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Top GMAT Books to Boost Up Your MBA Preparation

Top GMAT Books

For those aspiring to pursue a graduate business degree, GMAT Books have been widely recognized as essential resources. The GMAT, a standardized exam evaluating critical thinking, analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative skills, holds great significance in the field of business administration. To effectively prepare for this demanding test, students often rely on a diverse selection of GMAT books available in the market. These GMAT books provide comprehensive study materials, practice questions, and valuable insights into the exam’s structure and content. Crafted by industry experts, GMAT books serve as invaluable resources, helping students enhance their knowledge, refine their test-taking strategies, and achieve their desired scores.

Covering a broad spectrum of subjects, including algebra, geometry, reading comprehension, data sufficiency, and sentence correction, GMAT books also offer beneficial tips and techniques for tackling the exam’s unique question formats. This empowers students to build confidence and optimize their performance on test day. Whether used as primary study guides or supplementary materials, GMAT books play a pivotal role in equipping test-takers with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the GMAT exam and secure admission to esteemed business schools.

Criteria for Evaluating the Best GMAT Books

When evaluating the best GMAT books, consider factors such as comprehensive content, practice questions, expert authorship, updated editions, positive reviews, effective test strategies, and alignment with your specific learning style and goals. Given below are some of the important factors while evaluating the best GMAT books for your MBA preparation:

  • Latest Syllabus and Pattern: Before purchasing any GMAT preparation material, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the GMAT syllabus and exam pattern. With the abundance of available books, it is crucial to ensure that the chosen book aligns with the syllabus and pattern of the exam.
  • Perfect Roadmap: Achieving success on the GMAT requires more than simply solving challenging questions; it involves developing a well-rounded preparation strategy that enables high performance across all exam sections. This strategy may involve identifying a primary section to tackle first or implementing effective time management techniques.
  • Quality Questions: To excel on the GMAT exam, it is crucial to practice a targeted selection of questions that align with the exam’s specific pattern. Focusing on the right set of practice questions plays a pivotal role in achieving a high score on the exam.
  • Answers and Explanations: The GMAT study materials and books should provide answer keys with thorough explanations, enabling individuals to grasp the correct approach for solving various question types. These answer keys should offer detailed insights into the reasoning behind the correct answers, allowing aspirants to comprehend the underlying concepts.

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Best GMAT Books and Online Resources

When it comes to the best GMAT books and online resources, there are several highly recommended options available. Here are a few popular choices:

  1. “The Official Guide for GMAT Review”: Published by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), this book is considered the go-to resource for GMAT preparation. It offers a comprehensive collection of real GMAT questions and detailed explanations.
  2. “Manhattan Prep GMAT Guides”: Manhattan Prep is renowned for its comprehensive GMAT study materials. Their series of GMAT guides cover all sections of the exam, providing in-depth content, practice questions, and strategies.
  3. “Kaplan GMAT Premier”: Kaplan’s GMAT Premier book is well-regarded for its extensive content and practice sets. It offers targeted strategies, practice exams, and online resources to help test-takers succeed.
  4. “Veritas Prep Complete GMAT Course Set”: Veritas Prep’s course set includes several books covering various aspects of the GMAT. They provide comprehensive coverage of the test material, along with practice questions and online resources.
  5. Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a widely recognized and reputable online platform that offers free educational content across various subjects, including GMAT preparation. While Khan Academy does provide valuable resources for general math and verbal skills, it is important to note that it does not offer specific GMAT-focused content.

Remember, the choice of GMAT books and online resources may vary based on individual preferences and learning styles. It is recommended to read reviews, compare features, and consider personal study needs before selecting the best resources for your GMAT preparation.

Best Books for GMAT Preparation: Section-Wise

When it comes to GMAT preparation, having the right books for each section of the exam can be highly beneficial. You need to be aware of the recent changes made in the GMAT exam pattern. Here are some highly regarded books specifically tailored to each section of the GMAT:

Quantitative Section

  • Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides: Quantitative“: This series of books by Manhattan Prep covers various topics in the quantitative section, providing in-depth explanations, practice questions, and strategies.
  • GMAT Quantitative Official Guide“: Published by GMAC, this book includes a comprehensive collection of real GMAT quantitative questions with detailed explanations.

