past. Their insights and experiences can help you make an informed decision.

Consider additional resources and support

Look beyond coaching sessions and consider if the companies offer additional resources and support. This could include access to career assessment tools, resume reviews, interview preparation materials, or networking events. These supplementary resources can enhance your coaching experience and increase your chances of success.

Schedule consultations or discovery calls

Narrow down your choices to a few companies that seem most aligned with your goals. Reach out to them and schedule consultations or discovery calls. This will allow you to directly interact with the coaches, ask questions, and assess their communication style and rapport.

Trust your instincts

After considering all the factors mentioned above, trust your instincts, and choose the company that feels like the best fit for you. Remember, personal compatibility and a good working relationship with your coach are crucial for a successful coaching experience.

By following these steps, you can compare the top 10 companies based on their services, client feedback, coach qualifications, pricing, resources, and personal preferences.

Top 20 Career Coaches in India

Now, it’s time to know the top 20 in India:

Top Career Coaches in IndiaTop Career Coaches in India
Kharrthikheyan T NTuhin Akash
Anish RakhejaVarsha Rebello
Priya KhoslaRadhika Toetia
Nidhi MotaSudeep Ghosh
Reshmma GulatiPiyush Rahate
Marian RebelloShachi Maheshwari
Toolika KrishnaTriloke Nath Gupta
Parmita SarmaPrabhat Sinha
Snehal BhattLokman Singh
Suma KoralgundiGirish N.

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Top 10 Career Coaches Online

Looking for a career coach who offers counselling and guidance online? Here’s the list of top 10 career coaches offering online career counselling services:

  1. iDreamCareer
  2. ICS career GPS
  3. Edumilestones
  4. Mindler
  5. Mansi Sethi
  6. TuCareers
  7. Pawan Sharma
  8. Abhijit Bhaduri
  9. Anurag Srivastava
  10. Prakash Menon

Note: The above are not rank lists and do not have any order/sequence. If you’re interested in the primary competing entities, please check this publication for the competition landscape in India.


Career coaches play a crucial role in guiding students toward a successful career path. They provide valuable insights, expertise, and personalized guidance to help students explore career options, set goals, develop essential skills, and make informed decisions. Career coaches assist in identifying strengths, interests, and values, and provide strategies for career selection, stream selection, college selection, etc.

Hope you have your answers by now. Students face tremendous pressure (both from peers and parents) while making life-changing decisions. Career coaching is a supremely essential exercise & its need is increasingly being felt in all spheres of the industry today. iDreamCareer is on a mission to provide the best career-related guidance in India and is helping millions of young minds discover their true mettle. Want to join hands with us?


Why should I hire a career coach?

Hiring a career coach can be beneficial for several reasons. They can provide valuable insights into your strengths, interests, and skills, helping you make more informed career decisions. They can also assist you in setting realistic goals, creating action plans, and holding you accountable throughout the process.

Can a career coach help me if I want to change careers?

Absolutely! Career coaches specialize in helping individuals navigate career changes. They can guide you through the process of exploring new career options, assessing your transferable skills, and identifying areas for development. They can also help you create a transition plan, set realistic expectations, and provide ongoing support as you make the leap to a new career.

How do I find a qualified career coach?

There are several ways to find a qualified career coach. You can start by asking for recommendations from friends, colleagues, or professional networks. Online directories and career coaching associations are also helpful resources for finding certified coaches. When selecting a career coach, it’s important to review their qualifications, experience, and areas of expertise.

Is career coaching confidential?

Yes, career coaching is typically confidential. Coaches adhere to strict ethical guidelines that include maintaining client confidentiality. This means that the information you share during coaching sessions will remain private and will not be disclosed to others without your consent, except in cases where there is a legal or ethical obligation to do so.


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