Career as a Chemical Engineer

in India

Chemical engineers have to apply principles of chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics to develop solutions for production related problems that include using fuel, food, chemicals and other products. It is the job of a chemical engineer to develop processes for large-scale manufacturing plants. The design the flow of planning and testing of different production cycles and give solutions for managing by-products. Chemical engineers oversee the operations of such facilities.


Why become a Chemical Engineer?

Have you ever wondered how many products we use daily which contain chemicals? Starting from your toothpaste in the morning, the toothbrushes, the soaps, and the shampoos to processed food, medicines, car fuel, lunch boxes, and even the clothes you wear, all these are chemical products and contain various chemicals. The perfumes or deodorants you use, the paints in the walls of your house and even car tyres contain chemicals or require some chemicals for the production of the final products. All these chemical products and other products which contain chemicals are produced in manufacturing plants. Chemical Engineers work in these plants - they design processes, supervise production, troubleshoot production operations, checks the quality of products and so on. Interested?

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