Verbal Section

  • Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides: Verbal“: This set of books from Manhattan Prep focuses on the verbal section, offering comprehensive coverage of critical reasoning, reading comprehension, and sentence correction.
  • GMAT Verbal Official Guide“: Another publication by GMAC, this book provides authentic GMAT verbal questions and explanations.

Integrated Reasoning Section

  • Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides: Integrated Reasoning & Essay”: This book from Manhattan Prep focuses on the integrated reasoning section, offering strategies and practice questions to tackle this unique section of the GMAT.

Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)

  • GMAT Official Guide 2022: Analytical Writing Assessment”: Published by GMAC, this guide provides sample essays, scoring guidelines, and tips for tackling the AWA section.

It is important to note that using a variety of resources, including official GMAT guides, specialized strategy guides, and online practice questions, can enhance your overall preparation. Moreover, regularly practicing with official GMAT practice exams is highly recommended to get a real sense of the exam’s format and timing.

Additional GMAT Resources: Cherry on the Cake

In addition to the section-wise books mentioned above, here are some additional GMAT resources that can further support your preparation:

  • GMATPrep Software: This official software, provided by GMAC, offers two free full-length practice exams that closely simulate the actual GMAT test experience. It is highly recommended to take these practice tests to gauge your performance and get accustomed to the exam format.
  • Official GMAT Practice Questions: GMAC offers additional sets of official practice questions that can be purchased separately. These questions provide a valuable opportunity to practice and reinforce your understanding of the exam content.
  • Online Forums and Communities: Engaging with online forums such as GMAT Club ( or Beat The GMAT ( can offer a wealth of resources. These platforms allow you to connect with fellow test-takers, access study plans, review debriefs from successful test-takers, and seek guidance from experts.
  • GMAT Mobile Apps: Various mobile apps, such as the “GMAT Official Guide” and “Magoosh GMAT Prep & Practice,” provide convenient access to practice questions, flashcards, and study resources on the go.
  • GMAT Prep Courses: Consider enrolling in a GMAT prep course offered by reputable companies like Manhattan Prep, Kaplan, Veritas Prep, or Magoosh. These courses provide structured study plans, expert guidance, additional practice materials, and interactive learning resources.
  • Online Video Lessons: Platforms like Magoosh and Veritas Prep offer comprehensive video lessons that cover various GMAT topics. These videos can help reinforce your understanding of key concepts and provide valuable tips and strategies.


GMAT books play an important role in the preparation of students aiming for success in the Graduate Management Admission Test. These resources offer comprehensive study materials, practice questions, and valuable insights into the exam’s structure and content. By providing expert guidance and detailed explanations, GMAT books enable test-takers to develop the necessary skills and strategies required to excel in each section of the exam.

Whether used as primary study guides or supplementary materials, they provide a systematic approach to mastering critical thinking, analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative skills essential for business administration. Effective utilization of GMAT books significantly enhances the likelihood of achieving desired scores and gaining admission to prestigious business schools.

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GMAT Books: FAQs

Are GMAT books necessary for test preparation?

While not mandatory, GMAT books are highly recommended as they offer valuable study materials, practice questions, and insights into the exam’s format. They can significantly improve your understanding of the content and enhance your test-taking strategies.

Can I rely solely on GMAT books for my preparation?

While GMAT books provide essential resources, it is advisable to supplement your preparation with additional materials such as practice tests, online resources, and interactive courses to enhance your understanding and familiarity with the exam.

How do I choose the best GMAT books for my preparation?

When selecting GMAT books, consider factors such as comprehensive content, practice questions with detailed explanations, positive reviews, alignment with the exam syllabus, and compatibility with your learning style and goals.

Can I use multiple GMAT books simultaneously?

Yes, many test-takers find it beneficial to use multiple GMAT books to gain different perspectives, access more practice questions, and explore a broader range of strategies. Using a combination of resources can provide a comprehensive and well-rounded preparation.

Are there online versions or e-books available for GMAT books?

Yes, many GMAT books are available in e-book formats or as online resources. Online platforms and websites also offer digital study materials, video lessons, and practice questions to complement traditional book formats.

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