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Overwhelming Business Ideas: New and Fresh


Craving for an exciting change? Tired of nickels for ennui? You must promise not to shy away from tumultuous legwork and tiresome days. Anything new demands long work hours and crazy planning. Check these business ideas out!

These are some great options for people trying to reconfigure their careers. Make switches to a different professional space altogether. In this era of Web3, consider these choices that can make you more adapted to a changing tech-enabled planet.

A pen (or keypad) is mightier, for sure.

Apply your creative writing skills as a freelance author. Start a consulting business there. There is a diverse set of agencies, media houses, companies, and magazines that pay top prices for original literature.

Themed literature built on information research for travel, business, fashion, finance, technology or even cooking is very popular. Alongside, you can think of completing a full course on SEO and keyword research. This will certainly add to your growing value and success as a Web Litterateur.

We strongly recommend ..

not to use the common job titles as given below. Start with a proper moniker for your work-role right from when you are starting out with your fledgling business keeping your plans in mind.

The below ones are not held in high regard by the regular industry fraternity. They are hence, among the most meagrely paid designations. Instead, WL, actually, can be a proper representation of the kind of work you can aim to do as a consultant in this space.

Don’t get confused with these common industry-based roles:

  • Freelance Content Writer
  • Developer – Content
  • Strategist – Content
  • Specialist – Content
  • Analyst – Content

Please do not mistake ..

this line of work with “Technical Writing” which mostly deals with full web production engineering lifecycle, including scoping out content requirements, production, testing and ongoing software refinement.

As a Technical Writer of a company, you will collaborate with software engineers, product managers, business stakeholders, UX designers and other professionals to produce and publish compelling content.

This is rather a well-paid position and you will need certain exposure to industry trends before initiating a new business as a Consultant Technical Writer. So, it is wise to have worked in technical writing domain for a while before planning for a new independent practice in this space. Web Litterateur and Technical Writers are very different professions.

Home Décor & Improvement Enthusiast

Possible if you’re more on the artsy side!

You can make this big if you have an innate interest in designing our living spaces and have the grit to work meticulously to find the right things for the right places. You must also have great spatial intelligence and be very good with your hands!

If manual exertion & struggle is your forte, then a great business idea is to start your own home improvement company. This may involve things like advising on small domestic installation works, cabinets, mirrors, assembling expensive furniture, room dividers, or other décor items depending on the site.

There are plenty of homeowners who could benefit from your skills!

There is a huge untapped serviceable market out there especially with the rising disposable income of the expanding middle classes in India. They do not intend to spend on unnecessarily expensive interior designers but also have a specific taste for design. They should not be very hard to find!

This demands a lot of gruelling hours and loads of travel too, especially for flocking the right stuff from the right sources. You can also try hosting your own self-sourced / handmade products on your website or Amazon or other e-commerce portals or even at a local farmer’s market. Who knows – you might even have your own brick-and-mortar store one day!

Design in colour and swag

Style logos, intuitive websites or fancy flyers & posters as well as other types of media for companies and businesses desperately in need of professionally designed saleable or marketable material that is promotion-worthy!

Plan Vacays

As a Travel Planner, you get to make people’s wildest vacations come true as well as secure their plans to peaceful family destinations or romantic getaways. You will be working at your own comfort while planning, booking, and arranging a memorable holiday for your clients. This type of an independent no-strings-attached career suits those who are organized and customer-service-oriented with obviously a strong passion for travelling. This outranks all unique business ideas.

Filming into a money-making business

This is out-and-out a money-spinning idea and several freelancers have raised riches beyond their dreams. This can also be merged with the professional space of web-vlogging. This is a full-time job. You will need a team of editors and actors if you manage to gain such popularity on YouTube/Insta or among the Twitterati! This ranks pretty high among top unique business ideas.

The common themes are food, gaming, travel advisory, gadgets & tech, how-to videos, weddings, company events, business meetings. Your job in this area can be limited to photographs only (for portraits etc.) or extensive videographing too.

Your work can be published on the Web or you can engage in retail with physical stores too if you are interested in still photography only. You may also develop a private practice with independent clients and shoot only for their personal requirements without publishing on the Web.

Two things you must have:

  • A proper editing platform for your videos or photos
  • A secure POS (Point of Sale platform) to run payments for any projects you run for clients


So, what your thoughts?

Finally you’re at this side of the post. What do you think about these professions? Let us know in comments. For more unique business ideas, you may also consider talking to our Education Experts to know more about other professions. iDreamCareer is on a mission to help young confused minds from 9th class10th classclass 11class 12 with an aim to select their most-suited career choices.

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  1. this was useful. i am ba hons in liberal arts now which opens up a number of avenues for us but in the process confuses us massively too 🙂 A little help there would be much appreciated

  2. this also opens a number of questions. plus i can see some missing professions here. will there be a follow-up article on those please?

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