Career as a Data Scientist/Data Analyst

in India

Data Scientist is the specialist who uses Mathematical and Statistical methods, computer modelling and software to extract knowledge and information from structured (such as a database in MS-Excel or SQL) or unstructured data (such as written text, images, and videos). Data can be anything from population data and personal income data of Indians to images, video, and GPS data. A Data Scientist is different from Data Analyst as Data Scientists use computer modelling and write algorithms to extract information from a large set of data that is normally not possible by using Statistical and Mathematical tools only.


Why become a Data Scientist/Data Analyst?

If Gold was the most important material in a medieval generation, it was overtaken by Oil in the last 50 years. Now as we are entering a digital world, it is clear that data is replacing oil. It is said that people with the right data will be the most powerful people. Remember how the government is trying to protect your data. How every app on your phone ask permission to your use personal data? Data can help solve many challenges for businesses, government, NGOs, scientist, etc. If you love Mathematics and number crunching, then Data Scientist is one of the exciting careers you can look for.

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