Career as a English Litterateur

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English Litterateurs are masters of the language. They have the interest to explore the language and study it through their college and beyond to become a Litterateur. Today since English has emerged as the most powerful communication tool on this planet, they can find work in almost any industry after they complete a master’s program in English Literature or related disciplines. All major businesses in the market today convey company related information in English which may be through any mass medium like print or electronic or Internet.


Why become a English Litterateur?

Are you very passionate about the English language? Do you have a creative mind? Are you also fond of the pen and love to pen down (write) your thoughts using colourful words in English?! Or maybe English poetry? Do you also rhyme words and write poems in English? Then you will love to be an English Litterateur. Explore to find what English Litterateurs do, how they do it and how to become a English Litterateur.

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