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US Education System: A Detailed Study Guide


As a diverse country, the US is a safer place for students, especially those from India, and there is no need to fear racism. Not only this, US education system has the finest education facilities. If you want to study in US, your choice of country of destination does not need any validation as US is considered the best place to study abroad.

Not to justify your choice but to strengthen your choice, we have compiled a detailed guide on why choosing US as a destination for study abroad is a wise decision. Stay on the post, to know everything about US education system.

US education system: Features

Since US is a large nation with a large number of educational institutions and schools, it contributes towards a distinctive feature. Although not all aspects can be combined, some of the most common features of US education system are as follows:

US education system Features

US education system: Levels

In India, successive educational programs are primary, secondary, higher-secondary, graduation (Bachelor’s degree), master’s, and doctoral studies. In contrast, the various levels of the US education system include elementary school, middle school, high school, and then higher education.

US education system Levels

US Vs Indian education system

Subject CombinationsStringent subject optionsFlexible subject options
TechnologyDeveloping education systemTop-notch technological facilities across all disciplines
PriorityPriority on academic performancePriority towards fundamental learning and exploration
Cost of StudyAffordable cost of study for middle-class studentsEducation cost is extremely high in comparison to the Indian institutes
FocusFocus is on educational curriculumExtracurricular activities and recreation are given equal importance while learning
Role of GovernmentGovernment plays a vital role in structuring the education systemGovernment involves only in assisting students financially and plays almost no role in core academic decisions

Grading system in US

Grades in US education system are usually given in the form of five, six, or seven letters. Traditionally, grades A +, A, A−, B +, B, B-, C +, C, C-, D +, D, D-, and F; while A+ is the highest and F is the lowest. In some cases, the marks may be numeric. The conversion of numbers in letters usually varies from system to system and between subjects and situations.

The following table shows the general grading system in US:

GradeQuality PointsPercentage
A4.0094.0 – 100
A-3.6790.0 – 93.99
B+3.3387.0 – 89.99
B3.0083.0 – 86.99
B-2.6780.0 – 82.99
C+2.3377.0 – 79.99
C2.0073.0 – 76.99
C-1.6770.0 – 72.99
D+1.3367.0 – 69.99
D1.0063.0 – 66.99
D-0.6760.0 – 62.99
F0.00< = 59.99

Note: *For the students of the MBA program, a minimum passing grade is a “C+”. And for the students of the MEd program, a minimum passing grade is a “B-”. Refer to the link in the also read section for more details on US education grading system.


This is a lot of information to digest. We hope it answers many of your questions and alleviates any fears you may have. Starting a school is stressful, very stressful if you are new to the country and still trying to get acquainted with different cultures and traditions.

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