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Part Time Jobs to Kickstart Your Career


If you are a student and looking for a part time jobs, this post is for you! With the desire to study abroad comes the desire to get a job somewhere. While getting a top university in your chosen country is a dream that can be easily transformed into a reality, sometimes finding a part-time job can be difficult.

No wonder, scholarships can help in all your educational needs but what about your social needs? Come along to know some opportunities while you studying in Canada, UK, Russia, USA, and in other countries.

But before moving on further let’s first understand the benefits of getting part time jobs!

Benefits of getting part time jobs

Here are a few reasons why you might benefit from part-time jobs while you study abroad:

  1. To earn extra money, you can spend.
  2. Empowering your time management skills.
  3. Understanding the concept of hard work and dedication.
  4. Understanding the concept of work culture.
  5. Empowering your network

How to get a part time job?

Despite the challenges, working part-time in college can earn extra money that can be spent on weekend trips, enjoyable cultural activities, and an extraordinary dining experience. Finding part time jobs is also a great way to meet local people and gain a deeper understanding of the culture of your host country.

But how to find an opportunity is also a question. Here are some tips on how to get a part time opportunity:

How to get a part time job?

8 part time jobs in UK

  1. Lecturer
  2. Research assistant
  3. Home tutor
  4. Freelancer – Writer/Graphic Designer/Translator/Web Designer/Copywriter, etc.
  5. Driver
  6. Teaching assistant
  7. Brand ambassador
  8. Network technician

6 part time jobs in Russia

  1. Social media evaluator
  2. Online English teacher
  3. Intern finance assistant
  4. Campus ambassador
  5. Teaching Assistant
  6. Freelancer – Writer/Graphic Designer/Translator/Web Designer/Copywriter, etc.

Top 7 part time jobs in Canada

  1. Teaching Assistant
  2. Server or Bartender
  3. Driver
  4. Home tutor
  5. Freelancer – Writer/Graphic Designer/Translator/Web Designer/Copywriter, etc.
  6. Pet walker
  7. Salesperson
part time jobs in Canada

10 part time jobs in USA for international students

  1. Business development manager
  2. Content Writer
  3. Data entry agent
  4. Graphic Designer
  5. HR recruiter
  6. Online tutor
  7. Social media management
  8. Translator
  9. Video editor
  10. Web developer

Part time jobs in France


  • Library Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Cafeteria Helper
  • Bookstore Helper
  • Campus Guide
  • Tech Support


  • Babysitter
  • Cashier
  • Customer service
  • Driver
  • Freelancer – Writer/Graphic Designer/Translator/Web Designer/Copywriter, etc.
  • Home Tutor
  • Pet walker
  • Retail outlets helper
  • Server/ Bartender
  • Translator

Other part time jobs…

part time jobs for indian students


The list is not limited! There are many part time job opportunities available for those who want to earn while studying. It is common for students to be concerned about managing their expenses abroad.

For more questions related to study abroad, reach out to us! iDreamCareer experts are always ready to help young minds like you from 9th class, 10th classclass 11, class 12 with an aim to select your most-suited career choices.

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